Monday, January 21, 2013

Typical Hangout

This is so overdue post ... and so 2012.

It was my birthday last December 27th and I'm happy to be celebrating it with a close friend / true friend / sister / cousin or whatever you want to label my birthmate, Nikka. 

I really don't have any plans for my birthday because, I don't know ... hehe but if there will be no plans at all I'll just stayed home and do the usual lazy day but since Nikka and I planned to see each other that day, you know just to celebrate our birthday and we decided not the day before because we don't want to experience that bullshit we got last 2011So we celebrate as simple as we can as in just the typical hangout we does every now and then. We just got some pizza and spaghetti (my aunt send me a cake the day before .. Thanks for that!) and she got this cocktail drink.  

It rained that night and that sucks because we can't walk outside but maybe it was a blessing after all. We invited a friend good thing he showed up and I gave him an A+ for effort on buying us ice cream but earlier this year Nikka and I dumped him to his circle of friends (he's part of that bullshit we experienced last 2011 but we are still in good terms but earlier this year something happened. I thought last year was the total opposite of it but the result of that invite occurs earlier this year) but on the good side, Nikka's boyfriend was able to stay even for a while.

It was a straight 3 birthday celebration with this girl and I'm happy that we are sticking to each other when everyone around us is so confused with their lives. We might not see each other just like the past year but we both have a simple goal. :)

Thank you to everyone (family and friends) who never failed to remember my birthday. I'll send you billions of virtual hugs and kisses :)

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Next Level

I always wanted to try photography ever since 2, 3 or 4 years ago and I got my Sony TX5 that time. I have a little regret from it but what can I say I still enjoyed my camera so much and she is there for me for the last 2 years. And my little problem about it was its zoom button having that problem for a year now and last year I planned on getting a Canon DSLR as a Christmas and Birthday gift and I know I deserve to have one. It's not just because its "IN" but I do believe in myself that I have a little talent when it comes to photography (yeah, I know myself like that).

I got a Canon EOS 600D right now and so far so good still learning some techniques and I think I'm doing good at it. Though I want to attend some workshop or something, I also want to do like doing a concert, sport photography (but I think that's too high for now) or maybe just captured what I really want to be captured. I'm not good at shooting people, I like shooting the natural movement of people, stolen shot as some called it (something like concert and sports photography thing), I'm weird like that. I still got my TX5 and no plans on giving it out or something because it also take good quality photos and it feels good to have a point and shoot, where you can have with you in your purse all the time and a DSLR.

 It comes with a 4GB memory card and I got so stupid that I copied almost all my test shot on my laptop (over 2000 photos) and I just deleted most of it and I didn't delete it on the memory card and the next time I tried to transfer the photos on the laptop again, it got corrupted. SMH . 

So here are some test shots that left from my first batch of photos from 600D.... 

I almost thought of getting a 60D but considering myself as a starter, I got contented with 600D and maybe the next thing will be some lenses HAHAHAHA! 

Youtube has been my friend when it comes to some tips and stuff and I've been a subscriber of DigitalRev on youtube for a while now and I make sure that I got the right tips from Kai, Lok and Alamby and my favorite was "Impress no one but yourself" from the 50 Photography Tips

For now I'm alright with my 18-55mm lens and I created a Tumblr account to post some shots that I took on random days, if some stranger will be reading this post, I mean you, you might want to check my photographs at .

btw, I bought the camera at DB Gadgets , they have cheaper price compare to the mall but make sure the product you want to avail is available. :)

A Day with Marielle

Last December 17, 2012, Marielle aka Gem had a sleepover at home since her laptop needs to be reformat and my uncle just know someone who can do the work and we planned to watch a basketball game the next day so, its a perfect timing to catch up or at least just hang out together since we haven't seen each other for a couple of months then. We planned to watch PBA D-League where our good friend (naks) had a game that day and just another basketball game after UAAP because we miss watching live.

