Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Random . May 2017

-San Fernando, La Union 2017-

Fine. Just give me today. / Bummer. 

Stress eating. 

I miss you always, daddy. :(

Will try not to browse Facebook  

On major lesson in life, be resourceful. 

Technically, the answer is no. 

This password maze is a bit fun but I still can't figure it out, I give up. 

The word for today: strategy. 

There's the out-of-town trip but there's a conflict with the dates so it's a no. So close on being in Romblon once again. :( 

Not doing it to receive anything in return but at least just notice and appreciate. 

So many idea to write mostly personal but I chose not to start any of it since it will just hurt me too.

Trying to remember when you used to be here. I miss you every single day and I hope I'm making you proud. Happy birthday, Papa. 050717

I know you will never understand. I just hope that you will always respect my shut off days. I'm always trying to be better and like nothing happened the next day even it's hard. Just one day. 

I don't want to think about it but it's sneaking inside my head. :( 

I'm starting to hate weekends. 

Saw some familiar faces and the next thing they will say after calling your name is that you gain some weight. Some people really are grown-up now. 

I'm avoiding watching the latest episode of my favorite series since for sure it's full of cliffhanger. I'll just wait for next week where it will be all season finale. Looking forward to my series marathon. 

Should I get a haircut? 

I hate that I'm starting to stress eat again this month. :(

Why do you have to say everything out loud? 

Is it even a fair game? 

Then I realized you totally doesn't even have any idea about it. 

It was a totally good decision to do this. #chronicletrip

This weekly trip is making me sane together with the busy days. 

It's not that I still have to prove something, it's that I also want to be involve and at least be aware of this world. 

After Laughter is out! / then they announced Parahoy 3. This is heartbreaking. :(

Trying to fight my weekend demon this time. So upset that I think everything is still at the opposite side. 

Proven that I'm out of my mind lately, I poured pure hot water on my cup. How can I drink it asap? Hahaha 

Just a dose of my TV series while trying my best to avoid social media. 

Stress eating. It's hard what to eat sometimes. Hahaha

I'm too fragile for slow songs lately that I'm literally just listening to After Laughter. 

What happen to your "less paper" vision? Ruined, I guess. 

Out after months! Finally. I can't even think when was the last time that I went out with friends outside hometown. 

I'm really thankful that I don't need to commute everyday. 

Home at 4am from BGC. Haven't been in there for so long. 

We deserve this planned trip and hopefully it will push through and everything will be okay. 

Last minute packing is my favorite and I know I still end up over packed. Hahaha. 

If it's meant to happen then it will. 

Good thing SM is my neighbor I can easily get essentials that I need on a very last minute. 

When I total black-out on the things in my head when I saw someone familiar. Hi there old friend. #17

Good thing I'm also in a hurry today so I will be done packing for the trip this week. 

For people you haven't seen in years and then seeing them unexpectedly, I didn't know that noticing you gained weight is the new how are you or hi/hello. 

I know it's hard to understand but I hope they will. 

"I wouldn't care what it cost me" - 26 

Concert is an instant escape from the cruelty world. It's heartbreaking. :( 

It doesn't feel right but I'm running away again from hometown. See you after a few days. 

Despite of feeling guilty, I will enjoy this trip. 

They might not understand it but for the sake of my sanity. Let's do this. 

Why I didn't use my trusty shoes. I never learned. 

Hello, La Union. 

This trip consist a lot of first time. 

Unfortunate events. We will definitely be back here sometime. 

After our mini vacation, it's bittersweet to be back in reality. 

So much thoughts again and I don't know if everything should be this way or not. One thing I'm sure, it fcking hurts. 

I want to be on the beach front where I can stare at the open sea that meet the sky. I know that's the only place where my thoughts can shut off. 

If I feel like crying, I know I should cry it out. 

My favorite series taught me on how to treat each other as family and sticking together as a team. 

