Sunday, May 26, 2013

Current Cravings ....

2 weeks ago, I really don't have any idea on where we are heading but that's the day that I met the things that I crave right now....

I'm really craving for this right now.... 

"The world is a cruel place" - Struck by Lightning

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hiatus .

All of my favorite series are on hiatus but good news most of them will be having a new season by September or October (probably after summer in the states). Mostly, I don't watch any local TV shows for months now because most likely, they're boring, have the same plot, you can now guess what will happen with this and that kind of twist because that's how they do it in here and its kinda boring that you'll see these people everyday and some avid fans will be boring on weekends because they are off on weekends. But I like seeing some artist on TV I'm not just into those local TV shows or teleserye as they called them here.

I was thinking this for a while now, what if the local tv show will just be on once a week? Haha. They will feel how we wait for another week just to see what will happen on the next episode. *evil laugh* or worst? It will be off for 2 weeks then they're back after. But there will always be excitement to that and "I think" there will be more work for actress and actors in here not just the one who are famous as of the moment. They will be treated equally (I guess.....) But seriously, I can't see the excitement in these shows.

Anyways,my favorite foreign tv shows are on hiatus and I'm such a bummer now. Maybe I'll focus on movies this time and books. My current watched US TV shows are: NCIS, Bones, Criminal Minds, New Girl, The Walking Dead, The Mindy Project and Body of Proof. Most of them ended another season this month and its insane that some of them ended last week and this week but there is one more episode of Body of Proof by next week and sadly it will be the series finale :( . Every season finale are heartbreaking most especially if you have to wait for months before you got an answer regarding with the cliffhanger ending but the worst? Knowing that it will be over for good. I can't remember another show that ended and I was so into it, I think it was just Monk that I loved and I haven't watch the last season. I gave up Glee in the middle of Season 3 because I got bored with it and I think it was just this usual high school that are singing on every situation they encounter then every now and then there will be new characters and in reality they are really not in the age range of a high school. Its pretty lame. I really wanted to watch Dexter but I think its hard to keep up since its already on its 7th season.

I'm so thankful to some friends in college that makes me watched a US TV show. I don't like the idea of being addicted to it but their suggestion are better and not ordinary and that's why I love them. I just wished that I worked with people like Gibbs, Abby, Garcia, Bones, Booth, Reid + all of them because they have awesome job description on their respective shows and they are family no matter what. Btw, my favorite season finale will be NCIS "Damned If You Do" daaaaang Mike Frank was there!. Yes, I'm biased because its my all time favorite series probably next is Bones then Criminal Minds, the comedy shows are another story. ;) If NCIS, Bones and Criminal Minds will hit its end, I will be a bummer forever. :(

I will be over with this series hangover soon.

Care to share your favorite TV show/s? 

"In the end we make sacrifices, live with them" - Mike Franks | NCIS S10E24

Friday, May 24, 2013

Here's To Never Growing Up

I don't want to be specific but this alarms me yesterday SO MUCH.

According to the tone of his voice, I think he is disgusted to a person who got ink all over his body. Seriously? I do have 2 tattoos and this guy is digusted with it? Grow up man. I know not a lot of people accept others who has an art all over their body but who are you to judge other people who spent a fortune to meet their self satisfaction? I'm a girl/woman/whatever and yes I have tattoos and I don't care what you think. Do you even ask yourself on why do these people have tattoos? Do you even realized that some are so memorable and some have deep reason why they got it? 

Yes, there are some who just have it for show but there are people who treasured it and accepted it that it will be there forever. Judging another person who have tattoos all over his body in front of me is pretty harsh. Do you never thought of it? I have one in my inner arm but I'm pretty sure you saw it already because its expose. I'm so damn proud that I have a message from my dad written in me and going through the process is one more thing you will be so proud of. So back off when you are against tattoo or peircing because I don't care if you don't have any ink all over your body but you don't have the right to judge us.

If I got more soon, I will update you and I will put those artwork in your face. Or maybe you are so jealous because you will never have one spectacular experience of getting one.

This kind of person / the way he thinks makes me crave for my next tattoo which I think is .... I really need it and the way he act, that's one more reason why will I get it. And I'm pretty sure it applies on every situation that I've witnessed/I've been these past days/weeks. (Of course I'll post about that. Soon.)

"People get deep, meaningful tattoos all the time" - The Edge of Never | Jessica Redmerski

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

FYI, I'm a Girl . MAC x Hayley Williams

What a way to start my week last week, usually Monday is one of my rest day and when I woke up super late, someone is waiting on me. (Drum Roll please) its "the" MAC x Hayley Williams - Sounds Like Noise (!!!!!!!!).

