Saturday, October 31, 2015

Random .October 2015

Was that my dad's voice? Omg.

I feel you. So sad with what's happening here too. Get better. 

We're killing some time here in Manila (McDo in UE to be exact) and it's 2AM and the store is full of student reviewing. I super miss college days. 

Hello, piyu! There are students who are already lining up for CDC tickets. I salute your dedication, guys. #HornsUp

Just one of those days when I start questioning myself again. This week has been shitty that's why I stressed-eat for the whole week and I just need me-time for today. That night roadtrip yesterday wasn't enough.

Here we go again. Maybe this time I'm not going to complain but doesn't mean I stop fighting. 

I believe "K" will arrive at the right time. I just wonder when it will be.

Tattoo plans. 

I wish aka Sam will say "go". I want to try it this year.

CDC was a cooking show and same with FIBA? wtf. 

After wearing the Bethan to church, I know I also want the Jadon. Oh yes. I already got a Bethan! 

My favorite series are back! Feels like my extended family are here for me again. I miss them so much and I'm happy their back. 

I don't need to go detailed. 

Found the perfect word! 

Don't make another risky decision.

Some people doesn't know how to be nice to other people.

Seriously, you don't need to feel like that. But it was nice seeing the one seated beside you. 

Thank you for making me and my friend so beautiful today. Hahaha. - 10.07.15

Go ahead make some rush decision. Remember there are consequences later. I bet you don't know. 

I know why I can't sleep properly. 

Yikes! I'm not late. Just arrived on time. (things we do for basketball). Haha

2-0 against ADMU!!!!

Don't expect. Limitations. 

When you are at an airport and you just want to hop on a plane to somewhere. 

Could you be more obvious? - NCIS S10E16

Our rebelious side is just inside. 

Did I left my cc somewhere? Huhubells. 

There are such good distractions lately. That's why I don't dwell on the stressful side and I'm very thankful to that. 

Always nice to hear some good inspiring stories. Makes you realize some things.

I don't know you but I miss you. 

Messy as my hair since May. FU

Writers block but I need to write something because I think this is just the one thing I can do when there's no electricity. 

I keep on getting that advice. I know that I'm applying it ever since. It's just up to the people who add and change the story. 

The "memories" reminder on Facebook is bringing memories back. 6 years tops. I love it though I have no idea why I did post certain words before but the pictures and some words from old friends makes me miss the old days. Can we go back? No. :/ 

This is a very very bad decision and very wrong. A W K W A R D. 

My first time to rant in real time.

I will never say sorry for my behavior right now. This ambush meet up should never happen again. 
I should have stayed at home and just watch a movie or catch up on AHS. 

A day with you? Sure. But it wasn't you who was in my dream for a day. It wasn't you but I'll be happy if it was you for real. Bacs!!! - 10.22.15

The reason why I don't watch such genre.

If only its okay to give up. 

I hope one day they will be able to give back to everyone who sacrificed.

I need be somewhere far away from here. 

h w g a 

h w g a day 2

FYI, its not just like 1 2 3 pass. 

How am I supposed to bid? When the bids are winning - Acumen 

Jeepney ride is one of my favorite too. Some time to kill while thinking and it includes major-life-decision. 

Why do people judge easily when they were never be on my position? h w g a day3

Too much thoughts running on my mind right now. I'll just stare at the ceiling maybe it will help, or not. 

It's fucking haunting me. What is modern nightmare. H w g a day4

I need a good distraction. 

I may decide last minute with that offer. I still have time to think about it. 

Good thing today was better than yesterday. I never imagined myself being that miserable. 

Saving all my energy for tomorrow. Choose another day to mess with me, not today and tomorrow. I already have too many nightmare lately. 

Thankful for that jeepney ride. 

People should slow down. Most especially if it comes to that matter. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

On Repeat . Golden Boy

FYI, I didn't joined the bandwagon lately.

I'm going to be honest that I've been watching this video everyday and let's not just mention how many times. Haha

I can't say how many reasons why I do watch it again and again but here are 10 reasons in no particular order:

1) TERRENCE BILL IS SO TALKATIVE. If you know him when he was still in collegiate, this guy always have just a few words when people interviewed him or when fans talk to him. 

2) HE WAS LAUGHING AND SMILING A LOT. Dude, seriously if you were able to have a picture of him taken during UAAP days, you will never have a smiling TR on your picture. A friend even ask him to smile on one picture for him to smile. Haha. 

3) ENGLISH! but he really prefers tagalog. (well, most of us here does).

4) HIS CHOICE OF MUSIC. I know we listen to different kind of genre and I know most guys do listen to RnB/rap music but I never saw Jolina Magdangal coming to the picture. I do have an idea that he loves to listen to OPM but I never saw the 90's vibe. Ever. I'm sure everyone was so surprised (well, he just revealed it on 3x3). 

5) FOCUS. The cameraman focus on TR too much! I can see his pores and the muscle on his face says a lot. 

6) I think he will be a nice road trip buddy just be sure he will wear seatbelt. Haha. 


8) When we will pass on the same area where he started playing Tameme, I will remember him. Haha 

9) the way he practice his dribbling skills. Wow.

10) HE RAP and SANG A BIT. Also, when he said "oh. damn"

I have a soft spot for this guy ever since.

