Thursday, December 31, 2015

Random . December 2015

12.01.15 - 11:11 Game 3 tickets and Championship

I still need 3 tickets. 

I should reminded myself of what I wrote weeks ago. Damn it. Anyway, ticketserye continues. 
MOA Arena, I hate you. You shouldn't be the venue of this game 3. You didn't let the ultimate fan witnessed the game live. 

UAAP should start considering Philippine Arena as a venue of UAAP Finals. 

20th crown to Morayta!!!

If you are going to flirt don't brag your friends. Most especially if there's one major event that is happening. You ruined the moment. Selfish move. 

You can't bond with two circle of friends in one day. Unless you all agreed to separate ways on a certain time. If it's basketball day you should not have a date with people who doesn't care about basketball. Unless you're forever alone then you can do whatever you want. 

I want to write something about the championship but I'm super hype that I don't know where to start. Maybe after a few days. Hehe. 

Watching the replay and who would have thought that even we were down until the last 3 minutes and the score was so close under 2 minutes of the game. Wow. Pogoy and Mike. Wow. 

This back pain is making me curse a lot. It hurt so bad. 

Social media is bad for your health. 

It's on who you choose to believe in and it depends on what you see and to your guts. It's not about the hearsay anymore. We are all grown-ups and definitely not a kid anymore, make your own choices. 

Manila! I'm coming! Yay!

I hate wearing pants at some point in life. Feels like my legs are imprisoned. 

I miss college life so bad. Can we go back? :( 

Now I'm a bit regretting the past two months that I've been stress-eating. 

It's not bad to watch the world moving without you in it but doing it as a habit is a different story. 

Jollibee Gate 4. So good to be back and feels good to be surrounded by schoolmates. These guys are so lucky to be in school and then we got a championship. 

You might think that I don't belong here. Hehe. Guys been here since 2006. 

Good or bad as long as I'm spending time with friends, it's all good. 

You're The Worst is one of my favorite TV series lately. I don't know why it's so close to me. 

I will always miss having that one guy who always care. I miss the way we used to be. #17 

Maybe that's one major reason why because who does care?

One huge reminder to self, don't fucking stress eat again. 

It's just weird when you hear an old song then you are surprisingly singing along with it and you know all the words but it's kinda amazing. 

Stuck in traffic and it makes me think about stuff. All good and still appreciating life. 

Some people will never really understand the differences of everyone. 

Close minded people will forever stuck on their little world and continue to hurt everybody. 

Scared because that's my weakness. I do understand deeply but not on that situation. 

That's why you don't want to be too attached to people most especially when you are planning to leave. 

Hello rain! Why now? I'm not going to enjoy your presence. 

Music saved my blog for the past months. 

Don't tell me that you didn't expect that. You know it will happen. 

mantraaaaaaaaaaaa. I badly want to do a road trip. 

5 years later, it is Jeremy.... so sad. I'm still looking forward on seeing Paramore live again. 

Fighting my own insecurities. 

We win without the veterans / star players? Wow. Just. Wow. 

I'm having another weird night again. Goodnight. 

Will it be on my way anytime soon? I wish. I wish. 

I'm claustrophobic. That's why I'm terrified. People doesn't care and never will. I'll try to fight this feeling. 

A bit alarming, I'm numb on some part. /// Then I realized that the soft spot on me was well buried deep inside. 12.22.15

I want to help you but if you will be so selfish then I'm having second thoughts.

I want to finish all of my pending post here but I'm a bit drained now, goodnight. 

I'm going to make it happen this time. Baby steps. 

Merry Christmas! 

I don't know why I'm feeling like this. Life. 

I'm a bit worried with this but let's depend on the other feedbacks. 

One of my new year's resolution will be "never stress eat again" and "Starbucks should just be once a month". 

Sometimes crying is healthy. Happy Birthday to me. 

Oh thank you but I'm not a prima donna. 

Quietly giving people some consideration as a gift. 

It's the last for now but will it be really the last time for me? I didn't slow down instead I rushed. 

I think it will arrive next week after all of the holiday craze. Patiently waiting....



You've been a great one and I'm happy that I was able to survive. 
One of the toughest but let us not forget the happy times with friends and laughter with family. 
Every year is a new roller coaster ride and I'm looking forward on what's with 2016. 

