Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wrapping 2013 with a Fancy Ribbon

I'm thinking if I should do this but I guess at some point I should...

Looking back to this year, something still don't change, but some does.

January - the month I created capturedbyaeivrynrv but I rename it to byaeivrynrv | We went to Enchanted Kingdom and it was my first time to ride a f*cking roller coaster!!!!

February - one of the best month? Because I saw Paramore for the 2nd time and I was super close to the stage! I miss them. | And I also went back to my secondary school and saw a bunch of familiar faces. I always miss high school.

March - Exactly a month after the Paramore show, I saw them live again via livestream of SXSW and it was also the first time that I saw Tegan and Sara and Twenty One Pilots played and I fell in love with them. | I also spent time with some good friends.

April - I got my green docs! and my hair was blue-violet. :D | 'Paramore' was released and once again saved my life.  

May - the month that I started my 'FYI, I'm a Girl' series and started to hoard make-ups. Yes, I'm a girl. haha

June - when I started to collect NYX products and my Real Techniques Collection (Yes this is important) lol. And it was like Christmas morning in June :D

July - when I felt so buried 6ft under the stars. | We were united via UAAP Men's Basketball! :)))

August -  my dad's 2nd death anniversary. | I went back to FEU with my cousin who took up entrance exam. | There were road trips | I changed my hair style.  

September - I started my 'On Repeat' series. | I did some re-touch on my hair.  

October - My favorite TV shows came back!!! | I discovered Californila. | One year mark of my 'Hair Dye-ary' series and I dyed my hair yellow.

November - I started this month with family. | I learned one important thing that I was supposed to learn 2 years ago. | Some of our favorite players were drafted in the PBA. | I saw Tegan and Sara live!!!!  

December - We watched PBA again and celebrated Marielle's late birthday celebration. | the GIANTS reunited | brought my 600D some company | I'm was sick on my birthday! | my cousin was here | Some bad memories was filtered with a good one.  

When a new year just started, December is seems so far away as well as the mid-year but as I look back to 2013, everything seems like a blur. Here we are facing another year, even we had different f*cked up moment this past year but we still have hope to a new chapter of our lives, having that hope that this next year will be a better one than the past. Some people might lost someone they love while some gained new friends along the way.

I'm always aware of the run of a month, December just passed by I can't believe its already the 31st of December and in a few hours its another year. I'm always fascinated by how I woke up in another year then will sleep unto a new one.

I'm looking forward to 2014 and will definitely make some changes since I  can. So many things to look forward to and as I'm terrified at some point, I'm also stoked!

Thank you 2013! You taught me a lot of things.

There will be changes. I'm claiming it.

Happy New Year!


Friday, December 27, 2013


122713 . 0156

Let me get this straight. I get too emotional when people remember my birthday. I always try my best to say thank you with a smile but deep inside, my heart is having happy tears.

I'm not a popular person for everyone to remember so I really really appreciate and I feel special somehow when people out of nowhere will greet me 'Happy Birthday' (yes even though you're my "friend" way back to my teenage days, I still appreciate you). My birthdate is not visible on facebook because I think its stupid that people just greet you because there's a reminder on their news feed then your friend list will all greet you 'Happy Birthday'. Duh, my ex-"best friend" doesn't even greet me on my birthday. Haha

I'm happy really but I'm just missing my dad so bad. I don't know how long I'm holding this tears but I just need to let it out now. I remember there was this day when he lay beside me and greeted me when I woke up.

Every year was surely a roller coaster ride but this one was different. There were days that I feel buried defeated by certain people and I don't know where to hold on so that I can keep my head up high so I will not sink in. I do know how to forgive people but I can't accept their bullshits just for them to ruin someone and for them to be good to the people around. My 2nd tattoo is not that perfect but it saved me from the days I feel buried.

Sometimes, I even doubted people around me. I don't know if I should continue to trust them or not. I posted a lot of rant this year and I feel relieved in some ways.    

I can say I changed over the years and people might not see that but at least I know and I'm aware. I don't care if you are not open to changes. IDGAF


My birthday feels like new year since I gained another year of existence with a lot of emotions and stuff and 23 was mostly fucked up but as every birthday, I always look up to the brighter side of things and hope that things will be more good for the coming year.

I want to thank people who are still believing and trusting me with certain things and stuff.

Thank you to the people who will never forget to greet me even without that birthday reminder on their news feed on facebook.

