Saturday, May 31, 2014

Random . May 2014

Even it was 2 1/2 years now, some things are still hard to let go and I have my own reasons. So collect your own shit and back off.

If I'm invited, its up to me if I'll show up or not but if I'm not invited then I believe I don't need to show up un-announced.

If I will burst out soon, I will make sure there will be some audience.

I hate that this month started this way. 

If I'm too histrionic then I may agree to that but being comfortable and knowing that I'm safe is my number one concern.

Its always hard to move on when you attached yourself on the book characters. Why don't they exist in my reality? Where are those people around? Where's the not-so-perfect-guy?

Did I mentioned that I started watching Crisis? And damn its like the counterpart of The Walking Dead but on Crisis people make other people suffer when they revenge but on The Walking Dead, they just kill zombies and the selfish people who are still close minded. I love both show and I'm missing the walkers.

They're worried about them? How come? I don't talk to him for months or years. Why am I a threat? -050714

I'm reading another book after another. Why am I moving on too fast now?

I need some doze of reality.

Stressing yourself with stupid crap is not healthy. 

Unless you are making sense then I may agree to you.

I don't want to miss it because I may miss half of my life or not. Whatever.

I just want to listen to music all day. ♪♬♪

This world is not small like this town.

Everyone deserve to escape for a while.

I miss the fresh air, the stress-free life at Pico de loro.

'Be Nice' is one of my favorite saying but then sometimes my mood is not so nice.

So sad that some of my new favorite series was cancelled. However, most of my series are on break and I don't know what will I do now maybe I can watch some other series. Seriously, some new series just need some good writers and viewers. 

Reality is not as small as what you see in movies / tv series / books.

Think before you speak.

I lost respect to the people who disrespect me before.

Your experience for the past years was different from all of us.  

The good people should be the one walking in this earth. I miss them so bad.

Mid-May and I think I was in a writers block until I watched the season finale of Bones.

I'm tired of asking. If you only knew.

I'll just listen to music than rant about it all over again.

1 month and a half and it will stay for a while.

Finally, two new bags! Good thing I didn't bought the one I'm eyeing before. :)

People are so mean and this is not even their party. Tsss. Then a minute after their so maarte na. 

Bitter-sweert . Bitter-sad 

Some people will never ask they'll just assume everything.

"What you see is what you get", doesn't apply to me all the time. 

You just started my month like this and of course, you'll close it the same way.

Double check!

It was a big shit hole than I thought then. Screw close minded people who do stupid decisions.

I can't believe that today is the last day of May and summer is almost over and the kids are back to school by Monday and I'm collecting my shitty self together and so far so good. Its so good to have breather once in a while.

3 months of dead air is hopefully over.  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hair Dye-ary . Violet Pink

Long time no re-touch.

So good to dye my hair again but I'm getting sick of this hair style I can't wait for my hair to grow more so I can do a dip dye again. But once this current hair dye fades and if I didn't get lazy to fix it then new hair coming soon. Wait for it. :D

I ordered a Manic Panic again because my cousin just graduated from high school and ever since last year she wants a purple hair.

Unfortunately, her hair hated the bleaching part so her hair was a total mess. We both have faults but she is enjoying it right now. It was more okay than the day after. 

I want to get the Green Envy but it wasn't available and the only green shade that is available is Electric Lizard. I'm not gonna lie ever since last year I really want to try it. And my friend, Marielle wanted me to do a green and yellow hair as a sign for FEU. Hahaha I think I will this year. :D

I empty the jar of my 'Hot Hot Pink' on one side then ask for a bit of Ultra Violet. So my hair is now violet-pink (but this is a super late post now so my hair faded already). I love how I can apply two different colors on my hair. I can't believe that I'm sick of the result of Hot Hot Pink and as being honest, I don't like this kind of purple because its dark. I think I mentioned before that I don't like dark hair because its not visible at night. On the other side,  I'm a bit happy that I'm moving on with my Electric Banana and Lizard. :D

I'm looking forward for what will happen next I'm just waiting for my hair to get longer. Hopefully, I can have a new style before July. :)

bought my Manic Panic on Funky Streaks. 