Thank you, 2015. 

Fragile Day

Happy Birthday, self.

December 27 will always be my fragile day. I'm so sensitive during my birthday. Not everyone know it by heart but some really does so I'm really thankful for that but ever since Facebook have a power of reminding people that it's your birthday then I'm double thinking. Haha. Still, I have to thank everyone who greeted me whether you know it by heart or you just saw some greeting posts. Thank you. ;)

I don't usually post my long thoughts / rants like this on Facebook because it's so unhealthy for all of us. That's why I stayed away from social media yesterday. Ever since, I don't know I stopped on updating on real time unless it's okay but mostly I don't it's usually my friends or family. Sometimes it's fun but it's so unhealthy.

I do have some materialistic wishes but I believe that I have a story written up there that some of the things that I'm jealous off will be in front of me on the right time. Most of the time, I just go with the flow.

I really wish that some people who I've lost along the way is still with me. They are one of the missing piece that I miss during this day of the year.

My 25th year of existence taught me a lot of things. I felt being so high up there with happiness and I also felt so down deeper than I've never been for the past years but with the ups and downs, I learned and appreciate a lot of things. I still question the difference of the flow of my life with others but I believe that my situation and yours have differences together with the advantages and disadvantages.

There are times that I just shut down and sleep to escape. Also to stress eat because of shitty people around.

Sleeping makes me hopeful that I will be able to see daddy and sometime I do but when I woke up it begin to be blurry.

Birthdays are meant for people to remember you but after making you feel so special next day will just be another ordinary day.

This year my birthday was on a Sunday, so I'm just going to do my usual Sunday than celebrating because, responsibility and priorities! I'm not planning on going to somewhere either since my friends are not here too.

So yeah, I passed one of the toughest year of my life and I think I will survive life as long as it permits me to live.

Thank you again for all of your greetings and if you can't greet me because we ended our friendship somewhere down the 25 years of my life and you still remember, thank you.

If you are going to ask me right now what I want as a gift, it will be a plane ticket plus a pocket money to somewhere. But if there are two things that I want to do on my birthday it will be, to get another huge tattoo and to drive alone or maybe with a friend to nowhere.

I'm not good with birthday speech. 

my first tattoo - 4 years old

Happy Birthday to all I met along the way and realized that we do have the same birthdate, I'm not going to name all of you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday also to my friend, Nikka and to the one and only Hayley Williams.

26, I know it will be another roller coaster ride but more on the happy side and less drama.

Thank you. :) 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Buried Deep Inside

Just got back from the airport because a sister from another mother is leaving this country for work. 
I know that at some point we wanted to leave the place where we are right now but when a person will be leaving for the first time it's always a different story.

I got at their place when she was still fixing her luggage double checking everything.

Packing at some point is easy for me because I already tried it every time we went to Palawan but packing for more than a week become hard. Most especially if you need to bring almost everything.
I never felt the urgency of her leaving but you can see everyone is hiding something at the same time trying to be strong for her. I am too but I still can't see the day when she's thousand miles away. 

Before we left their house, she said goodbye to her cousin, grandma and aunt there goes the tears. I never knew it will be like that. It was my first time to witness such moment. 

On our way to the airport, I know that she is trying to be strong most especially for her family. I can hear her sobbing on her boyfriend but being an observer, realization kicks in again but I'm more worried because at some point I think I'm being numb.

Want to know my realizations? It's hard to explain but I saw a lot of ways on why this and that happens. I know it's easy to judge but when you are in the situation, your views in life changes. For this certain situation, there's a lot of complications on reasons why people decided to leave their loved ones. Yes, sometimes it is a selfish decision but for some they do think of their parents too and it doesn't look like selfishness anymore. Sacrificing their own happiness, they choose to take the road to new beginnings even you doesn't know what was ahead of you. 

At the end of the day, it still a grown-up decision. It may be selfish but if you dissect every reason why, I believe that you will understand. It's hard but I know at some point you will. 

Her boyfriend texted me when he got home and told me that he thought that he will never cry again but he misses her already. My defense mechanism is so strong, I'm still numb. 

Then minutes later, I realized the things we've been through all these years and I started crying. My walls are immediately demolished. 

