Friday, October 26, 2012

You Shine Bright

Such a sad news yesterday, when Tita Au says goodbye. She's my aunt (cousin of my dad) and I mean it when I tweeted yesterday that this town will be painted yellow this next days ... I know she did a great job being a mayor of this town and I hope people will always remember her. Although I wish she will win on the next election (where she already filed Certificate of Candidacy for Vice Mayor just to continue what she have done for this town but that will never happened as she says goodbye yesterday ... Maybe her mission is done.

I don't know when was the last time I saw her ... Every time she will have a vacation somewhere there will always be something for everyone ... When she came back this year from the states, I received this perfume that I'm using everyday ... 

Never got a chance to say Thank You for this.
Thanks Tita Au or Ms. Au (to most people), you've been a great leader for this town and also a great person. Thank you and have fun up there, hug everyone for us ;) 

(this was a great article ... )

If you want to say shitty things about her or about our family or any politics related, please BACK OFF .

Aiv + Josh + Bodyguard aka Greg

Overdue post . . . October 6, 2012, I was able to spend whole afternoon with Josh and Greg at MOA. It was supposed to be Greg's birthday celebration and since we cannot make it last September which was his birthday month and since we are already free we did make it happened.

I waited for Josh in Rosario Pasig then passed by at Galleria for Greg and we went on MOA. Its very different this time that Josh is our driver .. haha she was never this brave when we are back in college! I'm happy for her :) and a little trivia, we only finished less than 10 songs on our way to MOA and also on the way back to Pasig. HAHA 

Josh is like a sister to me we even call ourselves BeeOne and BeeTwo when we are in college because we are always agree and disagree on same stuff and I'm happy too because after a year I was able to see them again (here's what we had last year).

Why MOA because they want a little different ambiance and we also want to experience Josh's driving skill. lol

We arrived in MOA by past lunch time and we are super hungry and Josh request that we should eat at some Pinoy restaurant and we end up at KKK (I don't know what that means ...)

I don't know if they have other branches but there's in MOA. We ordered Kare-kare and Inihaw na Plapla sa Asin.
Greg is talking to Kit ... sorry for him we had a great time :)
You should try this! 10 stars for this dish! 
I know, sorry for this picture it has been raped by us. lol
I suggest to watch Perks of Being a Wallflower and luckily they agree... (Josh wants to watch AGAIN Hotel Transylvania although she already watch it the night before on Eastwood) We didn't talked about it after and I don't know if they liked the film or not .. 
After watching we bought some Gong Cha while we wait for the fireworks ... it was amazing. 

Then we planned to go home since it will be traffic on Pasay area because UAAP Finals Game 1 has also just been ended by that time and on the way to Ortigas, or driver is super hungry.. HAHAHA! So we decided to drop by at any near Mcdo but we end up at Tiendesitas

The Mcdo scene is just so us in college hehe.. I miss Mcdo Morayta (one of my favorite branch). btw, I know you're wondering why her name is "Josh" ... oh well you should ask her name history. lol

I'm looking forward to see them again and hopefully some more college friends next time ;) 

Thanks Greg for the treat and belated Happy Birthday and I really hope you did enjoy that day (I know you know what I mean! HAHAHA)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Last Last Friday Night

Last September 28, 2012, it was one week after Gem's birthday and it was planned, though the place is so last minute decision but it was a fun night with friends and our stomach was happy. HAHAHA Thanks Gem!

Gem was happy because Ping was able to drop by :)
See you soon guys :) 

FEU vs. DLSU . 2nd Round