Thursday, August 31, 2017

Random . August 2017

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Yay for old school kind of music. Good to hear your voice and to know you feel better now. :)

Sometimes you gotta mess things up. 

As much as I want to stay in bed, I need to do some early errands. 

Same people on a specific day every week, you better be good in changing the process. Tsss. 

I was so close on having a bad morning but then Hayley Williams of Paramore is singing "Fake Happy"! I mean I'm hearing this song so random on the most unexpected place and it makes me smile. Thank you to the person who played it. :)

Why everyone is on hype today even the weather is like this? I underestimate the situation. Lol. 

I've been planning to write some of my letters and I'm finally going to start. :) 

Feels good to be able to be lost while writing. 

Palacetamol. Hahaha. 

omg. All the LANY post is making me hyper. See you guys on Sunday❤ 

Why are you in it? I'm starting to miss you. #17

I'm a part time geek but I make sure I will not be geeky in public. Lol. Apparently some people don't hide it in public. 

Wear something comfortable and a commuter friendly. Lol. I can't imagine commuting on a very uncomfortable clothes. Also, respect your co-commuter. 

So nostalgic being back in Morayta after a long time. 

Megamall. Morayta. Cubao. I love today. 0805

Sharing with a specific group is okay but when all of you is lacking of emotions and act like there's nothing serious was shared, you guys should think twice. / I take sharing so seriously. 

Dealing with adults are stressful. 

LANY. ❤ 0806 

Priceless. Lol. 

Same thoughts and I'm not sure if I said it out loud while I was alone or to someone during conversation, wrote it on a blog post or it just hit me once again. 

Well. People should really think. 

I rather be attending Gritty. 

To the only person who understand even without saying anything, I miss you so bad. :( 

Staring contest. :) 

Adults being kids. 

Fragile day. I miss you. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Let's do this. 

Some people just don't get the cycle. If you try to explain they don't get it either. 


Hearing ILYSB out of nowhere and no one freaks out made me realize that I'm lucky to see them live last week. :)

One of those days that I choose to deal with papers. 

Stress eating. 

You will always be a parent but don't let them continue the wrong doings. 

Please. Mind your own. Tss. 

Such a busy week. Not complaining. 

I do watch last full show alone and today's a first in hometown. Thankful that cinema is just around the corner.

Whoa. Did he just called me .... ? 

Was that you or just your doppelganger? Hahaha. #17

Decided to have the first me-time on home court and I was fine. 

Why the fuck I'm nervous. 

Hmmm. Mantra. 

Feels so good to be walking in the rain while thinking. 

Why there's an empty space tonight. :(

Trying to write about it but it's just too much. / I started it but I just decided I will not continue. 

I'm not updated on basketball much lately but I pretty much still know the drill. 

Why do you need to announce everything in detail. 

Sick of people who says a lot but clearly they don't have any idea. 

All Time Low. ❤ 

Hay naku. 

Sometimes it's nice to be in a crowd when you don't know anyone and you don't need to talk. You just wait. 

You gotta know who what and where to believe in. 

Did some clean up today. 

Must need off days. Need to miss each other. 

That's the only thing you know. You don't know what comes after those hours. 

It scares me that I can stay in my room now without music even just for a few minutes. I even clean up my room without music. 

Some people might think it's easy to pretend that nothing happened. Not me, it takes a lot of courage to face a new day like yesterday didn't happen and don't make me play pretend. 

Thankful that even I'm always a crybaby, I do end the day with a realization on a good note not with a heavy heart and anger. 

Craving for another vacation, a beautiful beach, endless skyline and a breathtaking sunset. Oh and fluffy clouds. :)

Don't just pretend going on a "vacation". Do it in a proper way. Oooppss. I guess you're not that type, you just want to stress yourself more. 

Dear self, I'm proud of you. 

My tears will never be counted as your victory but it will add up more to the hatred that you got. 

Quick trip before headphone hours. 

To dye or not this weekend? 

Headache probably from me being a cry baby, lack of sleep or my eye grade adjusted again. 

After playing a whole album, I'm jumping to another album. 

Well, I guess some things are better left  ‎

UAAP next weekend!!!!!!! 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

La Union 2017

Probably the shortest video trip ever. 

After making the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur video that was close to 20 minutes, I told myself that I will try to summarize it more like what I usually see on YouTube. I want to accomplish something shorter but not lacking which is very impossible since I want to share more. 