"as cliché as it is, MOVE ON"

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Season Finale

As everyone knows, some series are cancelled or renewed and I'm happy that most of my favorite series are renewed. I'm shaking right now because I just finished watching Bones' season finale and holy crap. I think this is the only season finale episode where I can't even handle it. I'll tell you why.  

Bones - at first I thought Booth will be in coma and the season 10 pilot episode will be a tribute to Ralph Waite (they don't have yet a tribute episode for Ralph Waite...) and then the feeling will be just like when Booth went on surgery on season 4 but dang that ending is making me cry and angry at the same time. I know who is the one behind all of this and that new-black-guy is so irritating! When Brennan said the cause of death was accident, the face of that guy lit up and I knew he was expecting something different or what. Sweets should be with them that moment because that reaction means something Sweets will see that but if you are giving exemption from suspecting everyone then I guess you'll see those people differently. Arrgghhhh. Christine is not a baby anymore...

Criminal Minds - the cliff hanger episode was the second to the last so there's no major thing happened since all of them are safe now after solving that case and Alex Blake leaving is not a big deal (for me). Sure, she was good but ever since Prentiss left there will be no a perfect girl for that spot unless someone like her will pop up anytime soon or better if she will be back for season 10 and that will be so good.

Mind Games - this was very interesting and different series but I agree that their first 2 episodes are so boring that I felt asleep watching both and I think it took me a week after I finished the first 2 episodes. I didn't feel sleepy on the 3rd though because it was catchy and I already understand their work. Unfortunately, the viewers are not enough for this series to have more episode it was cancelled after 5 episode. I miss the team and I can see myself doing their job.

NCIS - I think this was the my new favorite series finale from NCIS because we all know that a finale from this series will be continued on the pilot of the following season but season 11 finale is their tribute to Ralph Waite who plays Gibbs father and his character was amazing and I really learn a lot from this series (that's why this is my favorite) and he's the reason why Gibbs is like that. Remember season 7 finale. Aaaahhh good thing Jackson Gibbs survive Paloma Reynosa  even though we aren't expecting the passing of Ralph Waite, I think this is the best tribute to him and good thing his character didn't die in season 7.

New Girl - no big deal for this. Sometimes, I think I will not watch this anymore but I still do. I still want 3-boys as a room mate and a life that seems stress-free but there's still life lessons/realization from the group and I think that's one reason why I still watch it.

Super Fun Night - Rebel is so cool. This was cancelled but I like this series its not your regular skinny-girl as a main character. I'll miss them.

The Mindy Project - aaaaaaaah. Danny and Mindy.   

The Walking Dead - I'm already done being hyper from this episode but I heard they are shooting now for season 5. Terminus. I can't think of any way on how they will escape from that trailer maybe when someone will feed them or they will put another human in there or Carol will save them. I can't wait! I miss the zombies. Maybe I'll just look at the flowers.

Those Who Kill - this is new and it was cancelled. Its a dark drama where Catherine (played by Chloe Sevigny, Dr. C's ex-wife on TMP) is fighting with herself about her demons. It was a good 10 episodes and the last episode was the only thing we needed to know but who killed who because Shaeffer was there too! This series just need a good writer and viewers. I'm not regretting giving this show a shot.  

Crisis have some episodes left and I think we know how it will end on June and it was also cancelled so... But I like how Gibson planned everything as his revenge to the parents and to the US government. I will surely miss Lance Gross (Agent Finley) and Rachael Taylor (Agent Dunn).

Would you agree that Bones is the only heart-racing season finale?     

Since everything is on hiatus, I'll just watch some movies, read books or better re-watch some old episode from different series.

What do you do when your favorite series are on break?

all of the photos are from Tumblr

Friday, May 23, 2014

Flashback Friday . Film Camera

I posted before about my film cameras and unfortunately, the Hello Kitty doesn't work but I'm 100% that the Canon Prima BF-800 is working. I look up to some people who are doing photography as a hobby and over the years even the technology is being high-tech now there will always some people that will choose film photography over the digital.