I was surprised because the seller told me last week that the new stocks will arrive in a week and a half and that means I'm still going to wait for that because the one that was on-hand was already reserved for some early birds but maybe some of them passed the reservation days so mine was sent early as expected. (But I already didn't asked that I just assumed that. Lol)

Introducing my first ever MAC and its a limited edition and its by Hayley Williams!!!! (Sorry, well not really I'm a huge fan. Really)

MAC x Hayley Willams : Sounds Like Noise

Yes this was my first MAC since I was born. Lol. But yes, the title says it all. Hahaha. I've been following lot of bloggers since 2009 (?) Yes I think that was right and seeing them posting something about make-up is normal and I never thought that MAC are really addicting (dang, I haven't used mine and I'm saying that it is addicting... What is happening???!!!! Hahaha). Actually, I want to give credit to Regina Belmonte (as if she can read this. Lol but its the interwebz so, hi and thank you Regina) because she always encourage shy girls to wear lipstick specifically, red lipstick and believe me red is really something. Even though you see this to artist like Anne Curtis, you can also wear something like that just be proud of it and know the shade that fits you. And I'm not an expert at this you can visit Michelle Phan or let's go local, visit Carina's blog! (I discovered her beauty blog via Regina too! Hi Carina!)

Since I'm always on a budget I got limited stuff only but lately, I've spent a lot on shoes (like last year I got my pink docs and this year the green one, I got a DSLR as a birthday gift, I watched the Paramore concert early this year, blah blah blah) and cosmetics are at the bottom of my list but I got some cheap tubes and I'm fine with that but this, this is a limited edition MAC x Hayley Williams so there's an exception. Lol. I remembered on interview that Hayley also got her first MAC somehow this shade so it means a lot to her and one of her favorite color is orange so.... And do you know that one meaning of orange is "new beginning" (?) Learned that on humanities when I was in college. So it really is something. ;)

For me its a bit odd to start using some cosmetics since I'm always on a safe side or the one who doesn't care about how I look but since 2011, I already started wearing lipstick and I only have 3 shades: pink, red and plum and they are cheap lipstick but since I was researching, its better to start on a cheap ones than the expensive most especially when you are still experimenting. And I'll admit I'm still on experimenting stage but I think having my first ever MAC is already a big jump (I really don't know...haha) and I'm planning to order some NYX Matte Lipstick maybe next week or early June (but really, I want to order already.... As in right now....) I hope my future order will still be on-hand when I ordered because I really wanted a matte lipstick! Can anyone give me like a package of a make-up for starters? With all the brushes and some basic stuff..... Hahaha. But as I'm just supporting my make-up issues I'm fine with lipsticks maybe eye liner will be next. (Brb, I will practice on putting some.... Lol). 

But seriously, MAC is really something and now I understand why girls love it so much and why they go crazy with the limited edition/s like the Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Rihanna / RiRi , the Archie collection, the Wonder woman collection, the Villains collection, etc. (I knew those collection because of the people I follow on sns). Its a special kind of product. (Hey MAC, I can accept anything from yah. You know... Hehe)

Thank You Glamour House :))

Maybe after buying the NYX I'll be able to shut myself first so I can buy something related to gadget again.... Uggghh. And my dilemma this coming June / July to September / October... Its the UAAP season again! My expensive season is coming to town and I haven't start saving for my next tattoo yet. -_- I need to save save save ..... This also happens when no one wants to support me on d-101.

This last part is just a rant so... Till next time on my FYI, I'm a girl series posts. Haha

"Its nice to not know everything" - Hayley Williams

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Beware .....


call me crazy or whatever but I want a new tattoo ASAP. I don't know but I'm itching to have a new one lately. Believe me, if I'm not on a tight budget right now I'm probably on a tattoo shop as I'm typing this. I was thinking of this next tattoo for a while now and I'm too eager to have it because I think that will be the answer or at least the one thing that can save me from this mind set of mine or the state of mind that I'm in. Its hard to explain but pretty much I just need/want a new tattoo (yes, that's a need than a want but at some point they go together even they shouldn't).

I don't want to spill it yet because I think it should be a secret for now. Hehe. I'm also thinking of going this time without anyone when I walked in on tattoo shop and I know its kinda selfish when some people around me  want to witness someone they know on getting one and I'm willing to take some audience so they will finally see me or at least my reaction when being inked because the only thing that people asked is "does it hurt?" Well, of course it does but as I said to one of my friends before, it hurts but at the same time its a pleasure.

Why does tattoo are so fucking addicting. 

Somehow, it brings me back to the teenager me when you are depressed or when things around don't go too well and you just want to eat a whole bar of chocolate then you feel better (I still do that sometime) but knowing that it will just passed by for a while it does change my perspective to that and on the present me tattoo are like chocolate, it’s a resolution on a situation but unlike the chocolate the pain will be there for some time and it will be there for so long that you need to tear your skin off if you want it gone.

I think that makes me realize even there are so many fucked up things around I'm still lucky to feel that pain and somehow reminds me that I'm still living in this world / I'm not totally numb after all. And by that, it makes me realized to continue this life even there are fucked up things around and ....

Life/problems/fucked up situation are just like having a new tattoo you can feel the pain/pleasure, it will take some time to heal but it will be part of you no matter what and that makes you grow up then afterwards, you will look at it happy or not but you go back on realizing the same stuff you realized before and it makes you go on again in the cycle of life. Its definitely a reminder where have you been at one point in life and it feels good to know that they are not going anywhere and they are there to remind you every single second of the day.