I thought I'm the one that's totally lost between us why it seems that you lost a battle? 

When the guy is afraid of rain and flood. Lol 

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Aside from its a long time dream, I now have switched from Windows to Mac. Well not totally going to ditch the Windows because we all know that Windows is the majority of the computer system everywhere. 

One more reason why I didn't upgrade to a Windows is because I don't feel like using Windows 10. Another reason is that I hate the sneaky viruses on Windows. Most high-end laptop even cost just like a MacBook or more and despite of the difference with the memory and the performance it's still a Windows, it can still have the same sickness even it's already upgraded. 

I'm just using my new MacBook Pro for couple of days and I want to ask why just now? Haha. So despite of the price I think it's worth it as long as you know how to take good care of a gadget. I have a couple of Apple product so there was no hard on adjusting but if I have question, Google is there. 

At some point maybe I don't need a new laptop since I still have a Windows desktop at work but my first ever laptop is now 8 years old and we all need a personal computer, well at least I do. My Acer is still working slowly but I can't bring it anywhere anymore since the battery and the charger wire is busted that it's just sitting on a specific space and I'm not willing to let it go since most of my hard drives are plug-in to that. It's very useful too since I'm just starting with the Mac and I don't want all my files to be on it. It only got a 256GB memory that even an iPhone can have that capacity nowadays. Crazy, right! Haha. You can customize the capacity but it's cheaper if you buy an external hard drive. 

I know Mac is complicated for some but its one of the best thing. I was amazed that my photos are good to be a wallpaper and the huge difference of resolution of a Windows and a Mac is noticeable if you really love photography. That's such a huge plus since I never thought my photographs are good to be a wallpaper since it somehow become pixelated on Windows. And now I have to adjust the size of captured photos on my DSLR. Talking about taking picture to another level than just for Tumblr. 

So far the first and the priority is to fix iTunes since I rely on my music so much that I need to sync my iPod and iPhone. Fixing it helped me adjust on using a Mac most especially the trackpad and few shortcuts. Speaking of music, the speakers are pretty good too and I bet it will not be changed. 

Since I'm done with my iTunes, mostly I do now is just browsing, fix my Tumblr which have 200+ on queue and will be publishing automatically until mid-May, I'm more encourage to update my blog but this entry is taking too long since I'm still a newbie with it. I haven't tried to use other programs yet other than iTunes since it's a must and haven't tried iMovie since nothing to edit yet but maybe I'll play with it within the next days so I know what to do if I need to edit anything and of course watch my favorite series. 

I got the 2016 13" without the touch bar. Well I wish to have the touch bar but it's not worth it, I guess. It will be the future, yes but it eat up a lot of battery and it cost way more than the non-touch bar. I'll rather buy another external hard drive than that. There were also common post on returning some units according to some YouTube users and even bad reviews online. 

All I want to have is a very good reliable portable computer and even without the new feature which is the touchbar and I believe that it will consume battery more than the usual. Not everyone will instantly going to update their laptops so I'm okay with the non-touchbar and I do enjoy it more. Before deciding on which to get, I also visited a Power Mac store to see it personally and just like any other Apple fan, I was amazed to see the touchbar but I also think of practicality most especially if I'm the one paying and I'll be the one to use it. 

One huge issue with the 2016 MacBook Pro lineup was the ports. Believe me, you will be getting used to it as long as you have the adapter for your USB.

With 100% battery it can last me a day, two or even three as long as I will not watch long videos and not use it for music most of the time. I nearly don't go to 10 hours but maximum is maybe 8 hours. Still depends on how you will use it. 

I just love how I can now open it up not thinking of the power plug-in if I need to use it immediately. I also charge it prior to usage since I learned that using your gadget while charging is a no and I did that mistake with my ACER. I also monitor it so I will not over charge it. 

Overall, I'm happy with it as we have been together for a month now. 