The digital is a blessing that you can take so many photos as you want as long as you have a huge GB of memory card unlike the films if you have 24 or 36 shots then you better control what are you capturing unless you have a lots of film in your bag.

The film that's on my camera now is my 3rd, unfortunately the first was a mess but my 2nd roll was developed couple of weeks ago and I'll put some on this post. I scanned most of it and here's a link. My mom said that I just wasted $4 but I'm not regretting it I just need to master how to use it and I should calculate the right distance when using it so most of the photos will not be a blur. It doesn't have a macro that's for sure so I think all I need to capture with that are landscape and not to use it when I want details. I still have my 600D if I want details and sometimes when not in her epileptic days, my TX5 is still good. But I'm dying to have a GoPro hopefully on my birthday. I think that's a good choice rather a new digital camera. I'm thinking if I'll sell my TX5 but I don't know if I can let go of that.  

Before I type too many unrelated stuff, here's some of the photos
you can also check the others here

"Some will never use it again but its a nice breather"    

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On Repeat . Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts

Oh please, I love Matt but Mariel's acoustics are so good!

I've been listening to Candy Hearts for a year now and I discovered them because of Hayley and when I started to listen to Ripped Up Jeans and Silly Dreams that's the time I know I should be listening to them and Hayley was right, Mariel is good at telling stories and she's putting that to the lyrics of their songs.

Recently, they released "I Miss You" and I can't stop listening to it until she uploaded a cover of 'Sex' by The 1975 and I like it better than the original.

I can't mention a single song that I always put on repeat because their songs are so good but before the new stuff came out it was Asbury Park, Bratty B (cover), Flashers Flashing, Good Enough, Hiding From My Friends, Jawbreaker, Matchbox Car, Miles and Interstates, Nothing with You (cover) ..... Do I need to mention everything???? Yes, I do listen to every single song by Candy Hearts and I love it.

Mariel's voice is so good. I tweeted her before that their songs are so good when you're doing road trips and I'll do that one day, blasting it out loud but for now I'll just listen to it on my earphones.

And why on earth people hating them? She's just telling the truth on her lyrics and those are her personal experiences. Why do people hate the truth? Maybe just wait for you to experience something like that then you'll understand.

I love you guys and thank you for the music. 

I Miss You (Official Music Video)

I can't put the video of her cover of Sex by The 1975 but you can check it here.

Candy Hearts - Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr / Website

Their new album will be out by next month you can get it here and maybe you want to order a bundle (with a shirt, poster and a note from Mariel). I'm so excited for this.

"I miss you and you haven't even left yet" - I Miss You | Candy Hearts 

Monday, May 19, 2014

On Repeat . Accidents

Accidents by Cheats

To be honest, its been a while since I stopped listening to OPM unless I'm listening to the radio even on my daily playlist, there's no OPM included. One reason why I stop was its too emotional and I don't want to go to that phase in life that I remember every sad thing that happened to me before then I'll just end up crying (that's one reason and I will not elaborate the others). I still have my favorite OPM band/artist like Silent Sanctuary, Kitchie Nadal, Rocksteddy, Calalilly, Barbie Almalbis,Sandwich, Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar etc. then I discovered Cheats.

I've been following/reading Saab's blog for years now and yes, because of her I discovered Cheats but it doesn't mean that I do listen to them because of Saab (I haven't heard a single song by Duster). Their music is so different and I like it. And I think its a reminder that I should listen to OPM again and those emotional stuff are so yesterday. Somehow, I think its part of growing up. 

I love this song and I also love the video but honestly, I want to know the lyrics because I think I'm singing some part differently. Hahaha

hopefully, I'll see them live soon...

Follow them on Facebook | Twitter

"Calling out the animal | Inside of you" - Accidents | Cheats 

Monday, May 05, 2014

Random . May 03, 2014

I'm waiting here in MOA for 6pm so my sister and cousin are done with their workshop and I don't have any business here. Really. I'm done with window shopping and I don't know what to do next.
I don't know if Lhea will join me later but one thing I'm sure about is I'm waiting for the sunset. I want to shoot again and I'm running out of photos now for my Tumblr.