My "Sadness" was back at the head quarters with too much long-term memories on-hand. 

I know it will be hard for the families that was left behind but I can't believe that it will also affect friends. But let us not forget their sacrifices and the homesickness that they will feel no matter how high-tech the world that we are living in, it's still different when they are just minutes away and you can hangout anytime.

I don't want to compare it to death but when people leave for other country for work, you will realized it's better than death. I somehow wish that my dad was just out there somewhere so we can do some video call later, but it's not. 

I also lost a friend couple of months back and I still wish I can still talk to him but I can't. 

It's not selfishness, it's a grown-up decision and no matter how long it will be, as scary as it is we will get used to it and it will be the new normal. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

5 Years Later

I don't know what to feel. Sometimes there were signs that this will happen but you don't pay too much attention to it and then being on break for so long you will be reading such thing.

I still want to stay positive about it but hopefully Hayley and Taylor are so willing to go on together with Jon and Justin. If they are willing to go on we are just right here. I believe that their calling is to make music and inspire people so let's keep our fingers crossed. 

I still need some new Paramore songs for my life.

Never mind the bar tattoo it still symbolizes a very good year after the Farro brothers left.

Jeremy, we want to hear your side. :| 

Let's wait what's in store for Parafamily in 2016. 


Monday, December 28, 2015

UAAP S78 . FEU Tamaraws Victory Party 20@15

After missing game 3 live, there's no way we wanted to miss the victory party. The only way we can attend is to renew our alumni ID. We decided to renew 2 days before the victory party.

There are a lot of changes in FEU but the only thing that didn't change is that we still have a home right there at the heart of Recto. 

I miss college days. 

I did attend concerts that was held in the campus before but this time it's different it's not a concert before Christmas break and it's not because of foundation day, it's a victory party because we won the championship.

If your height is between 5'0 - 5'5 you know the struggle of a short person and joining a crowd with tall guys you know that you will not be able to see the stage. I don't dwell much on the height problem because it does happen all the time and we can't change it anymore. The important part is, we were there to experience the victory party after 10 years. 

As a witness of the previous concert, I can say and I believe we will all agree that it was disappointing because only one band was able to play. Before, there will be at least 3 bands for the event but I don't know what happened so we can just leave it to that. The highlight of the night was the fireworks. If I can compare the line up of artist I can also tell you that it was the most spectacular fireworks by FEU.

The program may be disappointment for a lot of fans but when you see picture of the crowd inside the campus as well as the people who partied outside, it was AMAZING. I think this was also the first time that there was too many people who wanted to join the victory party. With the previous concerts the only rule with the gates is it will be closed by 5PM or 6PM but this time, they closed the gate because we fill the FEU grounds as well as the grass where on ordinary days, it's prohibited to step on. We take advantage and sit there for a while. Hehe.

Despite of the disappointment, it was a great experience and we're part of it. 

credit to the owner of the photos and memes

Sunday, December 27, 2015

UAAP S78 . Rants

I don't usually rant about UAAP but being in the Finals back-to-back, you will see what are the problems that need some improvements.

I don't have any problem during the elimination but when it comes to the Finals, oh boy the problem every year doesn't change specifically, the distribution of tickets.

We are all aware that both school who are in the Finals will get the majority of the tickets but the way their selling it, that is what was disappointing.

1:1 ticket selling is the most fucked up decision every made. It's a basketball game, yes you can watch alone but do you even realize how sad it will be if you are going to be alone when all of your friends wants to watch it too? Selling of tickets does not have just one booth but if your venue can hold 25,000 people do you really want those people to line up when it is almost 2016 and everything can be done through the Internet?

People have their busy lives and lining up will be the least priority to some so why not use the technology that we have right now besides, you are using it for your other shows.

1:2 is okay but I know some use it for business like selling it triple than the original price. Like scalpers and even students become an instant businessman. I do believe at some point that these scalpers have connections with the management or whoever have a connection with the venue, with the evolved teams. I know that all of us need money to survive every single day but selling a ticket for triple or higher, you can call that desperation.

