Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beyond every game.

No one will understand Gem and I when it comes to basketball most especially PBA. Well, maybe Lhea and Kit will but other than them, no one will. 

I posted on my instagram before that "On PBA, we don't support a specific team because we're fan of different players but UAAP is a different story" which is so true. 

(I'm here again with my history of basketball) I started watching basketball when I was a sophomore in high school then I somehow stopped watching when I left a group of friends who played for the school. Then I met my (ex)best friend during junior year and I never stopped since then. I somehow wished I know how to play but being a fan is better than not having interest on basketball. 

Before, I do watch NBA but somethings are a bit complicated to understand with the trade and stuff so I stopped but I'm a fan of a few players and some teams. I don't like PBA before because back then, I don't understand some issues but mostly, I don't understand why people are so loyal to a team when most players come and go. (I still don't understand until now but I respect them for being loyal to a team who doesn't have a fix line up for the rest of time. And I have no idea how they adjust when a player they love was traded and they need to stick with the love for the team). 

I'm not starting any campaign or whatever but I'm really a huge fan of different players. 


I started watching UAAP basketball during junior year and since then I'm a huge UAAP basketball fan. I used to like different teams then FEU won it's 19th title when I was a senior and I hate them because I don't like the color of their jersey and less than a year after that, I'm enrolled in FEU. 

Since 2006, I'm a loyal supporter of FEU basketball but I prioritized school so I just watch games on TV every weekend when there was a basketball game or if I'm free during the weekday game. Luckily, some TVs at school are open when there is a game. 

I started to watch live during the 72nd season and I never stopped since then. Season 74 was the most memorable because Gem and I became close because of basketball and everything since then is a history and we are still building memories inside and outside of the coliseum and the arena. 
Last Wednesday, together with my aunt and uncle we watched PBA. This is the first time to watch with them and my first time to watch a PBA game in Antipolo. My experience in one word: Insane!

I've been watching live in Araneta for years, witnessed some PBA players when they were just playing in the UAAP or PBA D-League and when they go outside Manila, everyone is so excited to see them for the first time and to watch a game live. It was cute because they cheer loud and they were a bit innocent compare to my experience (not trying to insult anyone). Also the live-basketball-action is another story. 

I even see some PBA players from FEU back then. I still remember when I first saw Arwind Santos on LB wearing a red shirt talking to some friends; when I saw Barocca in front of the Admin building; when we are crossing Morayta together with Benedict Fernandez, Rachel Ann Daquis together with Mac Baracael, when I rode a jeepney from LRT to Morayta and Paul Sanga and Aldrech Ramos was on the same jeepney. And now, their famous on PBA. Every player from FEU, we usually support them because we all bleed green and gold. (I remember the Exhibition Game). Some players are not yet famous because they haven't played in the PBA but they are somehow involve in a way like Jens Knuttel is a practice player of Ginebra. 

Not just the FEU players, I've seen Greg Slaughter, Emman Monfort, do their moves when they were still in Ateneo and I used to hate them but now I'm just amazed on how they play and how people cheer for them. 

While some are not that famous or because some people are just looking on the one side but I know them because I saw them play in UAAP like Mac Cardona, Joseph Yeo, Ty Tang, JP Erram, Bacon Austria, Nico Salva, Alex Nuyles, Eric Camson, name it as long as it was from the UAAP batch of LA Tenorio, JV Casio, Chris Tiu, Arwind Santos, Jeff Chan, Jonas Villanueva, etc. 

I do enjoy watching basketball but I don't really cheer for a specific team when it comes to PBA but I do bet on a team when there is a game. Usually, it's always different because I like different players and sometimes the coaches or their assistant too! Haha because basically, they are somehow on the collegiate too! Hi to the Racela brothers, Coach Johnny A., Coach Chard and Coach Jason Webb, Coach Topex, Coach Luigi, Coach Ronnie, Coach Eric, Coach Leo, etc. Haha. And to the court side reporter, Ms. Erika Padilla, Apple David, Rizza Diaz, Nikko Ramos, Aaron Atayde, Sir Magoo, and to the daddy minion, Sir Mico Halili. Haha. 

Comment on the things I know about basketball and the side dishes? Hahaha. And if you watch different podcast or webisode of any talk about basketball, you will know more stuff other than just the game. 

Somtimes, try also to see the stat sheet too because it will take you to a different world from the court. Haha.

That NLEX vs Ginebra game was entertaining and it doesn't have a lot of action though a dunk is a dunk. Hehe. Don't make me mention the buzzer-beater of Mac Belo. ;)

I still prefer all Filipino Cup when it comes to PBA. 

I don't know if I make sense but thanks for reading. Haha

Comments? Violent reactions? Suggestions?

Lastly, my advice to every basketball fan; 
"the game is not yet over until you hear the final buzzer". 

Monday, March 09, 2015

Love, A

I wanted to stop but I know I have to move
I can't run to your arms
I can't talk
No words want to comes out
I want to but I'm already speechless
That stare has a lot to tell
They will never understand 
But we have an invisible connection
They can't see it but we both feel it
I considered that stare and that smile as a closure
I can't consider something more
I know I don't need to
I know that I shouldn't break the walls 
I'm trying my best not to
I'm trying my best to keep it to myself
I can't tell anyone
They will never understand
I want to talk to you
I want to ask some more questions
I can't 
I don't want to hurt anybody
I don't want to break the thing that makes you happy
I'll just wait here
Waiting for my turn to be genuinely happy
Waiting for my own story to tell someday
It still hurt but I handle it well before
I'll just sit here waiting
I know I should consider that as a closure to us
Because you're happy
I will just wait for my turn
8 years is just a dot from a million
I've been waiting for a bit long
Wishing it will be worthy to tell someday
I cry because it still crash me inside
You're happy
I should move on
But I always miss you
You know me
I don't need to pretend
I don't need to hide
You can see thru me
But you're happy
You don't need me anymore
I can't promise this will be the last
But I'll stay away
I will keep my distance
While I wait for my turn

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


I played my playlist "17" earlier.

Then, I thought of you when I was outside but it didn't go further.

Something inside me is so calm.

Never knew this will be the day that I will see you again.

It was suppose to happen.

I looked on my left side the same time you looked up from checking your kid.

We tried to say something like "hi" and "hello" but it didn't came out instead we just smile and nod at each other.

Deep down we wanted to catch up on a lot of things but we stayed quiet.

Feels like everything is in slow motion without any distraction.

Until I keep walking away and I didn't look back but it wasn't that hard anymore because I know whatever happens, you are already a part of me.