It's really hard to commit on taking videos than pictures when you also want to enjoy the trip or just be as lazy as we were when on vacation. Everything might be worth it to be documented but not everything is shareable worldwide most especially if everyone will totally not get the humor. 

It took me almost 2 months finishing this up but it also end up being a short one. I got lots of footage from my GoPro but our craziness is not worth sharing. Lol

I think it took me months to do this because it didn't end well. Yes, our trip didn't end on a very high note to the point that Gem don't want to give La Union another try. Same as my blog post they are on drafts for so long now that I just decided to finally fix it and publish just this month.

I also want to do more for this video so it's a bit disappointing on my part on not documenting worthy stuff. I just realized too that I don't have video when we were in Bahay na Bato! Makes me want to travel again and do well on documentation most especially that I've been watching vlogs. It also makes me crave for a new point and shoot! it's a bit bad right? Hahaha. 'Coz I can't steady my GoPro everytime maybe I need a better tripod or grip? Idk. 

Though I want it to be different, I use "Hard Times" since that was the song that I was listening that time, it's stuck in my head and I can just dance and cry while on this trip and even after (After Laughter). Lol

Despite of the rants and disappointments can I just say that I love the part where I was able to just put up my GoPro and just capture the beach and us in it. I love that so much but that's the only sunset we experienced in La Union. Haha I hate that sun is always hiding when I go on vacation. I've been looking forward to sunset photos!

This really makes me crave more traveling and hopefully do better on documentation. 

My photos are already on queue too on my Tumblr until maybe end of the year. Haha. Too much photos! That's when I really get high, photos over videos everytime since I think it's more challenging though the hype on each is different and I enjoy both. 

Hopefully next travel video will be better and less disappointment that will not reach 2 months in the making. See even this post, excitement is missing but I'm willing to give La Union another try. :)

My Photographs: La Union

Saturday, August 26, 2017

La Union 2017 . Day 3

We are supposed to check out by 12nn and we decided to transfer we were eyeing different rooms and we decided to check in on The Circle Hostel and now we are here. After check out we asked Ryan to drop us in Surf Shack where The Circle Hostel is nearby. We stayed for a while in Surf Shack had some pizza since that's the only thing that's available since it's too early for them. We waited until check in so we stayed there when we are the only costumer. We're at The Circle Hostel but again, Gem is asleep while I'm doing this since she is not feeling well but no regrets on just staying in bed whole afternoon. 

It doesn't mean you have to try surfing when in La Union why not just enjoy the new place and somehow enjoy being a local. Also food! Omg. Not the local delicacies but the restaurants that are pretty famous on TV or on blogs. We still deciding where to eat for dinner and we still have some restaurant on our list to try. 

Too early to say but I love in here. I really want to try to be here in North and I'm gonna check that out on my bucket list but at the same time, I hope this is a start for me to discover new places somewhere North. We can actually be in Vigan for 3 hours from here or in Baguio for 1 hour but we just decided to be in La Union. 

I'm also not sure if I will be able to make a video for this trip but pretty much it doesn't cover a lot, not much of videos but photos. Just waiting for Gem to wake up again so we can head out for dinner. 0526 1832 

When Gem woke up she still wasn't feeling good. :( I think I will not put it into details and let keep that incident between us. 

I'm thankful that my dude pull herself out of bed just for me to grab dinner and we decided to just eat nearby. Good thing we are somehow staying at the center (?) of San Juan where there are restaurants on every side of the road. 

We just stayed on our own bed that night until morning. Our last day wasn't the way we planned it but gonna be dude's through good times and bad. :)

Then we hopped the bus at 2pm bound to Manila and we are just thankful that we are back at our home court by 10pm

It's not bad for our first trip together without any connections. Can't wait for the next one. 

My Photographs: La Union

Friday, August 25, 2017

La Union 2017 . Day 2

Ryan the caretaker of the condo talked to us last night when we were in the rooftop and he was telling us that we can get to tourist attractions just tell him and he will drive us for a little extra fee. We decide to do a trip to Bahay na Bato and Grape Farm the next day. 

No we didn't wake up to early to catch up on sunrise. If you have a glass window right next to your impromptu bed who needs to wake up just for sunrise? Haha. I love waking up on different hours of morning just seeing the transformation of sky and clouds. Silently wishing to have that in my backyard but no thanks since I don't want to take that for granted. 