Happy Birthday to my birthmates Nikka, Michael, Hayley Williams from Paramore, and to you if we are celebrating our birthday together :)

Thank you to everyone who greeted me whether they saw a common friend greeted me or they just really know. HAHA Thank you!

I just stayed at home with my bed and mom because I'm not feeling well. On my birthday, is it just so great? Haha.

And while watching the news earlier, sorry if you lost someone today.  

"Be at your very best to be the very best" - Dada Alvi

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Californila Experience 2.0

One thing I know when I discovered Californila, I will now shop in the states. Hahaha! (you can read my 1st purchase with them here)

Well, actually that's true because all the products in here are the same or late collection. There are so many people in the mall, limited colors or style on shoes/bags. Somehow, its good that I'm not petite or else I'm also buying dresses now.

Shoes and bags will be the death of me. There are so many nice shoes in the states!!!!!!!!!!!

And my 2nd transaction with them involve a shoes and a *** (I can't tell it yet but when it arrive here, I will). Again, this package was supposed to arrive by January or February but the 1st product arrive here December 9 and I was surprised. I was speechless.

I'm actually controlling myself on buying stuff but since my other order is only available for a limited time, I grabbed the opportunity to get a shoes on Dr. Martens that's ON SALE!!!!

Yes its a Dr. Martens but no, its not a boots.

Say hello to my Finchley! :D

I love it because its a different style and its floral. And its a Dr. Martens! Originally it was $60 but I got it for $36.

I'm addicted to shoes. Yes, I am.

Living in Manila and you want something different, get something from the US, have business with Californila :)

"Chocolate is good but shoes are carb-free"

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Prime . Zoom and Filters

Its been a year with my 600D and it was a very long journey. I love having my camera with me on special occasion even though its heavy and bulky but at the same time I'm having a love and hate relationship with my kit lens which is 18-55mm.

Fortunately, my uncle own a couple of lens and I already experienced using a 50mm 1.8 and a 18-200mm but its also time to own a zoom and a prime. In a span of a year, I know what I'm going to get because I feel so upset couple of times for just having a 18-55mm and luckily DB Gadgets offers lenses that its cheaper than anywhere else.

Prime . 40mm aka pancake lens

I read couple of reviews about this and its a good to go lens than the 50mm 1.8 but still the nifty-fifty is on my list. 
you can check my photographs using this lens here.

Zoom . 55-250mm

I was a bit confused if I should get this or the 75-300mm but once you hit that on google, people will advice you to get the 55-250 rather than the 75-300. And I listened to them and because of IS since its a very big factor when it comes to the pictures.

Wheel of Filters from Photojojo that I purchased via Californila

If you know the story in here then you'll know what I'm pointing out when I got this despite of buying any lomo camera because its a little out of my budget as well as the film and developing part but I admire lomo users and I'm still have one film camera.
If you want to check my photographs using the filters, you can check it here

You can read on how I got the Wheel of Filters here

I got the 40mm and 55-250mm and my 600D from DB Gadgets

"If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough" - Robert Capa

Monday, December 23, 2013

Selfie Selfie

My 'damulag' cousin was here with her mom!!!! Unfortunately, it was just for less than a week but nevertheless I know that they had fun and we can't wait to see them again maybe next year.

Last November 29th we had dinner because he requested to see us, his cousins. Sure there was never a problem for us and it was a little bit of exciting because our little cousins met him 6 or so years ago. I will never forget when Apples was shocked when Airon response in Tagalog. Hahaha. Mostly she interviewed him the entire night because we usually have communication on the interwebs.

And since I was so busy the whole weekend, I wasn't able to join them when they went to Greenhills but I was able to join Monday (120213) his last day here and he was leaving the next day.

We did a almost whole day adventure:

1st stop, Vikings on SM Marikina

I forgot to adjust the setting of my camera ..... 

2nd stop, Eastwood

3rd stop, Bonifacio High Street

Last stop, their house.

"Back to basic, back to my roots" - Director Vance | NCIS S10E15

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tegan and Sara Live in Manila

So the doors will open by 1900 and its 1845. There's already a line outside NBC Tent and I don't want to line up. I'm sitting here at BonChon eating this Mango Cream Crepe.

When I'm on my way, I watch their performance on SXSW last March and by the last song, we are already entering The Fort.

~Waiting game~

Sitting in front of me are 2 girls eating dinner and I knew that they will heading there too and after they order they had to do this selfie with their tickets and probably uploaded it already on their social networking accounts.