I don't know when this will be publish but if you are looking for a laptop, know what you really need and of course consider the budget but be a good searcher because there's a lot of good deals you just gotta find it. If you want a Mac, then save for it but if you can buy a new one, then go. 

Personal computer or laptops are not a big deal nowadays at least for some since smartphones but cheers to us, to people who are serious about saving photos and videos for real. 

typed this months ago but I still think that my thoughts are supposed to be shared 

"Dream turned reality" 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Off Grid

Earphones on
Dreaming of weird scenarios
Out of nowhere
A song played
A very familiar intro
That I don't hear for a while now
It woke me up from my nap
I almost jump out of bed
To get my phone
I thought you are calling
Then I realized
I don't have signal
It was just my shuffled playlist


Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Heart

You still makes me happy
And I like that
You also make my heart so happy
Which is so surreal


Sunday, May 14, 2017

On Repeat . After Laughter

After Laughter by Paramore

will try to make a longer post about this album soon .... been listening to this album since it was released . 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Upgrade or Downgrade

I have no idea on how did I end up with such topic. Hahaha. Seriously. So upon browsing Facebook, one of my favorite concert photographer went live on her birthday and it's been a while since I read updates from her and since I'm also busy with reality, I fail to get real time updates from people I follow. 

I wasn't able to watch her live but I saw it hours later, she  unbox her new camera and lenses. I'm aware that she already switched gear a year ago or two but I never know or read anywhere on why I just thought that it was just another work or a sponsored one, until I saw her video. 

She totally switched from Canon to Sony. She explained why she did and it wasn't a sponsored one well maybe at some point it is but she also believe in the product so it's also a personal decision. I was somehow sold and tried to do some research about the new camera line of Sony again after years.

I, on other hand switched from a Sony point and shoot to a Canon DSLR. Well it wasn't a total switch since it's more of upgrading than switching. I decided to upgrade for a lot of reason but I also ditch Sony since their early cybershot series have a vibrating problem and from my own experience, the issue with the zoom when zooming in it zoomed out and vice-versa or sometimes it doesn't work. 

One of my favorite blogger uses a Sony A series and I continue to wonder why but her photos are so good that "what is your camera" usually end up on the comment section of every post. 

It's been years since I upgraded and nowadays everyone is ditching the SLR ideas since it's heavy, it's hard to bring every now and then most especially during travels, there's no zoom in or out unless you are carrying a zoom lens. Mirrorless are the thing now and because of curiosity, I just look at the price of some popular like the Lumix or FujiFilm even before having the knowledge of the magical upgrade of Sony. 

Another person that switched was a YouTube vlogger that I just started to follow and she also total switched from Canon to Sony. She laid out her reasons and for a moment I'm sold. Hahaha

I'm thinking of switching or adding up another point or shoot with my DSLR maybe later this year or next year but the bigger problem was, I'm not usually out and about to have beautiful scenery in front of me but I'm really considering getting a Sony soon or not. lol. One more problem is, should I keep my Canon SLR or not? but I love shooting manually! Huge problem but I don't know yet. We'll see if I will switched or upgrade. Or I can still have both then figure it out later. Better have both worlds than nothing. :)

"Don't stop capturing those moments"

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Greatest Hits, No B-Sides

Seriously people are surprised that I don't update Facebook just like any other person. Hahaha. 

When people asked me about it, all I say is that I don't do Facebook. Yes that's a lie but I only use that for browsing and messaging friends, that's it. If I post then it's just once in a blue moon. So there will be no 1 year ago memories for the last years or maybe there are few ones.

Speaking of memories, I believe I was so into it maybe 6-7 years ago because recently there are so many nonsense post that I post way back that time that I just laugh at it now and I was still in college that time. 

Recently I don't get why updating it every now and then somehow become a competition with other people. I hate to admit it but also became the platform where people depends your achievements. Yes you can share some highlights of your life but some people take it to another level of judgment. Some people even make issues on what you post. It's pretty insane on how people are hanging on Facebook and depending on it too much. 