We can't do anything about the 1:1 but selling tickets / opening your ticket booths 3-4 hours ahead of the scheduled time will be much appreciated so we will not line up for hours just to have tickets. It's a time killer for someone who is living a life, your day may also be useless just lining up when you can still do some things before rushing to watch a basketball game.

I just really don't understand why 1:1 and why open your ticket booth 30 minutes before tip off. Is it a good marketing strategy? For me, NO.

UAAP should start to offer season pass to every game day for a certain amount so the ultimate fans of collegiate basketball will never have a problem when it comes to tickets.

Also, UAAP should start considering Philippine Arena as an option for the next UAAP Finals. 
I believe that the collegiate basketball is gaining fans every year since there are incoming freshman and they say that you can find the real player who plays with all their hearts are in this level so people are trying to see what's within UAAP and NCAA. I hope that there will be improvement on some problems next year.

Next year we are also considering on watching a different sport but not as constant as we watch basketball games. We want to try volleyball and most especially football because we want to see the campus in Diliman. Hehe. 

Till next year, UAAP basketball but for now we are going to enjoy our championship. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

UAAP S78 . Finals MVP and the Graduating


Going back to 3 years ago...

Did you even joined the BBM hyped before? BBM was great but people didn't appreciate that but as a BlackBerry user, I used to love BBM.

BBM days, 2012 I was able to have a conversation with Mac Belo on BBM after we missed the Final 4.

I don't know if you will believe this but whatever... it was really just the conversation.

Reminder, this happened last 2012

3 years later, we got the championship and he was the Finals MVP.

He may not remember that conversation but I'm so happy for him now that he got what he wanted. It took a while but before they graduate this happened. Now, I wish that they will really graduate because not all student-athletes take their education seriously. Please graduate. 


We are losing 6 key players but we all trust Coach Nash.

I'm so happy to witness the UAAP career of Mike, Russel and Pogoy.
Can you believe that this was 2011? Haha. When fans still don't know these guys and they're just behind TR-RR. Hehe.

Thank you guys for all the effort and sacrifices that you've done.

credit to the owner of the photos and memes

"Its amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn't matter who gets the credit"

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Scheduled date were out early and we decided not to watch the first game live because MOA Arena is too far that we can just save for game 2.

Game one was such a good come back and it was so good to finally win against UST after beating us twice in the elimination.

Not one, not two but five players hit double digits and Orizu was one who made a huge improvement on the offense as well as on the defense. UAAP Basketball 24/7 even named him "Boy Dunking" because he just did 4 dunks..FOUR DUNKS. It's like he came out at the right time.

UST lead the game in the 4th quarter but FEU just make 14-0 run after that UST lead and game one goes to FEU.

Winning Game 1 take us a lot of memories from what we experienced last year. This time we know that we should not celebrate early because our hearts might be broken again after. Of course winning game 1 on a best of 3 series is a lot. It's always hard to keep up but it's harder to maintain the advantage.


Game two with the performance that our team showed last Wednesday (Game 1), we are somehow confident that they got this. Lhea decided to fly here in Manila from Palawan just to witness a game and her only live game for this year. Shout-out to our ninja move, Lhea! :D

UST win with a final score of 62-58. K3vin F3rr3r became 3 points monster during the 3rd quarter and UST scored 26 that quarter alone, 24 points all from F3rr3r. I never witnessed something like that before and good thing I did but dang, we will have game 3 aka do-or-die.

Once again, I lined up from 9am to 2pm for tickets. Screw the ticket system during UAAP Finals. (maybe I'll rant on another post)


Game Three venue is such a disappointment because, MOA Arena. Why do we extend this to G3? To be exciting? Okay. Hehe.

 A game 3 unused ticket - I'm not selfish and for sure I'm not going to enjoy watching live if my friends aren't there so I decided to keep it rather than selling it. I'm happy that I kept it because, his20ry.

To be honest, I'm panicking inside because we don't have tickets. (same feeling I felt during game 2 but since it was Araneta, I know that we will have tickets but I really hate that 1:1). Ever since eliminations I don't panic on game day maybe except that I had to watch the game against NU, alone. Most game days, I just want to have tickets then enter the venue that's why even we shouldn't panic on tickets I still chase them online. 

So, game three what can I say... even before the game day, I know that I should have a Plan A and B for our group.