Shoot a girl just entered and her tattoo are amazing! She have this japanese stuff from behind the ear downwards probably its up to her shoulder.

I love The Fort and the vibe here is different. Would you believe that I walk from NBC Tent to the my favorite Nike outlet then back after I went down of the car. Yeah I know I'm weird. Hahaha but I'm willing to do cardio in here everyday (sad part? I'm a little far from here). Its always nice to have a breather once in a while and the Tegan and Sara concert will just be the biggest breather of today. So good to start this week with the twins. I'm so stoked!!! :D

I'll probably go to NBC Tent after eating this crepe. Will finish this post when I got home. :)


0122 11.26.13

After leaving BonChon, it was almost pass 1900 and daaaaang doors are still close! I thought they will open it up by 1900 ... Well, I still lined up and at the end I thought I was in a wrong line but apparently the reason why I lined up in a wrong line was I will see Carina!!! Haha. *Fan girl moment* and that line wasn't wrong at all.

It was almost 8pm when they opened up the doors. It was pretty cool that the venue is not so big and even your in the silver section, its still pretty cool because you can still see them clearly. Well even if you just stand in the entrance you can still see them. And I saw my friend Pia!!!! I texted her earlier but she didn't reply to me so I thought she will let this pass but I saw her! It was nice to see her. Really! Such a nice person. :)

To be honest, I'm not familiar with all of the title of their songs but if I listen to it I somehow know the chorus or whatever stanza it is. I really enjoyed watching Tegan and Sara live despite of the others who just video almost the whole show (I don't know how they enjoyed that and why spend too much when all you will do was video 'almost' the whole show. I can't see the point). No tall guys but a little bit of taller girls and some annoying bouncer who are standing in the middle without thinking that we can't see because of him.  

My heart is so happy right now that I can't explain the feeling.

Such a good start for this week full of stuff to do and some exciting things.

I will probably play a bunch of their songs the next daysssss. PCD at its finest.

I saw them live first at SXSW last March via live stream when I was waiting for the set of Paramore. It was Twenty One Pilots then Tegan and Sara and the last was Paramore (I'm not familiar who was the band before Twenty One Pilots).

My TX5 is dying, 15 days ago I was in my grandma's surprise birthday party and I let that camera to my cousin and the party isn't even starting when she told me that my camera is vibrating... I removed the battery and keep it in my drawer for dayss and lately I check it out and It wasn't vibrating anymore so I know that I can bring that to the concert. Until the last part of the setlist last night, it started to vibrate again.... I was thinking of some solutions without having a digital camera everyday. Good thing I was able to video some early song before it ran out of battery too.

Here are some photos that I took. I somehow hate the red light because it makes a huge different but it was amazing.

not bad right? :)

Up Dharma Down was the front act and it was my first time to see them live (I think and I haven't seen local bands live for so long now) just WOW.

Kudos to the guy who is in-charge of the lights!  

It was an amazing show Tegan and Sara! See you again soon!
Thank you for making my heart happy. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Rant . Small Things

I know that different people have different needs in life because of different situation that we are involve but I don't get it why people are so selfish.

I do appreciate the little things but I'm sad that most people don't.

I watched this documentary where teachers need to cross mountains and rivers just to teach the kids up in the mountain.
I wish people will be putting a lot of dedication in everything they do and be open minded.

I've been so angry most of the time. I want to let it all out.

People will never notice.

People will have their own pride. No matter what.

Switching is probably the best idea but it can't be.

Sometimes, all you need is sleep to forget for a while and get lost in dreamland.  

Alcoholic drinks may help but it will not cure.

Karma is always just around the corner.

Be good to everyone.

Its good that people change as long as its for the good not the other way around.

"Cause you want it, doesn't mean its gonna happen" - Anton | NCIS S11E05

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday . 34 Points

Wow. Terrence just make his 4th 30+ points in a game this year! He hit 30 points on UAAP this year and look at him now making 30pts in PBA just in his 2nd game. I'm so proud of him. I (or let's include my dudes), we are so proud of him even though they don't mention it I know we are.

When I saw his game last Wednesday, I have this 'bitter sweet' feeling seeing him playing in the PBA. At some point I'm being teary-eyed it feels like he is such a big boy now *sobbing* we will miss him being on the FEU jersey but as shocking as his decision to join the pro, we are all proud of him (and yes, I know that).
Hopefully next month we can watch a PBA game. haha. I can't just take it to sit around the living room while watching him play at least once in a while we need some live action.

