Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Random . April 2014

What if we entered a dead end tunnel or a no-end tunnel? When we will see the light?

It's up to the viewers.

Feels good to know that there are people who are on the same page.

Know when to stop.

I love reading books but sometimes, it hurts.

How many times I'll say that I will never care anymore?

Fuck this!

You can escape by reading a book.

Irritation will stay for a while.

If I know there's a little chance, sometimes I give up.  

I'm sick of asking and encouraging people who don't listen and to those who don't like to try new things or accept changes.   

One of my mantra will probably stay for a while.

3 months and still counting shit.

Maybe he was riding the same train. We were on the same mall,  on the same area or maybe not.

Chills!! That place is like Terminus!

I love Rob Kardashian but Khloe is my favorite.

Time to speak up.

'Paramore' is one year old today! :))

That was a "one step forward, two steps backward" situation but I'm so thankful for the opportunity. Whatever happens please do remember that and I'll be forever thankful. I hope there will be a "go" signal or at least now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I was a bit nervous but still I was able to do it. I still need to master that.

Not bad after 3 months but hopefully it will never be that long again.

I know, my mantra will still be up for a while but I've proven something.  

What if I ran out of time?

After 7 fucking years why I still want to ask questions? Why I still need some answers?
 (Of course! that song by The Eagles should be playing on the radio while typing this part)

Years without talking, seeing each other he still manage to make me cry.

It doesn't change anything. I just wish you did risk the friendship and learned how to choose the present from the past. 

It’s so good to spend time with friends.

I always make it to the point to go out of the workplace once in a while and witness the daily routine of other people. By that, I appreciate the things around me more.

First it was awkward but it feels like home. - 04.24.14

It was so clear. Can that dream be real? Can it be a closure? I just need that but its fading. - 04.26.14

At some point I'm waiting for the rain in the middle of summer

I understand the silent treatment but sometimes you need to say it out loud.

This emotional attachment is slowly killing me.

It was over years ago and yes, you won.

A month or a week without it then there's the 'dream' and you are back again. Please stop!

I may not understand all of it because like them, I have my own thoughts to care what theirs and there's a battle inside me on which I don't know when will end. I know there's no chance of winning but hopefully, I will win the war. -04.27.14

Never stop yourself on trying. It may hurt you at the end but at least you fucking tried. Of course its a bonus if it end up on your side. :) -04.29.14   

Saturday, April 26, 2014

FYI, I'm a Girl . Late Appreciation

"First impression lasts" and that doesn't apply in this post. My aunt was totally in love with the NYX Butter Lipstick but I cursed at it on this post and as I'm using my Mary Janes and Little Susie once in a while, I started to appreciate it.

My aunt is already on her second tube of Hunk and I wanted that before as well as the Razzle and Licorice. Next time. Haha. I started to shop till I drop again and it sucks. I'm so broke. :(

Never late to start saving again. And let's see if I'll buy another Butter Lipstick soon. :)

I bought all my NYX stuff on Mapshop

"Make your move" - Gibbs | NCIS S11E14

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Ever since December 2013, we always make it to the point to at least see each other but lately it was super busy so its been a while since our group was complete.  

I was able to see Gem earlier this week to watch a movie but we end up hanging out and eating the whole afternoon (that's what we do best) haha!

Some people will say we are weird but seriously, we talk about everything. The story of our little friendship was, Gem and I were classmates in Psych then I met Lhea on Tumblr (I think we haven't graduated when we met her)  and Keith was my classmate when I was still in Nursing. I forgot details but two things are for sure, FEU and UAAP brought us together.

When we start a conversation over breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner, it will always start from basketball then a little bit of what happened for the past week, college days, our dream vacation, soon to be destination (first it will be in the Philippines then minutes later it will be on some Asian country. We haven't talk about US yet. Haha!) Then it will be some personal issue, love life, some news from the internet, gossips, planning our 'photoshoot' (Hahaha), then we will go back to basketball on what our different opinion for the upcoming UAAP season, a little bit of PBA, plans to watch the pre-season and a lot more. I swear, we can be a commentator but not for national television just for some who wants the straight-to-the-point-comments. You have no idea how hilarious we can be when we joke that we will be a commentator or a court side reporter.

So I'm pretty sure that when we will be stuck in an island, we will never get bored without the gadgets as long as we will have foods we are good to go. Oh can we bring our camera? so we can do the "photoshoot"? Ok. HAHA.

Hopefully, we will be complete or we can still accommodate some friends (?) if we go to our first vacation together and we are freaking excited about it. 

Beware: some people will surely be out of place with us if you just want to talk about yourself all day or just focusing your life on facebook.

(The name came in later when 'bro' is a big issue. Haha and yes, Keith is the bro and we are the babes) :D

"A little appreciation will never hurt"    

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Random . Appreciation

Its not that everyday I will see a good old buddy that will remind me on how exactly I felt 2 1/2 years ago.

Easter Sunday and I just saw him with tears on his eyes, trying to be strong for his family and for himself. I asked why but he can't say it and I know once he start to speak up there will be tears and instead of asking more questions I just tap his arms as a sign of my sympathy. So sad to know that he lost his father.

I've been there and it will never be the same for him or for their family but I just remembered my dad when I heard the news and I touched my tattoo after. It help be through the whole moving-on process and it took years and I know there's still a little part of me that haven't moved on since then. I miss my dad every single day.