I want to tell them there's more life outside Facebook but they don't know that. I just browse my feed once in a while since I can also get updates from my favorite fan page or read nonsense comments on a certain news article or watch a video of dogs and any hilarious one but mostly, I do have more life on my other social networking sites. I do share my photographs that I took on random days or captured from trips on my Tumblr, I do get news on time, RT every tweet that is relevant to my life, post once in a while or get on time updates from bands via Twitter, I post photos once in a while on Instagram or update what I'm currently watching on my IG stories and if they want to know what's in my head 20% of the time or want some update about my life and rants then they have to dig deeper and if they do, they are probably reading this by now. 

I do have a life outside the Internet / social networking sites and in no particular order, here's a list of what I do and you can do too outside Facebook / the Internet. I don't do this everytime I'm offline but these are the things that I do and I'm giving you ideas so you will not depend on Facebook too much. 

(1) Listening to music (always my number one. This includes reading updates from bands, discover new music, rediscovering some old stuff. Just anything about music but yeah I do listen all the time)

(2) Watching YouTube videos (vlogs are very in nowadays who doesn't watch such thing? Haha. I do watch local vloggers but I mostly watch gadget reviews or re-watching some old and sometimes new live concerts or interviews of my favorite bands) 

(3) TV series (omg! Well not everyone have a TV series to depend on during boredom strikes. Hahaha. At least I do.)

(4) Reading books (haven't read a new one lately and I still have a lot of pending! I should soon. Haha)

(5) Browsing online shops (this is tricky but I don't do this most likely when I know I don't need such things. But it's a good distraction mostly if you can put some items on your wishlist then wait for the sale season. You gotta know some sources so you know where to get specific items because not everything is available at the mall)

(6) Reading blogs (I haven't read blogs like I used before but if you found what you like it's good to read)

(7) Playing with the dogs (love our furballs)

(8) Baking (my new hobby but I'll go on hiatus for now but omg, my cookies are love)

(9) Watching basketball (it's PBA season but I'm not into it recently so I'm patiently waiting for UAAP)

(10) Eating (who doesn't love eating?)

(11) Hangout with friends (speaking of, I'm missing my friends. It's been a while!!! where the hell are you guys??)

(12) Working out (shhh. It's a secret.)

(13) Sleeping (Zzzz....)

(14) Thinking of what should I post next (haha! I'm usually running out of ideas but as long as there will be no writers block, ideas are creeping in but deal with my "On Repeat" since I'm mostly listening to music)

(15) Typing my own rant on my phone (yep, what I do when I'm holding my phone, I'm not usually texting just typing rants or thinking what will be the next paragraph will be)

(16) Dealing with my own demons (gotta have to!)

(17) Having an endless and random conversation with M (my happy pill)

(18) Thinking about my tattoo list or what to do next with my hair (hahaha! One of my favorite past time)

(19) Observing people (I love this! I like the idea of waiting. I should do this soon, it's been a long time since I sit alone on a busy food court)

(20) and of course my daily responsibilities. (yep I do have those too) 

So yeah, there's more to life outside Facebook. 

Curse my favorite crime series on why I learned not to update every now and then. Even on Twitter, I stopped updating most especially if it's something traceable. I still update in real time but that's once in a blue moon. 

Internet is a big help and I believe it's also depends on how we use it. I hate depending on the Internet so much because everything in there is not permanent, it can be gone after one click. There was an instance before I think it was after a typhoon where the Internet is busted but I was still able to survive with my music, movies and TV series. Internet is very accessible nowadays with a cheap amount of promo from different mobile carrier it's already in our hands but what if it will be busted, can you imagine your life without it? Well, I can still survive with my music, movies, TV series and I can survive without my social networking sites just don't be surprised if my Tumblr are still updating since there's a lot on queue in there. Same with my blog, there are few moments that I scheduled some post. 