I'm such a fan and I'm so proud of him.

I can't wait to see him play live. Again. :)

Here are some tweets that I favorite on Twitter and probably RT'd.

So here's the thing that probably will happen next, if he scored below 20 or even 30 and worst if his 3 points doesn't bang on the bucket he will received hateful tweets again. People, basketball players are also human being, they are not perfect, they get tired, they have their bad games, they will once fall and come back twice. So if they will have their bad games then you have to accept it. You as well is not a perfect one so don't expect someone to be perfect.

that was the throwback post and last Friday, we watched PBA!!!! and Terrence just scored 2 points. [where's the haters???] haha. 

Despite of the competition, I hope he will be the Rookie of the Year.

"It is our job to see" - Mossad Director | NCIS S11E01 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On Repeat . Misguided Ghost

We were on our way to somewhere and my earphones are on and we are a little stuck in traffic... When this song played on my shuffled playlist.

Misguided Ghost is one of my favorite song from Brand New Eyes album of Paramore. You can see on that on my twitter profile (if that is proving something)

Then I just repeat it until we arrive on our destination.

But it didn't stop there, I played it repeatedly.

I love the lyrics, the message of the song and of course the whole guitar stuff.

I really feel that at some point or maybe most times I'm a misguided ghost with all the confusion, conflicts, different opinions, decisions, different personality, people that we encounter everyday. It is really confusing then after I'll ask myself some "why this and that" until I find the "purpose" and I will just continue on fighting.

Choose the person you can trust, the right people who will never leave you no matter what situation you are in. Until now, I ask myself if I have those right people around.

Sometimes, escaping is the best but after a little break, you need to go back in reality. Fight.

"Misguided Ghosts"

I'm going away for a while
But I'll be back
Don't try to follow me
'Cause I'll return as soon as possible
See, I'm trying to find my place
But it might not be here where I feel safe

We all learn to make mistakes
And run from them, from them
With no direction
We'll run from them, from them
With no conviction

'Cause I'm just one of those ghosts
Travelin' endlessly
Don't need no roads
In fact, they follow me
And we just go in circles

And now I'm told that this is life
That pain is just a simple compromise
So we can get what we want out of it

Would someone care to classify?
Our broken hearts and twisted minds
So I can find someone to rely on
And run to them, to them
Full speed ahead
Oh, you are not useless
We are just

Misguided ghosts
Travelin' endlessly
The ones we trusted the most
Pushed us far away
And there's no one road
We should not be the same
But I'm just a ghost
And still they echo me
They echo me in circles

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Californila Experience

Yes, you read that right, "Californila" means California to Manila. As on what I've read, they are a previous online store in Multiply and they just upgraded they're service into a magical one.

I saw them when I was browsing my newsfeed on facebook and one of my friends liked their page and I just starting to read the stuff on their website. Usually, I don't want to entertain myself with those kind of services because I'm afraid but I started to ask questions via e-mail and I've decided to get (probably) the stuff that I'm dying to have lately. There are these options if you want to use your credit card or you will let them bought the items for you using their credit card. The shipping is cheap but its also depends on the size of the things that you bought and I believe that 5-7 weeks (via sea cargo) of waiting is bearable if you really wanted the product (yeah, I know the waiting game sucks but it will be worth it once you got the product or maybe shift your shipping details to air cargo for it will arrive in 1-2weeks!)

Of course there are some rules to follow but they are very accommodating (I can't mention names because they're probably not one person who access their e-mail so...) I asked a lot of questions before I ordered my thing and every question was answered.

I ordered my stuff around October 22nd then my 2 items arrived at their address just in time and just because I think it was magical since it was the 'United States' where most of your stuff can be ordered on the internet and just wait for a few days or pay more for it to be shipped within 24 hours.

Here's the actual process that I did:

Sample product: a Dr. Martens boots (there are a lot of website that sells Dr. Martens but if your buying on a different site rather than on their own website, there are limited style that's available and prices will be either cheaper or not)

Step 1: email the link of the item you really wanted and they will give you estimate of how much it will cost you if you want to use your own credit card or you will use theirs.