I'm sitting here drinking my Jamba Juice and observing people around. Good thing its one of my favorite hobby so I don't get bored. One reason why I always love to go out from our little hometown.
I think I'll just read but I may smile crazy here while laughing on what hilarious joke Nate (book character) will say. :D

It's Saturday and this place is so packed but still some people are having a good time talking to their friends, spending time with their family and catching up to some people you haven't seen in years. Creepy but I do eavesdrop okay? Hahaha. What can I do I'm totally alone, I don't want to miss the different sound that is playing around or what are the different activities that people do  that's too strange from my daily life.  

I really miss my friends but I know this is somehow a breather after a week of not having a break. And I still want to go on road trips once in a while but somehow that's not yet as free as I want it to happen.

I'm freaking excited for September.

Maybe I'll pass on whatever I want right now. Talking about saving up. Hahaha

Everything around here is so interesting. Hahahaha

Kbye :)

Sunday, May 04, 2014

FYI, I'm a Girl . Zalora x i love koi

I do subscribe on different online shops mostly from the US but I also subscribed to Lazada and Zalora. Being a subscriber we often got some discount codes or they inform us that there will be a sale.

I've been ordering to Zalora for quiet sometime now but mostly, it was for my aunt but lately, they sent me an email saying they miss me and I have a 20% discount (yeah I know, its not just me but still a 20% discount is huge!). I don't want to put that opportunity on waste so I browse and I'm dying to have a swim wear even I don't have a particular plan for this summer because I don't like crowded places. I don't even go to the mall on a weekend. So I check their swimwear page.

Going back, this time my order is not for someone else, its for me! :)) I was browsing the swimsuits and I just found out that they have i love koi! :)) I discovered i love koi last year when they collaborated with bloggers (Tricia Gosingtian, The Plump Pinay and Patricia Prieto). The Plump Pinay is really a big inspiration to me and when I saw their collection last year, I was amazed that i love koi is very open on different body types and they have for plus size!!! I'm not totally a plus size (maybe? Idk) I'm not skinny either but some people say I'm huge (I know!) So I really don't know but I'm happy and I'm confident about it and if you think its a huge problem in this country, then look in the mirror. Not every swimsuit seller have something for plus size women and being open on accepting body types is a huge plus on getting costumers.

The only hesitation was the size, I'm arguing with myself if I'll get a large or an extra large. Due to some personal reason, I decided to get an extra large and it was a bit big but its almost perfect. (Not bad for ordering online).

i love koi : Milos High Waist 

I tried it that night and I was looking for a beach or a pool to go to. Hahaha. I took some photos but nothing is a decent one so I'll save that for later.

It was also good to have an alternative for the i love koi's website because they do carry different stocks so if the size wasn't available at their website and luckily there's an available on Zalora then you're lucky. Hehe.

Thank you Zalora for the smooth transaction (always) and for the discount. And also thank you for the cute measuring tape. Hehe. Continue putting a lot more products and thank you for checking if I liked my order. Till next time. :))

"Don't Weigh Your Self Esteem"

Saturday, May 03, 2014

FYI, I'm a Girl . Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

I'm not good with eye liner. I have some brush for my gel liner but I hate that you need to wash it after one use because it will be dry. Then you can't use it the next day or later unless you wash it.

And then Sam and Nic collabrated and Silicone Liner Brush was born! I'm eyeing this for a while now, read some reviews and finally I was able to order and tadah!

I already tried it the day it arrived and I already love it. Its easy to wash unlike the other brush that you need to wait for it to dry but with the Silicon brush even after you wash out the liner on the tip of it you can just dry it with a towel and you can use it again.

Some reviews said that the down side was it doesn't pick up a lot of products but I don't think it was a down side at least you can control what are you applying.

I recommend this just like the other Real Techniques brushes and I want to have the retractable brushes but I really don't need it at the moment but I bet those are amazing as well as the mini brushes. :)

If you are struggling with pencil, liquid liner, brushes then this one is perfect for you.

I got all my Real Techniques brushes at CarefreeShopper

"Boost your look with effortlessly enhanced eyes" - Real Techniques