Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Random . May 2016

-sunrise at Carabao Island, San Jose Romblon 051716-

Avoiding some thoughts.

I'm screwed, I may stress eat tonight. :(

I can't find the perfect one so it can't be soon. Next year.

Hopefully I'll be in Romblon in a couple of days.

We are all trapped in a situation that we want to escape even for a few days.

I miss you.

Too much to say and I don't know where to start! All good :)

If you think that it will be controlled by that then I'm telling you, there will be a huge bad effect on it.

Waiting at the dentist and I'm sleepy.

Each candidate for any position should stay humble and they should control their temper.

Why is it so hard to change my Playlist. Same rotation of songs for 2 weeks now.

Saving your ass from something traumatic.

Saw my dad, ikong and papa on my dream. There was a birthday cake and maybe that's a birthday dinner. I will not forget your birthday papa but it's tomorrow not today. :) Advance Happy Birthday Papa! Miss you both so much :(

I ditch an event today I'm just over with the drama that I want to get out but I never forget.

Jeeptrip today was a mess oh well who am I to react badly, the exchange of ditching.

Yesterday move was a good on my side at so many angle. Not regretting it at all even it was hard at the first place.


With everything that is happening I'm so hesitant to leave for Romblon for a week. :(

Exercise your right to vote today.

Thank you liquor ban. Hahaha

Hopefully I can get a new glasses in a few hours. I really need it before Friday. / New glasses and I love it. 0511

I want to write something but I can't find the right words for this unsure idea.

It's enough that the majority knows what is the real deal and we will continue to be aware on what is happening under the table even it is so unpleasant on our eyes and ears. Sad truth.

As much as I'm hesitant with this trip, only one thing is pulling me back but a dozen is pushing me to go.

Last minute packing is somehow my favorite. Haha. / On my way now and I know I over pack this time. Last year, it wasn't that heavy when I went to Palawan. Haha

Love observing people. It's not everyday that I will be in this kind of place. I'm appreciating and liking this. 0515

ROMBLON!!!! 0515

My last minute packing is epic fail. Haha.

At Carabao island and it's so hot. 0516

In the middle of the ocean and I never appreciate life and the nature like this before. 0517

Trying not to compare every places that I've been. Everything is so different from each other and I'll try my best not to have a favorite. Hehe.

I wish it wasn't stressful like this environment.

Last day here in Romblon. I'm going to miss this but it was so nice to experience this. 0518

I miss listening to my music.

I want to feel that excitement. Mantraaaa.

Reality hits. Take me back to San Andres :(

Family time. ♥

Vacation over when traffic of the metro is right in front of your face. Tsss.

This is what you like. Are you happy now?

This week went so fast good thing I did take notes everyday.

This will not pass as part of my criteria of supreme. Haha. And FYI, grem does look better than that. Lol.

An artsy-black-and-white photo as my phone wallpaper can make me smile instantly.

I think that's the right purpose of getting out of town. That's why we need it once in a while.

Poor tooth.

My laptop is alive but I need to fix everything again.

Yay for bawi night. ♥ 0526

That's okay. I understand. Haha

Oh basketball. I miss watching it.

Fixed my Tumblr account! And my Romblon (GoPro) pictures are on queue for the next few weeks. Haha. It might cover July and August too. Haha.

Finally! I'm done typing my Romblon trip. Haha. After my busy days and after fixing my laptop I'll fix the video. I'm still missing our Romblon life.

The disadvantage of traveling once in a while is that my hangover last a lifetime. Haha. Can't wait for my next out-of-town trip on whenever it will happen. The advantage, I got a lot of photos to share as well as a blog post to publish.

4/5 stars but the 1 left is one huge negativity.

It doesn't matter what the outside look like it's more on how you are in the inside.

Mind over matter

Plane rides. I miss...... Soon. 

The only thing I don't like doing this thing is locking up for hours just to finish. It feels like there's a lot happening out there and I want to be out there. #life

Sometimes you just need to hear it from other people to know you are not alone. #millenialpodcast

You left it hanging for months and now you are rushing me? Wait until tomorrow.

Tired but all good.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Miss You

It feels like a deafening silence
A world without music
My skin without my inks
My hair without the hair dye
I just miss you so much 


Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Questions I got a lot of them
Should I ask you about it? 
Or I'll just keep them with me?
Maybe I'll just keep it
Because most of the time
I don't know how to say it

Sometimes I don't want to ask
I know it will be too much drama
You might hate me for that 
I'll just listen to your stories 
I will just laugh with you 

Even with too much to ask
I don't need to say it out loud
Eventually you will say it
The things that I want to hear
Most especially the answers that I need to hear


Monday, May 16, 2016

Hair Dye-ary . Red

My neon didn't last for more than a week and I'm so sad about it. 

Dewey's hair didn't fade so fast but he wants to retouch it since it still one month of vacation. They went to the local store (Hortaleza) to look for some bleach and they also bought a hair dye. 

I'm not familiar with the brands in Hortaleza but one thing is for sure it's way different from Manic Panic and it's not Vegan and not even a cruelty-free products.

That night I retouched Dewey's hair and since I mixed a lot than what can his hair can accommodate, I decided to put some on my hair.