Some people use what you post on Facebook against you too. Do you have any idea how far your post can go? Your words can be used against you, people will judge you on what you repost or on what you post or on what was your comment on a certain post. Yeah, I know all the possibilities thankful for my favorite TV series. It can be on a good use too but mostly bad because we don't know how other people judge and yes, including everything I post in here. 

FYI, don't transfer to Twitter there's no gossip in there. 

Be offline once in a while, it's okay you will survive. 

"Everyone only post their greatest hits, no b-side. No one talks about their lousy days" 
- Jimmy Palmer | NCIS S14E13 

Monday, May 08, 2017

On Repeat . Makes Me Sick

Makes Me Sick by New Found Glory 

I love this album just like how I love Coming Home. It's a summer soundtrack and reminding me just to chill, well the album artwork says it all. Makes me miss the beach too :( 

I'm glad that I really did catch up on listening to NFG 2 or 3 years ago. 

I'm really happy that this is also released early than After Laughter. Sorry to every band that I've been listening to but I think when After Laughter is already released, I'm not sure when will I stop listening to it. So for now that it's still not available, I'm indulging myself to music that's available and for sure everything will be unknown after that for a while. (this is already on scheduled before the release of Told You So .... )

Going back here, I'm not sure why it's entitled "Makes Me Sick" (wait will search). 

I was supposed to make a single post about a certain song but upon listening to the album for two days, I'm enjoying all of it so I decided to just put the whole album. 

As usual, favorites are hard to pick but I really love Barbed Wire, Short and Sweet, Blurred Vision and the rest are for happy chill moments. 

Those are my favorites and on each song, the highlight was the chorus for everything and the beat, so chill. 

Few new albums will be out soon and I'm so excited that this year is so good for every music lover out there. :)

Because we're barbed wire
Two strands twisted to one
Razor sharp
No one will ever touch us
Yeah, we're barbed wire
Two strands twisted to one
Razor sharp
No one will ever touch us

-Barbed Wire-

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Holding On

Despite of my doubts
I still hold on to your words
I know you don't lie to me
One day you will prove all of it

There are still echoes in my head
It wasn't the sweetest words anymore
Its more than that
This time it's conviction


Thursday, May 04, 2017

Tough Love

Staring at the ceiling 
Trying to find some answers 
Guessing if this is over
Fighting the tears that's coming out

I just want to write but I can't 
My thoughts is so cluttered
Just for tonight,
I let the emotion win
And I felt defeated


On Repeat . Told You So

Told You So by Paramore

my favorite band is back and I can't wait for the whole album.



For all I know
The best is over and the worst is yet to come
Is it enough?
To keep on hoping when the rest have given up?

And they go
"I hate to say I told you so"
But they love to
Say they told me so
Say they say they told me

I know you like
When I admit that I was wrong and you were right
At least I try
To keep my cool when I am thrown into a fire

Throw me into the fire
Throw me in, pull me out again

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Bones Series Finale

posting this a month late since I typed it.

I was just done with Bones earlier. I refuse to watch the 10th episode up to the 12th since I want to do a marathon for the last 3 episodes and I'm happy I did that. 

It just like another season finale but knowing that it will be for good is another story. 

The ending was fine but it somehow shortened. You know I wish there was like 23 episodes for the final season though it was a satisfying ending. 

I love Bones for so many reasons, I learned a lot not just with the bones or medical related stuff but also in life. It was actually the very first TV series that I watched ever. As in I remember when I asked my college friends what TV series are good and Aiza recommended Bones I think I started watching it when Season 5 was airing in the states. I just did a marathon of Season 1-4 when it was my sem break and the rest is history. 

I love Bones so much that even it already ended I can still re-watch everything from Season 1 maybe I'll do that when the TV series I watched are on break soon or when it hit me that it already ended and  when I'm missing this team so much. 

At least they ended that in a light way and also a happy one. 
Only happy tears and a smile in the end. 
All good. :)