Venue: EAC Gym - their gym was super nice I hope FEU will have some kind of this in Manila. There's a swimming pool at the ground floor too! 
Cagayan vs JRU : it went Overtime and JRU won
saw this guy again
Hello there controversial Arvie! I hope we'll see you play nicely next UAAP season and still with the Tams
After the 1st quarter of the 2nd game we already talked to Ping for a little while and we also left after that mini talk. We are so hungry and we also planned to eat at Shakey's (one of our favorite place to eat). We headed to SM Manila. I studied in Manila but that was the first time I'd been to SM Manila because I think SM are just the same from each other and I can't see importance of hanging out there way back. 

such a nice place to hangout

just to make clear, it was just me and Gem who ate at Shakey's
Having a problem on how we can finish all of those? HAHAHA

We ate everything and never left some for dogs or cats or rats. HAHA I think I carried those in my stomach for a week and convinced myself that I'll be in a food coma until the Christmas Eve. HAHAHA

It's always a fun day with Marielle. See you this year dude! <3  

Sorry for the crappy photos

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year .

This photo was taken last December 26, 2012 before I turned 23

Hi readers (if I have some),

Who said that we will not passed December 21, 2012? Look at this post date people its January 1, 2013! Happy New Year guys!

I don't know how will I do some year end post or something like a recap from January to this day (or its just the same? Lol) going back on the past 365 days is hard there are some highlights but of course we treasured every single day (at least I do) and 2012 is so yesterday when it comes to 2013 so this is not a recap post.

Most people have lots of new year's resolution but I refuse to promise or to say somethings that usually don't happen for the whole year but at least every single day I try to change simple/little things on my everyday routine, I try something new or at least not to mind the bad vibes on some days. What do I'm trying to say is we can change every little detail on our everyday lives its not necessary to change something just because its a new year, change it because you know its bad, you know it will never do good to you or on people around you but never change the good most especially if its for bad, as one of my favorite TV show says: Rule no. 5 Never waste the good and the other one was a qoute from the same TV show: You have to focus on the good.

There are so many unexpected and expected things that happened to each of us every single day every year so that's 365 days, sometimes we can't remember what happen on the 217th day but we know what exactly happened on a special day just like your birthday, your wedding day, the day you gave birth, the day you got a dog or the day you bought something special, some days are good and unforgettable but there will always be the bad ones, there are days that we feel fucked up or wasted but there are days that we feel its the best day ever since we were born. Every single day is different, its unique on its own and we need to appreciate those good and bad days because those days helped us to be who we are right now.

We don't need to be advanced and think about next month or the summer. Most days we need to focus on what's happening right now but of course you can plan a summer getaway with friends but don't go beyond it, be on earth most of the time don't take every thing for granted, don't fast forward on something because when it passed you can't have a rewind button on this life. Most of us wished that but as we all know we can just move forward but please never push the fast forward button, you don't want to regret something on the near future.

2012 taught us some life lessons, as I recall all of the things happen, it just gave me headache lol but I wish I got it on taped or at least record all of the days on my head so I can look back on some fucked up days of my life or be on the day when I didn't think of the consequences that I might meet next time, the days that you wish not to meet its ending but as I said we must move on but be sure to treasure those moments because it will never be the same next time.

Let's welcome 2013 with open arms, let's change the bad to good one, make yourself happy, eject those negativity/bad vibes around you, stay positive and let's have more patience in our system, appreciate everything, be nice to other people, never take anyone for granted, don't run a truck on someone's life, be contented, don't compare, most especially appreciated every single moment. Those are the usual things that I keep reminding myself for the last months/year. You don't need a new years resolution because its new year, a rule in your own life can help you to change something little by little, changing is a process. You can start a simple/crazy rule like "Rule No. 1: No soft drinks and junk foods on weekdays" and maybe you'll end up cheating on some weekdays but you can change it and just enjoy a junk foods every weekend. I'm not saying do a stupid rule book and control your life but it will be a big help if you want to change something and you will never need to wait for another new year, a year does have 365 days its not just a single day.

Happy New Year :)