Friday, August 31, 2012

UAAP Season 75 First Round

I watched a couple of games of FEU on UAAP's first round and some first games during those days since most of the games of FEU was a main game and I just want to share the photos. :)

Photo Bomb!

during halftime/s

Next photo bomb post will be from FEU vs ADMU game. Have a great weekend! :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paramore in Pomona

Woke up too early than usual for unknown reason. Then everyone on twitter is already talking about the first live show of Paramore for 2012! I don't know what's the time difference of my country and California but good thing I was already in front of the computer once the concert already started. 

I wore my yellow pants just to have the spirit of the first live show for 2012 and I have to choose a good shoes that will go on with my yellow pants and I have decided that I'm going to wear my 1461 Dr. Martens and when I saw a picture of Hayley, she is also wearing a 1461 yet its black while mine was brown. (just trying to connect something) lol

Going back to the concert, I love how the videos are HD! Thank you to RTMorasonMDNew who shot the videos! I love that the lights are changing every now and then and of course how it goes with the beat of the song. Almost a year when Paramore played live and FBR15 was their last show last year and every member of Parafamily is looking forward to this day because of different reasons like for me I want to see when they play Hello Cold World live of course we want to see them already and we're missing them already!!! The energy when they're playing is on its highest level! I know they miss us and doing their thing on stage but we miss them too! I'm glad they come with a good playlist but I miss hearing My Heart and Let The Flames Begin, maybe it wasn't played because its more on the Riot! album. I don't know I'm happy and I know the band is happy and Hayley almost cried when singing the "landslide" last part most especially when she said "thank you guys...". 

My favorite is In The Mourning and Hello Cold World but when I watched all of the videos it seems that all of the songs are new even Whoa. I love them and somehow I really can't explain it right, I just know.

Love them so much and I'm happy that I'll stick to them until the end, oh well, it never ends ;)

- I wrote this last August 16 and I just published it now ... Paramore already played at Belfast and Edinburgh earlier this week and now they're in the UK for Reading and Leeds 2012. My friend Cate from Portugal will be at Reading and Leeds and I can't wait to hear her story. Till next time Parafamily <3

photos are from Tumblr

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Charlie is my new friend.

I wanted this book (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) ever since I don't know and I was tempted to buy a hard copy when I visit the bookstore  but I told myself that I should finish first the other hard copy books that I haven't read but then I was lucky to get an ebook of it! I started to read it this week and finished it earlier. I love it and I know some other time, I will read it again. I can relate to him in some aspects and somehow I wanted to live in their time together with Sam and Patrick and everyone else.. I'm missing my friends when I'm reading it and when I say I miss them, I miss them so bad!!!!! It also makes me miss high school and there will be these moments when I wish I'm still in high school and I wonder what will happen if ever things never happened the way it was. Maybe I can be friends with Sam and Patrick too, I think they're cool and I love how Sam is always there for everyone most especially on the last part when she gave some lesson to Charlie and to Patrick who is always there for you no matter what even though you're so weird like Charlie and those kind of friends who always cry if something big or small thing happened but still they don't hate or judge you and they just let you do your own thing. I love them.

I do really recommend this book ONLY if you're 15 years of age and above. If you're weird like me you'll love it too. I also learned a lot on this book thanks to the words of Patrick, Charlie and Sam, oh and to Bill too!

A little jealous on what Charlie went through with his friends and family but I know we have our own experience in life and that's makes it more special and memorable. I'm a little sad too about the ending, I wish there was a lot more about the college life of his friends but as he said he will learn to participate more and I wish he really was and I'm happy for him.

Its not bad to be happy for your friends, its not bad to cry in front of your friends but make sure they will not hate and judge you (if they judge you for that then I think they are not real friends), its fun to do everything with your friends even the craziest thing on earth. Sometimes you have to stay away from your friend when there are issues but KNOW when to enter the scene again (they miss you if you're missing in action). Friends accept you for who you really are and they should be there too if you need them (its not a requirement but I know there will be the dumbest reason and you still say "That's what friends are for" or "We're friends that what friends do for their friends").  

