Saturday, June 30, 2018

Random . June 2018

Lol no comment but do you now know what I've seen before?

I don't want to get involve anymore to the issue. I got my own issue to handle and I'm pretty much busy for the past months and will still be for the next ones. If you're nice then maybe we can talk but as of now, I can't probably be a big help with all the consequences of your decisions. 

As if my guy will believe you. 

I wonder if Facebook didn't happen in our lifetime, what are we doing now on your free time? Well, one way or another social networking will still be part of us. 

I now understand why some people don't have time to write or have some outlet for themselves. 

You will never change my decision on how to use my social media accounts. 

Oh wow. Another person joining the bandwagon. Think before you click. In the end you might be slap by your own. 

If you want to, you can find a way. 

You are using a wrong platform to contact me. Let's go old school, email me. Lol. 

That's life, sissy. Not really sad truth but reality. 

No free day. Work till weekend. 

Decided to not write all of it down last month but I'll go back to writing this time. 

If I'm luckily, I can still make that Jakarta video before July. Haha

I like to force my brain to at least write something tonight but I got work to do. Sad. 

Good thing music can fight my frustration. 

Just stop. 

Less talk less mistake, more action. 

Not everyone do what they do to get something in return. 

I'm gaining reason why not to use Facebook. 

When you are living your life silently but other people are very willing to expose your presence with a different version and additional information. 

Just when I questioned if I spoiled too much information. 

I was shocked but why do people need to lie? I can accept whatever it is even it will make me sad but why not tell the truth? So disappointing. 

I have trust issues but still trusting random people. When will I learn. 

At this age, I'm happy that I know what is contentment. 

I want to write but somehow refusing to. 

Somehow hurt but guilt feeling is gone. I think that's much better. 

We do make our own choices. 

Why I'm still not used to people come and go. 

BRB. Reassessing myself. 

It's easy to question when you don't know a single thing. 

You don't have to depend on other people for your worth. You should know that at the first place. 

I crossed the line, somehow. 

Feel like a week since my last sentence. 

Been busy and free for the past week and I'm just enjoying most of it. 

So good that my Indonesia video is finished. Yay! After months. :)

That's one of my daydream. ❤ 0624

Nerve wracking moment but he's so chill. How. hahaha

Short drive. Yay. :) 

I really want to write something from last night but can't compose a right one. 

Salute to these people who deal with probably hundred of people everyday. I can't even deal with handful people on a single day. 

Whatever batch you're in, as long as you have that FEU story it will always be relatable. 

I feel that I also graduated today. FEU will be home to all of us. 

Busy days then who knows it already weekend.

Half of this year is done and I'm amazed. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Still having doubts but lesser
The bond that we share lately
The hype, surprises, short meet-ups
The calls, conversations, the music
Reminding me to just chill
Are surely helping me to feel better


Saturday, June 23, 2018

It Just Stop

We met when I got back from La Union
You asked me to watch you drive
I wasn't able to catch it since you're fast
But when you stopped, everthing stopped too
I'm not sure if I'll run to you or just stare
One thing I know, I smiled when you pull over


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Alter Ego

I wonder how it will be
If we're the same
I will be different if that's the case
We may be able to know each other or not
However, as cliché as it is
Maybe it's true
That opposites attract


Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Recently, there is the one who stand out
The one who sync us in all aspects
That even we don't admit it
We both know because we just know it
Probably because weboth feel it

Word by word fits in
That it speak for both of us
It's so perfect that it feels like a warm hug
That makes my heart hurt
So good and so bad at the same time


Sunday, June 17, 2018


To help you recover fast
Hopefully to be back on rides
To protect your head
From beer bottles
But never on hangover