Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FYI, I'm a Girl . NYX Butter Lipstick or Matte?

1st Haul for 2014!!!
(Top to Bottom) Taffy, Hunk, Razzle, Mary Janes and Little Susie

This new products of NYX will be the death of me (my reaction before ordering). Fortunately, it will not because Matte still won over the Butter Lipsticks but I have to try the butter so I bought 'Mary Janes' and 'Little Susie' while my aunt bought 'Razzle', 'Taffy' and 'Hunk'. My cousin bought a Matte 'Siren' because she's so in love with anything purple and as her payment for my 'Pure Red', I chose 'Merlot'.

(Top to Bottom) Taffy, Hunk, Razzle, Mary Janes, Little Susie, Merlot and Siren

I'm happy that Mapshop have a lot of NYX products now unlike before when they don't have a purple shade of lipstick.

I was excited to try it when I saw the lip swatches unfortunately, I'm not a fan of glossy. It cost ₱300 ($7). I'm happy that I just got 2 shades because next time I'll rather buy the round lipstick than the butter lipstick but hey it will not hurt if you want to try it. Round Lipstick is cheaper too ₱190 ($4.50) and its just almost the same.

I recommend it if you want something like the Butter Gloss and Xtreme Lip Cream in a tube. 

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"Never stop me for trying" - Tony | NCIS S11E05

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Insomnia . The Dawn of March

We all have different roles in life.

We are destined to be in a situation that we might not like but we're there to realize some things.

Some of us are born lucky while some need to suffer.

I heard once that there should be one different out of ten people so this world will be balance. We are all unique.   

Everything is just a challenge on how we will handle it and hopefully, we will not be defeated by those challenges. We have to be strong for our own self and for our love ones.

What if I go back on writing on a diary instead of ranting on my blog but what if no one will find it? What if someone will hide or burn it? It will be lost forever but not with my blog. It will be here in the magical world of the internet.

So many realization when you're listening to the radio at 3 in the morning.

There will always be a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

You just have to sacrifice a little while ignoring the extra variable.

As much as I love being in the city or at least the lights at night I somehow miss being away from the busy place. I just want to be at my hometown. 02.28.14

Well, I think its good to be bad sometimes at least you're seeing the truth rather than lies. 03.01.14

Talking of comparing? I bet they'll never try. 03.01.14

Truth rather than lies and pretending. 03.01.14

Building lights will always be one of my favorite. -03.01.14

Its hard to keep going when you're not seeing the light at the end.-03.03.14

Its hard to fight with 'giving up' and 'getting angry' -03.03.14

How to handle head ache, heart ache and body pain at the same time?

But you have to keep going to see that light. -03.03.14

Things we do for US TV series. :D -03.03.14

Open your eyes, every truth lies in front of you. - 03.07.14

Still have that effect to me but it is refreshing. - 03.22.14

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Remember When

The place never fail to give me chills. I love it and I know it has been years but memories live here. Memories that was witnessed by trees, rocks, rooms and every single thing that wasn't changed over the years. High school will always be one of my favorite. I can't say it was the best because I don't know if I maximized my time there but at least some are still remembered, some are still treasured but some was wasted. 

I love to remember those memories.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Insomnia . The End of February

You will never be him but I'm not saying that you're not a good person. I respect you but we will never agree on everything.

Sometimes its good to hear the bad side. Some people will see the good and bad side of you while the others will see you as a 'good' one without the 'bad' side. I assume that they're not seeing the real you.

Beware of yourself.

Comparing is a bad idea and I know it.

If I encounter situations where I am being compared to someone furrfect. I just think of times when I was on your side doing this and that then I'll tell myself if I'm not there on that moment, will they'll be willing to do that? If I'm going to drop it who will do it?

Rewards are unnecessary if you are willing to do it for free but if you will be given something because of what you did then you deserve that reward. Self satisfaction is better than material things.

Don't be too controlling!

Maybe that's the way it has to be.

Maybe not yet.

Not everything will apply on every situation.

I have personal issues.

Sometimes I can't find the right words so I just let the tears go.

Just one of those days when you wanted to feel the pain of a needle instead of feeling so broken inside and out.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Insomnia . Dreamland

He was there staring. Am I the one who wanted that 'talk' or him? I can feel his invisible hug.

Maybe somethings are just meant to happen in dreamland

What if dreams are real?

I'm always lost in dreamland 

But now, I can't even remember

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Avril Lavigne Live in Manila

I think this is the first concert where I didn't mind getting a ticket last minute.

And unfortunately, as I'm aiming for a closer section, I have to settle on Upper A ticket because if I will be on a lower section, I'll be broke for a month.

1 more station before Cubao and I'll buy a ticket first. Hopefully there's still a good seat. Uggghhh.


Sadly, fewer audience compare to her 2012 show and I don't know if the concert day which is Monday was one of the reason.

I have to admit, this was the 4th time that I saw her live and I'm not gonna lie this was not her best show. The first 3 Manila show was way better than this year though there are new songs and I love that I heard it live. There's a minimal interaction with the audience or spiel and she didn't even mentioned or greet  the huge banner saying "We love you b*tch" though she smiles a lot :D. Unlike the 2012 show, she even have this intro "this song is a very song... Blah blah" and the only spiel that she said is this year was "I love you Manila" (well, mostly). And I think 'Black Star' was the best intro ever and "I'm With You" wasn't the best last song ..... but its so catchy ... 

I love Avril and I don't want to out grow the fan girl in me so I still enjoyed the show recording some of my favorite songs, singing along and just being amazed to the crowd, the intro video, and I was surprised that Chad was there! I don't know if Chad was with her the whole time she was in Japan but he was here! I'm not a big fan of him but as Avril's husband I also read some articles about them and his band was pretty famous before. And at this moment I just realized that I'm a fan for 10 or 11 years! omg. :D

I'm happy that I saw her again and hopefully one day I will be able to meet her and be closer to the stage. See you again soon!

*everything was my personal opinion and I think she was sick that day*

One of the advantage of getting cheaper ticket was, I was able to buy a shirt and the 2nd photo booklet and I'm still be broke until the end of the month and maybe even 1st half of March. Less hangout until then.

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