This what happened to me when I don't go out at night anymore, HAHAHA. I stopped hanging out with friends since everyone is busy but once in a while I still meet Gem and I still watch basketball. Pretty much that's what happening in my life right now. Boring right? HAHA

I have more books to read, I still have 2 books from Mitch Albom, 1 book from Bob Ong, Room by Emma Donoghue, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the very famous right now the book series of 50 Shades of Grey. I'm looking forward for these books because I really love the author as well as the reviews and 50 Shades of Grey will be my first time to read a book series ... Though I still want to read Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber but I don't know where to get a copy, I'm still searching for an ebook.

- I guess that's just want I wanna say or post here.
I do really miss my friends and I'm thinking of some grown up things and some work related stuff and somehow its exhausting but that's what life is all about, maybe I need to figure out some more things to know what's the best thing to do. brb

Love Always,

Aivrin :)

Friday, August 03, 2012

How Long Will You Hold On

I still find some mood to read some books again and I kinda miss doing book review but this is not going to be a book review but most likely a comment or an opinion to this book that I just finished. The title of the book is “A Life That Matters - The Legacy of Terri Schiavo" story written by her family, this was a christmas gift from my mom couple of years ago and I don’t know if she know Terri Schiavo or not. I first heard Terri Schiavo when I was still in college, Ethics class of Ma’am Padua (if I’m not mistaken ...) and the topic was euthanasia. 

I started to read this couple of months ago but sometimes I got bored that I have to stop reading it because there are many unfamiliar names but I really appreciate the story, the effort of the people who helped Terri’s family and everyone who volunteered. I don’t know but I think I know them already even though I don’t know them personally just because of this book. I know it happened 7 years ago but there are moments that I questioned “Why did Michael act like that?”, he put away Terri to her family most of the time, maybe there are other reason but if he don’t like to be involve already why not just let go of Terri to her family?. I don’t know what happened next to Terri’s family after she passed away, if there are major changes in their life but as I was searching, the family put up a foundation (The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation

[you might also want to read the story of Kate Adamson, she was mentioned to the book] 

It’s just so sad that you can’t put feeding tube to a person who is badly needing it until the judge or whoever approved it. I wonder if they will be on Terri’s position or at least one of their family members, what will they do? Same question to the people who’s being so rude to the Schindler family. What if there will be someone like Michael to their lives? And that person took your freedom on seeing one of your family members?

Out of 100%, 99%  Terri’s family might not see this but 1% is too big for anyone of them to read this.

To: Terri's family,

Terri might be gone for so long now but I know there are these moments when you still wish that she should be still alive, but as you mentioned on the last part that maybe the feeding tube wasn’t inserted to her because it has to be inserted on the Pope that time, if you count is as a miracle well, maybe it is. I salute you for all the effort you’ve done most especially when Terri is still on the hospice/hospital for so long, if that happened to some people probably they will just broke down and let their loved one died and will not reach years on holding on. I salute you on so many ways.
 Involvement of some high positioned politician, getting the attention of the Vatican, many people volunteered to help you and even though most people are being so rude to your family and to Terri, you still hold on. More power to your organization and to everyone involves, and I will forever salute your strength. Holding on to something like that for so long is an inspiration. I will always remember the story of your family.
We should really forgive but I understand where you are coming from when all those years Michael is putting Terri away from you. God is very understandable, I know he understand your situation, there are just things in this world that sometimes we don't really understand but as what I read, you saw Terri as a messenger to a million of people, that might be the reason on what happened but Michael will always be connected to Terri's death. It might easy to accept that God have reason why he took Terri after years on the hospice rather than forgiving Michael on what he has done (sounds rude, I know). Also, I can't imagine how Michael sleeps every night after what he have done to your family.

I will forever admire your strenght on fighting for Terri. Terri may be the messenger on something but you guys should also be an inspiration to every family.
More power to your organization and to everyone involves, and I will forever salute everything that you’ve done for Terri. Holding on to something like that for so long should be an inspiration. I will always remember the story of your family.


Aivrin Villamayor all the way from the Philippines