Thursday, September 27, 2012

UAAP S75: Final Four

credit to UAAP NCAA Memes page
FEU might not be at the Final 4 but I think I know the reason (or at least I make a reason why). I didn't expect to see the final 4 without FEU right now but I respect every team, I just think that FEU wasn't there because it will be a major roller coaster ride.

My thoughts;

ATENEO- lookin for their 5peat championship, strong team, UE beat them (love that) lol. They have Greg, Kiefer, Salva, Juami ...

UST- FEU beat them twice but still they're doing great, they have Abdul, 2 Jeric, Aljon, Tata, Ferrer ... I think they'll be at the finals with Ateneo? Hmmm but La Salle is still fighting...

NU- UAAP season 75 host. Too many controversy, filed protest in the middle of 2nd round, UAAP Board's decision was in favor of them. They have Parks (the back to back MVP) and Mbe.

La Salle- still fighting. The Bear aka Norbert Torres is eating everyone! *scary*. And they have the Rookie of the Year (Jeron Teng!)

Games on Sat:

ADMU vs DLSU - since Ateneo always win, I'm always hoping for La Salle to beat them and I know when UE beat Ateneo it gives hope to the other team that they can also beat Ateneo. Buuuut Ateneo had 2 weeks to prepare for the semis!

UST vs NU - hmmm. UST had a "prayer vigil (?)" for NU to win that "rematch" between FEU but now, hello there, NU might just beat you twice!

Who to cheer for? I don't really know. Haha.

Saturday will be exciting, its somehow a relief that your team is already out (but it hurts you know) at least NO pressure on whoever wins or whatever. Haha!

If you don't agree then shut up.

Just a little late reaction

The FEU vs NU "Rematch". So many bitter, I'm from FEU and I've read comments, opinions and statements about the game last Sunday and a lot of people who are against FEU are saying such good words! Haha. We didn't won BUT we know the word acceptance and we learn from our mistakes. When the decision of the board came out that there will be a "rematch", I was against it but YOU didn't heard anything about that from the team, maybe from the students and some tweets of the players but other than that, no major actions (though Anton Montinola was very disappointed) and That game "never happened". Sad to hear that "none basketball people" came to that decision. Oh well, everyone waited for that "rematch" then it happened yesterday, NU defeated FEU with 3points and that win is big for NU up to the point thay their fans do trashtalk and act not appropriately anymore on the interwebs. (I'm not speaking for every Tamaraws, I'm just stating my point of view if you have violent reaction then talk to me).

To everyone who are angry to the FEU community, please control yourself. Yes NU, I know you want to say "In your face FEU". Naaaahh, its better to win if you played hard and put a lot of effort inside the court not putting a game under protest and after the decision of the commissioner you elevated it to the UAAP "boards". Yes, you won because your protest was granted, nice game plan.

Acceptance is the key. We are not angry to you guys, we don't like the system you're doing being the host of UAAP Season 75.

Its just Final Four, your not yet the champion.

"FEU might be out but there will always be another season to bounce back"

A Little Bit of S75

That's it for FEU this season... Mixed emotions about the game yesterday against La Salle, we're already there at top 2 but we ended at the 5th spot. Its heartbreaking because they started as a strong team as well as a threat to the other teams but since its a threat to them they brought them down. I watch every game of FEU (live or telecast) and I'm so confident that we'll be at the finals again, 2nd round started very good since we beat UST leaving them behind with 20points but the worst turning table was when NU filed a protest regarding with RR's buzzer beater, commissioner said FEU won but the UAAP Board ordered a "replay" (I really hate that scenario) and since they ordered a replay that replay or rematch was obviously in favor of NU (many people are being bitter to NU or NU fans trashtalking over FEU) but me? I just hate the system.

2007 was the last year when FEU wasn't belong to the Final 4 and now, 2012. 4 years consistency on the Final 4 is not a joke, it's also a good record, I really hope this will be a lesson for them to bounce back next year (looking forward for a lot of things next season!)

There are better plans for FEU team for not entering the Final 4 and I'm positive about that. We may not be there but we'll just rest for this season and will start to do a record again next year. :)

Thank you to Clarence Foronda (Cap) and to Mark Bringas. Might be sad since this is your last year on UAAP but wishing you all the best guys :)

To the current players, thank you for not giving up until the last buzzer beats, we might have mistakes but take it as a lesson and lets bounce back next year (1 year preparation may not be enough but it can really help to improve).