Once in a while I cry but most days, you have to be strong for the people around you.

If you haven't lost anyone in your life whether it’s by death or you just ended-a-relationship situation then I assumed you are still taking some people for granted.

Loosing some family members makes me appreciate the people around me because we will never know if today or tomorrow or the next, it will be their time or if you are going to end a long time relationship with your friend/best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend so before that day comes appreciate everyone around you. 

Appreciate their little effort, the little time they give you, their hard work it can be a small or a big one. No matter what be thankful.

Say 'thank you' or hug them and even a little gesture saying that you appreciate them today or the little things they do. There will be no result today but you will thank yourself later. 

"We each survive in our own way" - Dr. Temperance Brennan | Bones S09E11

Monday, April 21, 2014

Eat Bulaga

It was my first time to watch Eat Bulaga live and its good to see what usually happens behind the camera and during commercial break on TV. It was fun, though I prefer watching on TV but if you have a contact person for reservation then why not try it for a couple of times.

We watched March 15 and the night before my sister told me that Jessica Sanchez will be there. I knew that every Saturday that you will never expect who will be there because they do guest some artist to dance on the opening or be a judge on their different contests.

I planned to bring my zoom lens and I used it for the second time that week and I'm just so happy to use it. I honestly enjoyed shooting with it than watching live. Haha.

Ryzza Mae Dizon
BTS: Juan For All, All For Juan
Keempee De Leon and Christian Bautista
Jessica Sanchez

You can check more photos here.

"Hangga't may bata, may Eat Bulaga"

Sunday, April 13, 2014

On Repeat . The Edge

The Edge by Tonight Alive

I'm so excited when I discovered that Tonight Alive will release a song that will be included on the soundtrack of "The Amazing Spiderman 2: The Rise of Electro".

When I finished watching the music video, I was speechless.    

But of course, I also love the lyrics. I assume that it was Emma's character that was singing and Jenna admitted that. She said that she wanted the song to be in Gwen's POV but at the same time she don't want to make Gwen weak but that one day she was already on 'The Edge'.

(I can't put the video but I posted the link below)

You said you'd stay, I said I'd wait
All those words we spoke in vain
I still recall the bitter taste
I guess some things never change

And then I think of yesterday
And every promise that you made
I never thought I'd be
The one that you would break

But I will fight until the day the world stops turning
And they will fall to ashes, I will just keep burning

But tonight I need you to save me
I'm too close to breaking, I see the light
I am standing on the edge of my life
Standing on the edge of my life
Standing on the edge

So this is how it all turns out
You're the hero, I'm left out
I should've known you couldn't stand
Up for me and be a man

I still have dreams of you at night
I can't tell the dark from light
I never thought I'd be
The one you'd leave behind

But I will fight until the day the world stops turning
And they will fall to ashes, I will just keep burning

But tonight I need you to save me
I'm too close to breaking, I see the light
I am standing on the edge of my life

With each step I hold my breath
And I'm tangled in your spiderwebs
How could, how could I fall
And I wonder if you'll ever come at all

But I will fight until the day the world stops turning
And they will fall to ashes, I will just keep burning

But tonight I need you to save me
I'm too close to breaking, I see the light
I am standing on the edge of my life

I am standing on the edge of my life
Standing on the edge of my life
I am standing on the edge of my life

Friday, April 04, 2014

On Repeat . The Only Place

The Only Place by Best Coast

A whole album can have different interpretation when it comes to the writer, singer and to the listener.

I think this was on my repeat post because literally, I've been so up all night, mostly missing the usual, being uncomfortable at some things and while random thoughts are striking. To be a distraction, I make it to a point that I watch or re-watch an episode of any series that I want mostly it was Mind Games and NCIS.

I choose this album because as usual, the lyrics of each songs says it all but it doesn't have to be with a boyfriend or partner in life right? Its my current jam, relating to each song and remembering some stuff. Let the other songs speak for the title or lyrics itself.

The Only Place - This country is such a mess so I understand why people leave. Sad at the same time but you just have to accept but I believe there's no perfect place on earth. And whatever you say, I grow up here, this is home no matter how messed up this place "This is the only place for me". Never stop me from asking "Why would you live anywhere else?"

Why I Cry - there are playing gods around us and I hate them so much but there's one thing that they probably will never know "You seem to think you know everything | You don't know why I cry"

Last Year - "One day you will be gone | And then I'll write another song"

My Life - "My mama's right, I don't wanna die I wanna live my life"

No One Like You - "No One Like You"

How They Want Me To Be - I love the title itself and the lyrics are perfect. This song is just saying that you can be yourself all the time. Don't follow whatever they want for you. You can do the right decisions and if you fall, stand up. 

Better Girl - "You gotta keep me away from what they say about me | Cause I want to be a better girl"

Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To - "I have no reason to complain"

Dreaming My Life Away - "We fell asleep"

Let's Go Home - Home is the place to be. Always. "When will I go home? | Home, let's go home".

Up All Night - I'm up most nights that's not new but its different for the past month and I'm trying to fight the urge to go back to the usual day. I don't know what should I do first, what to sacrifice, how long this could be, where's the light at the end of the tunnel? "So here I am I'm still alone, I'm still awake, still afraid | I don't know what day it is 'cause I've been up all night | I don't know what week it is | 'Cause I've been up all night".