Step 2: if your order is final and you already got the full estimate bill including the shipping that you choose and size of your product, you can now deposit to their bank account

Step 3: after depositing, they need a proof so, send them a picture of your deposit slip (of course it depends if you will use their credit card or if you'll use your own)

Step 4: As soon as they received the proof that you already pay the half of your bill, they will e-mail you the address and other information you need and you can now order the item (if you choose to use your own credit card) but I think if you're going to use theirs, then probably they will order it after they got your e-mail with the down payment

Step 5: the waiting game. Waiting for the product that you bought to arrive in their address for a few days since its the 'United States'. Lol

Step 6: when your item arrive, they will give you some heads up and probably the worst because they make you so excited, they send you a picture of your order! Haha

Step 7: another waiting game. Waiting for mostly the other orders to arrive in their California address then it will already be shipped to Manila.

Step 8: weeks of waiting game. 1-2 weeks if via air and 5-7 weeks if via sea

Step 9: once your order arrived in their QC address, they will send you a message that your order is finally in Manila and you have to pay your balance so it will be shipped on your house or you can also have meet ups or pick it up on QC.

Step 10. Enjoy what you bought. :D


If I'm going to give you advice on shopping internationally, just pick something that isn't available in here. When I browse the internet and when all of this website that I'm subscribing via e-mail, I do check reviews, I research if it is available in local stores/online stores and if not then go for it but if its available then don't go for it you can always have a time to check it on your own in the mall and some online stores do really have a cheaper price compared to mall prices. But the US websites usually have a gift code where you can score discounts and some have on-sale products for weeks!      

As on what I bought, I posted this wishlist couple of months ago and I'm really dying to have it. And since I think I need a black sneakers, this one is so perfect and since I think it will never be available in here, I decided to get it.

Vans Sk8-Hi Platform!!!!!!! I bought this product on Karmaloop (my somehow favorite website right now)


As crazy as I am and I don't care if you call me weird or if its pathetic, I don't care. Meet my DSLR wheel of filters!

as on my previous post , instead of getting a lomo camera (I know there's still a lot difference) but since I'm on a budget, I decided to get this. I got this on (my new favorite camera accessory store) Photojojo.com

Before they shipped it out, my aunt ask me if I know the very famous right now the 'Cookie Butter' (duh of course I know it) she want to order so I added her order and the staff of Californila is so good that they let me add some 4 jars of cookie butter last minute without asking me to deposit again because the first deposit was just 1/4 of what my total bill was.

I already tried the Krispy Kreme Cookie Butter edition but I think tasting the one that came from the jar itself is different.

Honestly, my product was going to arrive in the first week of December but last November 9, 2013, I received a text message that my order is already here in Manila. (I think an order was shipped via air and my order was just so lucky to be in it) Thank you guys! :)

I'm happy that I tried it and I will definitely will use their service again next year. :) I'm actually planning already what to buy! Hahaha (actually, I used their service again and I'm just waiting for my stuff to arrive and I'll blog about it once I got the products)

I will recommend them to my friends and of course to you too if you want to shop in the US and you're here in Manila.

Enjoy shopping!

To the whole Californila team, thank you so much for doing this kind of service and thank you for always answering my questions. More power to you guys. :)

"Its hard to find when you're looking" - Criminal Minds S08E23

Monday, December 09, 2013

Hair Dye-ary . Electric Banana

I did it! One year with my hair (at least) colored, whatever part or what style it is, I made it! Last October 31, 2012, I did my first ever dye-ary with my hair just when I wanted to try if it will work or what but after that, everything was history. There's this moment when on different pictures I have different style or color but most of the time, it was just my faded hair dye that lasts. I like it, though its a little annoying. Hahaha

My faded Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink was a bit orange after weeks of not re-touching my hair and weeks gone by and I've been busy and a little fucked up at times, I just decided that I'll retouch it on the 1 year mark of this decision. And yep I did it. Still on the 'Cass' inspiration stuff I just retouched it with Electric Banana which was sitting in my drawer for 7 months.

At first I thought it will not be effective and I slept with a shower cap and rinsed it in the morning. YAY for the result! :D

I really appreciate it on the 2nd day. It was so vibrant and a true beauty. Haha. I love it. :)
I already ran out of bleaching powder so probably when I decided to change the style (probably next year) I will order a new color and I'm thinking of green or any light one. Though I still have a blonde and an orange hair dye that I bought on a mall sale.

There's so many online store that are selling Manic Panic now but I love to stick to my known-sellers. So I'll once again and will only order Manic Panic on Funkystreaks. Get yours now and let's have fun. :) 

"And when its dark out, no one's around it keeps glowing" - Last Hope | Paramore