- good thing I was not watching it with Gem or else we'll cry about it. Lol. The good news is I can now save up! UAAP season is over for me now! Haha but I'm encouraging you to watch PBA D-League (free tickets, different venues and mixed up players from UAAP and NCAA).-

We did not win but we played hard inside the court.

My S74 and S75 tickets are tied at 9 ... 9games of FEU last year and this year! Haha. Fyi, I'm consistent on watching FEU vs ADMU since last year :)

Hi Judy Saril, you did great!

If you don't agree then shut up.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I almost hate .

I will never give up my friends.

I'm 22 and still, I don't know why people gave up their friends. Some reasons are acceptable but most of the time, its not understandable.

When I was in high school, every girl on some tv shows have a best friend or at least there will be this person characterized as a "best friend".

Sometimes I think who on my friends that I can call my best friend? Every year in high school I have a different friend and if we're not with the same class next year it will look like we are all strangers again. I'm thinking why do these people can't be contented with particular friends? You will always see them with different people (part of growing up, I guess). I believe that friends are the best thing you got next to family of course, but why do some leave their friends behind? Some friendship broke up because of quarrels, sometimes business stuff, misunderstanding, miscommunication and the worst, stupid little problems.

Memories should be treasured, yeah I know but sometimes you have to burry them. Most especially if that one friend of yours leaves you or forget you.

I treasure my friends next to family because I know you can tell them everything. When I graduated on grade school, I know I'll miss my grade school friends (the people I've been thru thick and thin) and I know its hard to have the same group in high school. When I entered high school, totally a big difference, full of adjustments and new faces. First year in high school, you will see me every break time with "C" (considered as best friend) then next year, we are not classmates anymore and we just became  friends. Second year it was "J" (the girl I'm with every break time), changing every now and then and I got sick of that cycle, so from that situation I knew that I will never have a permanent friend from high school. Third year was a little different, I was down at section "Bliss" (my class was the only Bliss section ever, why? Ask me, I'll tell you the reason) and most of my classmates are boys, but there is this one girl group (who are also my "known-friends") lets call them the "B group", I tried to fit in but I never saw myself talking about boys, make up, gossips and a lot more at that age, that year I discovered my geek side. Haha. Because I was seated next to "H" and "M" (the girls, I'm with every break time). But I don't consider myself too much geek since a lot of boys in the class, and most of them are basketball players and that's the time I started to watch basketball. I was seated next to "N the guy" one of the shooting guard inside the court eventually, he bacame my best friend, and yes, the main reason of this (will not elaborate our story anymore but I consider him as a "known-friend" now). Fourth year, "R" and "M" (M is still the girl from third year) are the girl/s I'm with every break time but most of the time you'll see me with "M".

To make my friend high school history edition short, all of them after graduating high school was on "known-friends" category.

Luckily, I met my treasured friends in college at the first day at the university. Well some of them are on "known-friends" category but I know I still have a few who I can count on and will be there forever even we are not seeing each other every day, I know they will always be there. The only thing that makes me sad about my college friends is, we are living too far from each other but yes, I still know that I can still count on them.

I have my birthday mate "N" (fyi, N is a girl and she's one of my classmate in grade school and yes, she's one of my grade school friends) we might not see each other every week just like before but I know she is just there and I know she knows that I'm just a text away if she needs me and of course she knows where I am everyday. Haha

I treasured my friends yet I also accepted that people come and go but sometimes I asked "why do people leave their friends behind?" it makes me sad. I want to cry when these things happen.

We shared memories but I guess I'm the only one who treasures those. I have no idea what those days mean to them, maybe they are bored doing the same thing as you do when you hang out or bored on those topics that you always talked to or sometimes I think I'm just a boring person, thats why they leave.

I'm on tumblr for years now and I just want to mention that somehow I wish that the people out there are just living on the the next street so we can hangout or at least go to the same concert, talk about the same interest, go to theme parks together, do the yummiest foods, do photography, have a fun adventure and just do anything. People who I think will never left you behind. Oh, I wish I can teleport.

One rule in my life that I make sure I will never break is "Always make time for friends / Never say no to hangout with friends" at least once in a while have time for your friends, they will never fail to put a smile on your face.