Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Random . September 2015

My Twenty One Pilots photos are on queue now on my photo blog
Ber months. Be good. You're my favorite. 

This back pain is killing me. 

Basketball all week until UAAP opening!!! 

Why still ask when its already planned? I feel I was betrayed. Now, I'm beyond confused on where to put myself. 

Chill Aiv. Chill. Everything will be okay. 

I'm literally not lost but I think I am. 

I won a car? Oh its just a dream. F*ck

Learning how to detach myself. F*ck emotional attachment.

I should finish this video project before UAAP because you know, basketball. Hihi

I will never get tired of saying, I'M SO PROUD OF TERRENCE BILL ROMEO. 

Whatever. Good thing there are basketball games to look forward to. 

When you said that, it break my heart. I hope you were able to tell that to him. - 09.06.15

I was too busy the whole weekend enjoying life. Recap... We won against ADMU!!! What a nice start for this season. And that mini road trip with friends. :D 


That's nothing compare to everything. 

Lets continue to be a mystery. 

Another plane ride? I wish. #dream 

We didn't win today. Bounce back, Tams! 

Here we go again..... But that's okay. We can do this. 

No body is perfect so don't act like you are. 

If you are angry at him then how can you swallow to be here every now and then? You may not know this so I better tell you that he is just here. You may not believe but I'm telling you he can hear you.  

I can't purchase the shoes because I'm having second thoughts and I'm still broke. Why. And now that website is down. 

Chances are very slim...... #mantra 

Sometimes I think its too much so I make adjustments but then its not enough when I lessen it. 

I'm so fucking confused. Sometimes I think I'm on the wrong position and I don't know where to put myself anymore. 

I don't want to be someone I'm not. 

Can I just have my 6th tattoo? Now? I need some intoxicating and to feel pain so it will bring-me-back-to-earth again. It will make me feel alive. 

How much faking do I need to do to survive this reality? I thought being yourself is way much accepted? 

"I've been thinking too much. Help me." - Ride | Twenty One Pilots 

I wish life is just as simple as 1 2 3. 

My favorite TV shows will be back in a few days!!! Something to look forward to. 

Is it crazy that I watch the videos that I edited just to remind me that I'm not always this down? That once in a while I was able to laugh and had a great time in this shitty reality. 

Send your complain to the creator of the software not to me who is just a user of their product. You're making me laugh. 

Lets admit that it fucking hurts when they thought that its just easy to do. As in so fucking easy as one two three. FYI, ITS NOT and as result of your patience range, you will not be able to do this. 

It was only just a dream..... Bacssss :( 09.14.15

The result of your insult and doubts, I'm procrastinating at its finest. 

Oh shit. That's one more reason. Damn it. #mantra 

I guess when you feel unappreciated, you have to appreciate other things so you will be able to appreciate yourself again. Maybe sometimes it doesn't matter if other people don't appreciate us. 

I need to be awake in a few hours because I'm going to attend a 9AM-5PM lecture. This is new to me so I'm excited and nervous at the same time. / I'm learning and I think it was a good decision but the thing is, you don't need to talk to people. Lol. 

Even though I'm broke, I decided to watch the game today as a reward for myself from yesterday and just because. Hehe. 

The system is once again as messy as my hair. 

I can't wait for 5pm. But there's too many event outside this little room! Though I'm so thankful for internet/free WiFi that's available. / tea time! / it wasn't interesting as the first day. 

I want to eat something greasy but I can't find something.  Too many people here in the mall and I'm alone. -_- 

The clip of my earphones fall off somewhere. So sad.

When hunger strikes and you are alone in a mall where there's too many people. Hopefully, I will be full enough with my resto choice just because there are chairs available. 

I just want to try it. It's scary but we'll see. I still know my walls and the boundaries so, everything is good.

Emoji can change the understanding of other people from your own message. 

Watching this all over again makes me realize again that's it's so good to fall in love. I miss feeling that.



This will be thoughest day to do this. For sure there will be a lot of tears this time. Screw everyone who fucking don't like me because I contradict all of your ideas/plans. 

I wonder. 

My delay, my consequences. Good thing I'm done.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Palawan 2015 . Last Day

Aug 23 - last day :(

Packing is necessary on last day of a trip and it is so sad.

Gem's mom remember that I do drive and she asked me to drive back the SUV at home from Jollibee where Amelia will have her send off party. I drive in Palawan! No big deal.

Unfortunately, we needed to leave before Jollibee joined the party because we still need to pick up something and we need to check in at the airport. We have 4 bags and my hand carry will just be my backpack full of important stuff and when we got our boarding pass, the guy at the desk remind us that our boarding time will be at 1840 and it was just before 5PM. We check in early because PAL emailed me that our flight will be 1 hour early than the original schedule so technically, we need to be there 1 hour early to check in. Then when he told us that our boarding time will still be at 6:40PM we tried to seat there and Gem and I are not talking ( de javu part - last year we didn't talk before our flight because we haven't eaten breakfast until we are almost pissed inside the plane and Gem said, "can we buy food I'm hungry" and we are almost in a bad mood that time. Lesson from that, don't make us hungry unless we will be pissed.) this time we had food from Jollibee but something is missing, something inside us was left behind and we didn't finished our food when Gem said "you know we can still go out". I somehow knew it because when his brother was leaving the other day they went home to bring some Chaolong because their flight was delayed too.