Terrence, if you want to put color on your hair just tell me I'll make it green. Hehe.

I'm just so proud of him and he doesn't have any idea about it.

"Maybe more people see me but I don't think more people like me, the way I play because I think those people who knows basketball they will not judge you the way you play. Sometimes the one who doesn't know how to play it or doesn't put a love on a basketball are the one who say something bad to you. 
I can't blame them that's their life. 
They can say whatever they want to say". 
- Terrence Romeo

Monday, October 26, 2015

On Repeat . Cheats

Cheats by Cheats

Been following Saab's blog since Tumblr is Evil days and the rest is history. Haha. Well, I know she can sing and I even listen to some of her recordings and put it on repeat for couple of days. My favorite are Skinny Love and Troubled Look.

I trust her recommendations because at some point we watch and listen the same thing.

Then Cheats happened and you can check her introduction to her band here

Their album was released recently but it's not available on the music store nationwide but I read somewhere that it's available on selected FMCC outlets and to their gigs. Although Newspaper Girl and Accidents were already out for a year.

Have you seen the physical appearance of the album? It's so unique! So cute. And you might want to buy/order a box of pizza if you get a copy of their album.

I haven't got my copy and I'm dying to have it soon but for now I'm satisfied listening to it on Spotify. BUT I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE.

Here's the tracklist and some of my favorite lines (as I heard it because I can't find a lyrics online)

Crash - Please stop talking to yourself / Please don't crash / By the way you're going down

Newspaper Girl - She's building an airplane all over the world

Headfoam - I'm not gonna beg for a second try

Eye - Why does she treat me like a child / Why does she treat me so unkind

Acumen - How am I supposed to win?

Sleepist - I wish I had no heart for this and just sleep again.

Summer - So much more. What you're waiting for?

Triplehorn - Said she's a rockstar sucking the life out of me

Accidents - It's all the same we sleep at night.

Again Professor Manny? - One more time / One last time

I love the beat of every song. I don't hate a single thing. I love all of them. And I want the physical album already! 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

On Repeat . Badlands

Badlands by Halsey 

I think I got the idea of Halsey when I was on Tumblr and there was a video of her interupting Josh Dun on an interview. I saw her before but never knew it was her. It was a perfect timing when I was just looking for something new to listen and I did some research about her and found out that she just released her 1st full length album and then I was hooked.

Here are the tracklist plus my favorite line from each song: 

Castle - Straight for the castle | They wanna make me their queen

Hold Me Down - They shush me, walking me across a fragile line

New Americana - Just what you'd expect inside her new Balenciaga

Drive - All we do is think about the feelings that we hide

Hurricane - I'm a wanderess | I'm a one night stand | Don't belong to no city | Don't belong to no man

Roman Holiday - And we know that we're headstrong | And our heart's gone | And the timing's never right | But for now let's get away

Ghost - I'm searching for something that I can't reach

Colors - And now you're tearing through the pages and the ink

Colors, Pt. 2 - Dripping like a saturated sunrise

Strange Love - That's the beauty of a secret | You know you're supposed to keep it

Coming Down - Now we're lost somewhere in outer space

Haunting - 'Cause I've done some things that I can't speak

Gasoline - Do you call yourself a fucking hurricane like me?

Control - I'm bigger than my body | I'm colder than this home | I'm meaner than my demons | I'm bigger than these bones

Young God - And I've been sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool | For a while now, drowning my thoughts out with sounds

I Walk The Line - I keep a close watch on this heart of mine | I keep my eyes wide open all the time

I love this album even I do have a few favorites and I love her already. I saw a few videos of her performing live and it was amazing. I hope one day I'll be able to see her live. 

I usually mix this with the Blurryface album. That two album gives me the vibe that I need. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

From "B" to "W"

I don't know you but I miss you
I should not but I do
Maybe it was just the conversation
Maybe it was just your small interest on talking to me
Maybe because you're just bored

I miss you but I keep on reminding myself about boundaries
I should not miss you, we barely know each other
Maybe it was just the feeling because it was refreshing
Maybe it is refreshing because its a part of my reality
Maybe because I miss feeling that

But we are different
Far from each other
There are boundaries
I should not expect more
It's been a week
Soon it will be months
But it was so nice talking to you

Monday, October 05, 2015


I'm not a huge fan of goodbyes.

I realized that there are two types:

1st - saying goodbye. It's okay to say bye to have closure but when you know it's for good, that sucks. When you meet someone and you just said goodbye because you need to separate ways but then you feel that there's something missing but the power of the universe says you need to separate ways, now.

2nd - no closure. After the 1st one I think this is the not so hurtful but it will make you so angry. You will be left hanging on everything and you will wonder so many what if, why this and why that until you just need to assume for some reason to convince yourself that it is also his/her reason just to stop yourself asking why but then on a dull moments of your life, you will still think about it again and again and again.

One thing I learned in Economics is "it can never be both" but what if you experienced both and both of them sucks, does it mean you just hate "goodbye" itself?

*if this makes you so confuse, welcome to my world

Hardest 180 of my life - Tony to Ziva | NCIS S11E02

Friday, October 02, 2015

Palawan 2015

the summary of my Palawan trip in 11:29 minutes

I just want to go back there ......