Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hair Dye-ary . Fading Hot Hot Pink

Hi! as promise, I'm here to post about my fading hot hot pink hair streak. I haven't put any color to it yet maybe next week and I don't know but coloring your hair is kind a fun.

So here it is. my hair dye-ary fading photos .
if you want to check my previous post about this, you can check it here

Day 2

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 10

Day 12

Day 13

Day 15

Day 16 - camera flash is changing the actual color ... 

Day 17

Day 18

Day 22
I still like how it looks like right now and technically, it just coming back on the color after I bleached it but since it still have some hot hot pink in there it become a little bit orange.

bigger portion next time, maybe mid December ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Favorite Game !

Over due post!

October 11, 2012 will be one of my favorite basketball day, why? Oh my ... that was my FIRST TIME TO WITNESSED A TRIPLE OVERTIME LIVE! Never in the history of my "watched basketball live" I ever experienced to have a 3rd overtime, even when I was in high school I really never ever witnessed one until October 11, 2012 and it was a high school basketball game and it was memorable!

Maybe everyone now know the guy on the first photo (yes, it is Jerie "Koko" Pingoy) because of rumors on where he will be on his college but (I'm not concluding everything but this was just an opinion and maybe an observation too) I know or maybe I should say I think he will choose FEU instead of Ateneo. I started on hearing his name since last year when a friend (I think it was Gem) mentioned him and now he is being noticed by a lot more than last year. We asked him last year on his facebook page if ever he will continue to be with FEU and no hesitation he did say YES and now rumors is all around saying that he will sign up for Ateneo. Oh well, but whatever will be his decision I think I'll still support him but still I want him to choose FEU and it will be a great Season 76 for us (Romeo, Tolomia, Pingoy and RR tandem!!!!), but for now let us give him some time and let him graduate first on high school.

I was able to watch the first game of the Finals on TV where FEU won and a little bit of information, FEU and NU was also the one who competed on the championship last year and NU won, I think it went through game 3 so this finals is kind a bitter sweet revenge since some will graduate and on the side of FEU almost all of FEU Fern players will be graduating this school year and who knows on where will they head on their college but hopefully, I can still see them play on the UAAP. Goodluck guys and Congrats for this game! It was an entertaining game! and I remember how Koko said "Atin 'to" (meaning they got this game) to a co-player.

Look for Mike Tolomia :p

It feels like I'm watching a PBA game when they hit 100

I shouldn't upload this photo but ... oh gosh I was looking for Terrence the whole game since I already spotted Mike and Russel and awarding will be after this game and I knew he will be there and then I saw a photo online that he was seated on the other side of the court with Pogoy ... when I'm browsing the photos on my camera I spotted them! Arrgghhhh

I think if Atangan (NU player) wasn't fouled out this game will push to a 4th overtime, because he was fouled out in the middle of 3rd OT.

Congrats Baby Tams! :)

--  The game almost ended at 2pm after a triple overtime and I wished we can stay for the awarding but it was also the Game 2 of ADMU vs UST... okay, one thing that I may regret that day was not having a picture with Jeron Teng and maybe Bobby Ray Parks! they was just seating on the court side where we passed when we are already being escorted by some security. I asked Keith if its okay if we watch the Game 2 of Ateneo and UST, he is okay with it but damn the tickets are SOOOO HARD TO GET. Luckily, Keith's house is near so we just went there and watched at the TV, though we tried to lined up for tickets.

Can't wait for next UAAP Season.

Back to Back

Overdue post again!

The last time we watched UAAP was September 28, 2012, its the play off between FEU and DLSU where FEU was out of the Final 4 and unfortunately, the last game of Season 75. Here's my photos from that day.

By that time Women's and Junior's Basketball is not yet over and I really want to see how Junior's basketball is. Good thing the Finals of Women's and Junior's is not too early as in early I mean 8 in the morning unlike their usual games and its on the same day and same venue! I know Gem will never be good for this so I asked Keith if he is available and luckily he was! To be honest, I woke up kinda late so I already missed the women's game but I was being updated via twitter on what is happening and it was an intense game and lucky we witnessed the last seconds of the game where FEU Women's won and have the back to back title.

I really forgot the feeling of watching a women's basketball and its good to experience another one even just for the last 18 seconds of the game and just when your school won a championship ;).

Junior's basketball on this post.