Monday, September 30, 2019

Random . September 2019

Starting the ber month the right way. 

Adoring the morning life. 

Mall on a weekend. 

Yep. It just doesn’t looks like it. Hehe. 

Timehop from eight years ago makes me realize that basketball really helped me. 

When we’re out of our own workplace, we are just somebody 

Surprisingly, I’m not into watching series or movies lately. 

Somehow thankful that I don’t need to commute everyday. 

Major anxiety attack. Time to disconnect to people. 

Be realistic. 

A friend show up unannounced reminds me of how life is still simple sometimes. 

This Apple Event brings a little excitement in me right now despite of all the stress this week. 

Now back to my anxiety attack. 

11 years and I can still recall what happened exactly. I miss you always, Papa. 

Torn between watching basketball on Saturday or just stay at home 

Don’t put the burden of your own family to others. 

I just know them by name. 

Don’t make us idiots.

If you think you are wiser, think again. 

If you want a quick change, would you think it will be a long term? What if its just for a short period of time? Will it still be worth it? 

You will never accept my real talk. 

When everything is contradicting to each other. 

“Living in the moment” - people don’t get this anymore. 

Decided to stay home catch up on some sleep than watch basketball live. 

Much needed rest for this weekend. Doesn’t mean no stress for the rest of the week. 

I’m not surprised that people still misuse social media. I get it you have to rant but its not the right way. 

There’s too much stress in my life that I’m not interested in some social media bullshit. 

Dinner with friends this week and I can’t wait. At least something positive to look forward to. 

For some people being kind isn’t enough. You should give more than what you have for them to see it and for them to admit you are nice. 

I have this super random thought in my head as a response to your request and for sure you will never accept it. 

We won! Finally they find the spark somewhere in this game 😂. I somehow miss watching the game live. 

Online shopping 😅

It was apparently possible to be so exhausted being around with people. The introvert me just want to stay home. 

If it is an emergency better to do something than wait for my reply. 

Trying to do some work done today but government offices are just until 2pm without prior notice. Wtf 

Feeling empty without my bracelet. 

Why do people need to pay too much attention on teleserye even at work that they can watch the highlight online after? Without interruption and its not basketball! 

Whether it is a gift or a curse, maybe both. 

My life is quite boring compare to these people. 

You know it was a good time with friends when you don’t have a single photo. 

When you see that I do it then demand. If not, shut up. 

My anxiety is on a very high level right now. 

Can I just read a book and escape reality. 

This government require you to pay taxes on time but the same government officials always fail to make this country a better place to live in. 

Weekend work mode. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Letters 3.0

Been writing you for 2 years now
I don't want my letters to be redundant
Since some of it are still relatable 
You look forward to it and I will always try
Meaningful or not, will always write for you
And this one is another non-sense
Thank you for liking them and for reading 


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Social Media

Forgive me if I'm always saying "Thank you"
If I always tell you everything
It can be happy stories, sad ones or non-sense
I just want to directly tell it to you
I rather pour everything privately
Rather than post or share it on the interwebs
Without you knowing how I'm so thankful
On how I really appreciate you
Most especially on how I appreciate
Everything we have