We only have my backpack as our hand carry so we went outside and we went back home. While walking towards the outside of the airport we passed by on a TV and they are watching a replay of a UAAP basketball game and it was FEU vs DLSU! When we arrived at their house we just watched it and eat some cake while killing some time.

You don't know what we sacrifice and you are not making it worthy.

Before 6:30PM we headed back to the airport. This time, no turning back and somehow that "something missing" is okay now.

The worst part was, our original flight details will be apply which means we are bound to leave 8PM. I ask Gem if she wants to go back home again but she said "no" and I'm okay with that.

While waiting, Cebu Pacific cancelled a flight back to Manila and we, the passengers of PAL are worried because we might be cancelled too but then a PAL plane landed in front of us and we know we will not be cancelled. This is my first time to fly with PAL and I loved it but the speakers of their plane is choppy or it was just the one who are talking who are slang and pure of air while talking. Baymax - bhalalala

The sky is so clear I don't know why Cebu Pac cancelled their flight but it was a smooth flight for us.

It's bitter sweet to see the lights in Manila and I don't want to go home this time. I want to stay in Palawan because we enjoyed it too much. I became a local to that place. I missed the time that my hometown was as peaceful as it is in Puerto.

So sad. As soon as we landed in Manila the stress is just waiting for me but we need to go back in reality. Gem called reality amazing, I called it shitty.

I'm on my way home and I want to cry I know that it will be another stressful reality that I will face.

Bye Palawan, you will always be my home away from home and thank you for the wonderful memories.

Thank you specially to Gem's family for always welcoming me with open arms.

Will be back soon.

My Photographs: Palawan

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Palawan 2015 . Fourth Day

Aug 22 - 4th day 

It's 9AM and we're on our way to Crocodile Farm (fingers crossed, I want to see Surigao!)

I saw Surigao but not Julio!!! 

I can't believe this is our last full day because our flight will be tomorrow night and hello reality. 

We ate lunch at the Crocodile Farm and we ate sisig again! Yummy, one of my favorite. :D

After Crocodile Farm, we went to Baker's and Mitra then we went home early. Gem and I had this "conversation" and we can't wait for 7pm where we set a date with Lhea for dinner and a bit of a drinking session but after that conversation I dare her and we're out of the house in a snap but not until I found them waiting for me downstairs. We headed outside with Froilan, our new friend. Haha. 

Plaza Cuartel

We headed to Baybay but it rained while waiting for Lhea then we walked to the church then to Plaza Cuartel then we stayed at Neva's for some pizza then Robinsons to look for a gift for Amelia then we went home to left our bags and headed out again for a night version at Baybay. We decided to drink just to have a chill night then we need some coffee or hot choco and everything is almost closed except for McDo so we just change location and eat some fries while drinking hot choco before 1AM.

What is chill night and we are making our last night memorable. I don't want to leave.

last day will be posted, tomorrow.

My Photographs: Palawan

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Palawan 2015 . Third Day

Aug 21 - 3rd day

It's midnight and I'm just staring at the ocean. So many waves as much as the thoughts in my head. If other people will stare at this right now, they might have different emotion and thoughts. 

Times like this it's always "someone" that's missing. I hate that. 

Chill morning. Love sleeping hearing the waves like it was raining as well as waking up with the beach crashing outside. But no sunrise since the weather is bipolar (everytime I'm there. lol)

We swim at the beach for a while and take some hilarious videos. Haha

Then we left San Vicente and I just slept the whole trip back to Puerto Princesa. 

We ate at Bona's for dinner. Been craving that for 11 months now and finally! :D 

Goodnight. Long day ahead tomorrow and hopefully, it will not rain.

day 4 will be posted tomorrow

My Photographs: Palawan

Friday, September 25, 2015

Palawan 2015 . First and Second Day

Aug 19 - 1st day. 

After an hour delay of our flight we arrived safe and sound in Puerto Princesa at 7:20PM.

Lhea was waiting for an hour at the airport too!

Then dinner at Gem's place then we headed to Itoy's for some alone time with Lhea since she cannot join us again on this trip to El Nido. After an hour we separate ways because we need to be up early tomorrow. 

Aug 20 - 2nd day

Same with our trip last year, we are on our way to El Nido at 5AM. 

I'm appreciating this road trip than the first time last year. 

Should I try to nap? I'm enjoying the fresh breeze of cold air and the view on this road trip.

El Nido
Wow! Small and big lagoon this time. I enjoyed El Nido and it was so beautiful. 

We are in San Vicente now and we are spending one night here before going back to Puerto Princesa. 

The sea right outside this beach house it's going to be a beautiful morning tomorrow. Love this life. So simple.

day 3 will be tomorrow. 

My Photographs: Palawan