Monday, SM said that they will release tickets online and on every SM ticket outlets because it was November 30 and that was a holiday where there's no classes and that was good because we don't need to line up on schools and more people will have a chance of getting tickets. 

10AM came and boom. Thank you SM you screwed everyone who lined up and us who waited online. Only 5 or less than who lined up got the chance to buy on different SM Malls and no one as in NO ONE was able to get tickets online.

Someone even got 30 tickets because he was fucking rich and he eventually sell it higher than the original price. F*ck you, scalpers.

We experienced Game 3 craziness last year and we know what might happen but this time it got worse. First the venue and then the tickets. 

I also regret not renewing my alumni card before the Finals. We should've renewed it during game 1. :(

Since there are too much craziness with this game 3, I already think of different plan. Plan A is to lineup for tickets and Plan B watch at Burgoo and there's no Plan C this time because we are in MOA not in Araneta if it was in Araneta, Plan C was to watch at Keith's place. 

Greg and I lined up and we never left the line until Gem and Keith was there. I can't believe we missed Game 3 live. It hurt so bad. I had tears when I saw Gem :( 

So yeah, plan b it is and we rushed to Burgoo and good thing we are there first then after we ordered the place is almost jam-packed.

To be honest, I don't clearly remember every detail of the game because I can feel it. I'm just waiting for it to happen.

And then, it happened. The signs are somehow true. (the curse of being MVP continues, we didn't have a player that belong to the mythical team, we have more wins in MOA and so on and forth)

We, the FEU Tamaraws is your UAAP S78 MEN'S BASKETBALL CHAMPION. 

Maybe I had tears? I don't know I can't remember. Haha. Still sad that we weren't able to be there inside the Arena (and maybe at some point I will never forgive MOA Arena because of that). But overall, we are happy and I believe that our players play better on MOA Arena because the flooring is better than Araneta as well as the lighting. 

That day didn't end up well personally and I will never go back on it again but just to give you some personal advice, if you are planning to flirt, don't use your friends for your own benefit.

Kevin Ferrer with only 6 points after that game 2 explosion. 


3 days later, game 2 was on replay and I tweeted that I can watch it already as long as game 3 will be next. Haha. Then I just realized how this and that happened and I was shocked that we are down for the last 2 minutes. Pogoy hit a 3 then Mike make a 2, there's a foul and Russel to the FT line and that was the last basket for S78.

I don't know who to blame with the flow of the program but I definitely witnessed a championship game and the televised post game awarding and most especially that cutting of the net from previous years and this time it wasn't shown on TV.

Plus the MVP trophy was left at the office at UP (I assume). Wow. Maybe the trophy doesn't have a ticket. Tsss.

credit to the owner of the photos and memes

We are the CHAMFEUNS. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

UAAP S78 . Final Four

FEU and UST never separate ways in the standings and both teams ended the elimination with 11-3 win loss record but UST automatically grabbed the first spot because they beat FEU twice in the elimination.

Final 4 - 1st UST / 2nd FEU / 3rd ADMU / 4th NU

The 4th spot was widely open for DLSU, NU and UE but when NU beat FEU during the 2nd round the chance for UE ended. Thankfully UE won against ADMU for us to secure the no. 2 spot (sorry UE, even Coach Nash wanted to win that game against NU but we fell short). And I watched that game, Alone. -_-

With that win NU took another step for the F4 spot but DLSU still got to face FEU for their last game on the 2nd round. FEU beat DLSU with 71-68 final score with 14 players from FEU was playing and unfortunately that was the last game of DLSU for season 78. Automatically, NU for the 4th and final spot to complete the Final Four.

Remember when DLSU beat FEU that we weren't able to get to the F4 and that was 2012. Same in 2013 where we were out of the F4 because DLSU beat FEU. Then after that last year (2014) they were killed by that 3pt-buzzer-beater-shot of Mac Belo. Amazeballs.

After the DLSU (Wednesday) game we were about to face ADMU (Saturday) because 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 for Final 4 with the 1st and 2nd having a twice to beat advantage.

Saturday came and I can't believe how chillax I am knowing that ADMU will give their all since it may be their last game or they can beat us at the end of the game and they can force a do-or-die game for the Finals. The game was so close and we are tie until the dying seconds of the game. How did we win? Well, the DLSU killer last year just did it to ADMU this year. Also, the last UAAP game of Kiefer Ravena and Von Pessumal.