Unfortunately, I realized that I didn't took any picture after that night. One thing is for sure happened, it bleed a lot every wash so it also didn't last for so long that it was already faded in a week. The funny thing about it was everyday, people think that I do retouch it but the reality is that it was just fading. Now my hair is just like a light pink but most of the time, I don't know what color this is. Haha. 

A little update, I still haven't purchased Good Dye Young so probably I'll just pass for now and will stick for some Manic Panic until I know someone who will be selling GDY locally (hopefully, Funkystreaks will have soon). I do know another alternative but I'm broke and it's no-brainer to retouch soon since there are few swimming plans for the rest of May. Though I will update you if I change my mind getting it. 

But I'm considering to retouch my hair with this kind of red since it's cheap and to be honest I wanted to try the red ever since. 

Don't ever related the color of my hair to anything most especially to the political sh*ts. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

On Repeat . Take It Slow

Take It Slow by Forever The Sickest Kids

I’ll call you when I can please try to understand
If I decide to take it slow 
Will you take me by the hand
Or find someone who can
Then come crawling back when you feel alone 

Let’s take our time and live our lives
If you say you’re unsure
Don’t call me to say goodnight
Don’t think that I’m not on your side
We spent the whole year in this same stupid fight 
What did I do
Did I do this to you
What did I do
Did I do this to you 

You say you never wanted this to end
But I’m hearing different from your friends
Hey if you relax I’ll take a day I’ll take some time off
But I never wanted it to be the way it seems so sad and so misleading
You’re threatening to leave me and lose everything we had 

Let’s take our time
And live our lives
If you say you’re unsure
Don’t call me to say goodnight 
Don’t think that I’m not on your side
We spent the whole year in the same stupid fight 
What did I do
Do this to you 

We’re seeing differenty
Your losing everything you had
Your losing your heart so fast 
But I’ll get over you if it’s what u wanna do 
What did I do
Did I do this to you 

Let’s take our time
And live our lives
If you say you’re unsure
Don’t call me to say goodnight
Don’t think that I’m not on your side
We spent the whole year in the same stupid fight

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FYI, I'm a Girl . Matte

It's been way too long since my last purchase of makeup. Controlling my girl purchases doesn't make me stop to put some items on my to-buy-list.

Ever since I really love to have the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. Also that NYX Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose because it's like the pink version of Merlot and it looks like the first lipstick that I ever owned. 

The NYX lip liner was on sale so I grabbed it and the regret purchase in this batch will go to the ELF eyebrow stencil kit. 

I realized that if you know how to do your eyebrows then you don't need a stencil. Every eyebrows are different and even the stencils will not help it to be a prefect shape, sometimes it can go worse. Haha. 

I got the Stay Matte before summer hit this country trying to avoid having oily face for summer but when you are experiencing this heat right now, omg you will try to avoid putting makeup at all. 

Seriously, this heat is so intense. 

All products from Keringkeri. Thank you for the freebie, Ms. Eunice! 

Give your pretty face a day off from makeup :)

Friday, May 06, 2016


The one that I've been talking to everyday 
The one that I've been thinking most of the time
The one that's making me happy
For the first time after months
We were seated next to each other

In a few minutes that it happened 
I once again felt that the world stopped 
Or it felt like it was just me and you in it
It wasn't awkward at all 

I can't explain how it feels
I was thinking about it ever since
It's so weird but
I'm happy and content 
I'm comfortable and I felt so safe 

It's even unexplainable because
Even we just personally met
I felt so proud that I know you 
I know the soft side of you 

I didn't push for it but you make it happen
It was real even it was a short one
I keep reminding myself that it happened 
That it was not an imagination
And definitely not just a dream


Thursday, May 05, 2016

TH 2.1

Three months ago you first called me
I never thought that this will last
I thought it ended already
But you came back
I never saw it coming

4 weeks will never be forgotten
Saturday changed everything
In a span of 42 minutes
4 weeks was vanished

After 4 weeks
It turned out differently
Maybe it is deeper than before
Because of the consistency
And the honesty that is so contagious

We talk a lot of things lately
We also chat seriously
Even there's too many "haha"
I reread some of them everyday

Three months is still a short one
We've been on and off, high and low
Quarrels are not allowed
Sadness is prohibited

Three months is quite long too
Thank you for keeping me sane
Sorry if sometimes I'm so weird
Just remind me to let it go and be chill


Tuesday, May 03, 2016


You said you will go out
But why can't we hang up?
Do we want to talk for the rest of the night?
Is there anything that we need to talk to?
Or  we just need to stay on the line
For us not to be alone
Even it's just pure silence


Monday, May 02, 2016

Sick Of It

It just started this year but I've been there and through worst for the past years. I don't know if that makes me a better or a stronger person or not on both, but it definitely changed my outlook for such things and to people.

My walls are higher than before and my trust issues are worst. I had question my own capability, I doubted myself, I felt so numb for the things when I know I should be feeling something more than numbness, I had day-time-nightmares. My feelings was hundred percent worst than hurting as my tears overflow, my shutdowns and anxiety are on and off most days. 

I'm not sure if I'm used to it now or I'm still terrified but sure, I looked at you now differently.
The days when I looked up to you respectively was gone and it will never be back.

Because, I will never forget.