I just want to share this, sometimes when I'm in a hurry on preparing for a day, sometimes I plan to wear a specific accessory that will be good on my outfit but then again as I hurry I totally forgot to wear a ring or my watch or a necklace, then on my way to wherever I'm headed on a specific day when I look at my right arm I'll be reminded that I can go on through the day because I got my very sentimental/reminder tattoo that will always with me no matter what and I will not go bat shit crazy all day because I forgot to wear an accessory.

Tattoo are meaningful unless you just want to be "on the loop".

"Tattoo are like potato chips, you can't have just one"

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hair Dye-ary . Cousin Edition Part 2

Hello. :)

I already re-dyed the hair of my cousins and let me tell some story. Part 1 here

crap, I just realized that I don't have a before and after photo for this. lol 

well, Alaine's hair is pretty much a dirty green / fading green and it was because of the result of the bleaching process we did last time. I asked her if she wants to bleach it again so the true color of Rockabilly Blue will come out and she says yes. happened last April 26, 2013

after bleaching it the second time around

here's the fading hair of Apples and its not that bad because it was a light pink ;)

its so hard to see her violet-turned-pink hair in front because of my not-so-good-bleaching-skills and because her hair is short .... 

hello there, we meet again. :))

just me, being silly. 

They told me that they will leave it for the rest of the night and just washed it the next day and I came back 5 days later after we re-dyed it.

this is what 5 days later looks like after we re-dyed it. it really changed when flash was used ...

but at the same time its cool. 

check out Alaine's hair .. 

Alaine also asked me to save some Manic Panic and I did.. hehe Probably this will be the last time that I will re-touched it since school is just a month away and they will cut their hair... I think they should keep it... lol 
and the best thing was they are happy about it and I think they are already planning to do this next summer. ;))

" There is a first time for everything - Rossi [Criminal Minds]"

Manic Panic or Punky Colour

How can I start this ....

 A little introduction, Manic Panic and Punky Colour are semi permanent hair dye but at the same time its cruelty free not tested on animals.

If you read my post about my Hair Dye-ary you know that I used Manic Panic on my first real hair dye late last year with Hot Hot Pink then so on and so forth, my cousins want to dye their hair this summer so they got to choose what color they want, Alaine really want to have a blue one and Rockabilly Blue is the perfect one and Apples want to have a purple but I did have a problem on getting the shade that she wanted and there are only limited available at Funky Streaks. There are purple available but its not Manic Panic, its under the unfamiliar product called Punky Colour by Jerome Russell. I check it on the internet and says its also something like Manic Panic but still different...

Let me start with Manic Panic then Punky Colour ...

Manic Panic : Rockabilly Blue 

Since Manic Panic is so popular in the states and some famous celebrities have tried it, I don't have problem on ordering this product but at the end its the color you choose

Manic Panic:
  • even you applied a little amount you'll see the result asap and you just have to distribute it properly 
  • this doesn't smell good but my Hot Hot Pink does ... 
  • every wash, you'll see that it does wash out some colors but still bright after 
  • when I tried this, I got stained one of my white shirt when I was sweating on a hot hot day and I didn't experienced that with the pink one... I don't know why
  • based on my hair that was bleached after a month and a week, it's still somehow bright blue
  • I also like how Manic Panic fades ... the result of fading is something I like even though it doesn't good with the eyes of every people out there. lol (take note of the word 'I')
  • I always make sure that I don't use a jar of it since I'm always just doing some part on my hair 
  • maybe you will just emptied one jar when you are coloring your whole hair
  • a jar is 118ml
Punky Colour : Purple

I was hesitant to order this but since I researched about this I didn't think twice to try it and it's the best shade of purple that Apples wanted and its available.

Punky Colour
  • First comment first, this smells so good!!!! as in this smells grape and it will stay with you maybe after 2-3 wash before the smells fade away. I also watched this one video on youtube and the little girl said that the pink one smells like bubble gum
  • It also fade so good, since I applied this to my cousin and it became light pink when fading
  • the good thing about this is, it doesn't fade fast like Manic Panic 
  • a jar is 103.5 ml , smaller than the Manic Panic
  • the only thing that I notice was you can almost used everything in here because you need to apply as many as you can or else it will not be distributed properly
  • its more creamy that Manic Panic, that's why you need to apply as many as you can.

I don't know what to say anymore, I love both products and maybe next time I will order a Punky Colour for myself but I still have an Electric Banana from Manic Panic but I'm thinking of Electric Lizard next time because I don't like dark shades because it looks like black at night ... 

Anyways, I don't know if this helps but hopefully it is and there's nothing wrong on trying both just be sure you know what are you doing.. :) 

If you are from the country where its sunny everyday except for the monsoon aka Philippines, you can order at Funky Streaks

"I don't think of my hair as a social experiment, I just think of it as a me-experiment" 
- Hayley Williams [Paramore]