And thank you Mac, we didn't experience a 5 more minutes heart attack if that was OT and most especially we didn't wait for a few days to have another game day with ADMU because, we are back in the UAAP S78 Men's Basketball Finals.

UST beat NU with a final score of 64-55 and UST is back on the Finals after 3 years

To be honest, since the game of DLSU I started to not feel nervous and somehow I know that we will finish the game strong.

credit to the owner of the photos and memes. 

"Be Brave 16"

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

UAAP S78 . Elimination

I haven't written anything about UAAP lately but my favorite / expensive season is over and I'm just writing about eliminations.


We started strong and now I can say we finished stronger.

September 5 was the opening ceremony as well as 2 games on scheduled. And this was the start of my weekend with basketball. (since UAAP basketball is over, I'm expecting my weekend will be so boring)

ADMU was our first game last September 6. First games are exciting and nervous at the same time because it will be your first time to see the teams, their performance and on how they will handle certain situations. After so long, we beat Ateneo with a final score of 88-64 with Kiefer Ravena playing. Ateneo game will always be on our must-see every season and I think I did missed a few FEU-ADMU game since 2011 it will be just less than 3 games. Gem and I watched both games during the 1st and 2nd round. We beat them twice in the elimination. Feels so good.

Of course we didn't watched every game of FEU this season since we are still trying to lessen the live action but sometimes it's the only stress reliever so we or should I say Gem will decide late that we will watch the game but no regrets. Hehe. Every game that we watched was so worth it.
So good that the schedule was released early so we can make adjustments but technically we just watched the important games.

We were defeated early by UST this season but as we said before it was a wakeup call and as Coach Nash said "it's okay to be defeated this early". We all learned from our experience last year where we fell short on the most important game, the Finals.

DLSU, when you see the stat sheet of this team you will realize why they are struggling for half of the season. They've been using maximum of 10 and minimum of 9 players every game. Just ask yourself on how they divide the minutes with that players (now, you should see the stat sheets. Hehe). With the changes on this team after being out of the F4, will Jeron turn pro next year? or maybe he'll stay. Hmm.

UP started strong that's why all of their games are much awaited because that UP team was scary. It doesn't mean that the score at every end game was huge but UP really was great this season. I'm becoming a UP fan.

UE was the bomb. Making a huge cut on their previous lineup they gamble in this season without imports and just like UP this UE team who played this season was scary. I'm sure they will be developed for next year and who knows maybe they will be scarier by then. UE had a chance to be in the final 4 but when your future depends on other team's win it's a bit impossible. Sorry UE!

Adu this was a team that came out late this season but when Papi Sarr came out of his shell, you can't stop him. They almost beat us but our boys came out of the shell on time. They're getting a new coaching staff for next year and it's very intriguing on whom it was and maybe by next year they will be so ready.

our seats during FEU-NU game on first round.

NU was struggling early this season that they started with 0-3 win-loss record but coming back later, they were the last team to join the Final 4 but facing a team like UST with twice to beat advantage in the Final 4, their vacation came early.


One of the not important-game was the game versus DLSU. No matter what will be the result of that game we will be on the second spot with the twice-to-beat advantage and will later on face ADMU for the final 4. This was a rescheduled game / our last game for the 2nd round elimination and maybe if it did happened during the original schedule maybe there will be a different outcome to the game and to the standings too.

We beat DLSU with a final score of 71-68 and we received positive feedback most especially the bench players because most of the time they were the one who was on the floor with some veterans and Carlo Pamintuan said that FEU beat them half asleep. Only 2 players who are maybe injured that time who didn't got a playing minutes. Maybe it was a game changer or a wakeup call to the other teams because we just proved that our bench players can do such effort.  

After the Final 4 of this season, coaches are resigning or they're being replaced and the changing of coaching staff and rumored transfer of players are a bit shocking.

For more basketball news you can also read my number one reliable source aside from twitter,

Ps. Not a sponsored post and I have nothing to do with Spin but can I try to photograph for you guys?

credit to the owner of the photos and memes

 "Lead The Charge"