We left before 10am and we were there just before 11am since we have a service car and no traffic, of course. Bahay na Bato was so nice and I somehow compared it to Pinto when we entered but I don't want to do that. It's totally different from each other. The location of Bahay na Bato was also a beach front but it's not a swimming area. If you ever want to see the beauty of it go there in the morning or late afternoon for sunset. The entrance is 40php. I'm glad we did that trip since we already ditch some plans. The weather didn't suck since it wasn't raining but it's too hot! But I'll choose that than rain when visiting there. I'm also glad that it's not too crowded and the place is huge not much of people who prioritize photos for their new profile picture. lol

Not sure if I got tons of pictures but I was able to enjoy it even it's too hot. 

Ryan suggested we eat at "Nice Eatery" the cook there was so good that food are served on just a right amount with rice and soup. Tourists should also try there be a local sometimes they got bunch of choices. I was able to get buttered shrimp and for a meal of 3 people with 4 ulam and 4 rice it's pretty cheap for 215php. 

We get back at the condo at 1pm because he will fetch some guests in San Juan and then we planned to leave by 3pm for the grape farm where we pick some grapes but since we planned to stay another night after checking out there, we left the grapes and some chips in there. 

I'm thankful that I didn't slipped while we were there since it's so slippery well almost! Hahaha. We also bought some wine grapes which was good to be honest. Gem and I took home a bottle. 

After that we went back home then switched outfit for the beach where I was expecting sunset but too bad there's no sunset since it was very cloudy. 

We were able to ask cooked food from the staff of the condo which was a request from us there were Pakbet, Lato, and grill fish with tomatoes at the side. We somehow planned to have a feast at the rooftop too bad it rained. It was our last night where we once again drink and just bond with my dude. 

My Photographs: La Union

Thursday, August 24, 2017

La Union 2017 . Day 1

We left Cubao bus terminal at 10pm. It was good traveling at night time since there's no traffic and no sun that heat up so bad. Unfortunately we lack in sleep and no concrete plan on arriving at 4am even our Airbnb check in is still at 3pm

So we end up being in Mcdo from 4am to 6am and we decided to walk a bit to Macho Temple but it's not open until 9am and we don't have pants. We thought of going to Gapuz Grape Farm since it was recommended on blogs but upon checking some tricycle driver, they are not familiar with the place. They can get us in Bauang but we will be charged for 200php and we will just be there to take picture for 20php which I think is not worth it, so we decided to pass. 

It's 9am and we are now in Jollibee since before 7am. Gem and I are just totally chillin' at fast food chains in La Union. You can't blame us we both had a busy Tuesday then travelled at night that a little bit of excitement kept us awake as well as the sad news that's happening in Mindanao that we kept on checking updates on Twitter. 

This is our first trip that doesn't include a plane or boat ride so it's so new for us but looking forward to explore more later after we checked in and at least have a proper nap or sleep until dinner. I can't help it that I already slept here in Jollibee for maybe 30 minutes that makes me feel recharge and now Gem is the one taking nap. This is one of those days that I appreciate 24 hours fast-food chains other than just having late night cravings. 

I messaged the caretaker asking if we can check-in early good thing we can by 1pm. So we still have 4 hours and I'm thinking of eating again but all we want to do is sleep. 

Sleep is important to us next to food. Hahaha. Since it's all we need to have energy. 

Though I don't even regret traveling at night since it was cold in the bus. 0524 0920 

After Jollibee, Gem wanted to try Halo Halo de Iloko and we were able to find it. We were killing time since we were in La Union so early. Halo Halo was so good even we wanted to try something else on the menu we pass since we are so full from the fast-food hangout during that morning. We arrived there before lunch and the place wasn't jam-packed yet but as soon as lunch is approaching, there are people arriving in vans where they are usually 5-10 people per group. We were only got the chance with Fiesta Halo-halo since Buko Halo-halo is not available. 

After that we decided to buy some food that we might be needing in the condo so we search for a grocery and there's Puregold. No SM this time. Hahaha. We bought food and we did kill time in there by checking out the small mall where most of the locals shop their school needs. 

We got lost on our way to our rented Airbnb but we found it. Haha. And it isn't disappointing at all it was a fully furnished condo unit with a beach front. And the view of the beach it was my favorite and I can caught myself just staring at it so much and by that it's already satisfying even not swimming on the beach. 

After check-in we sleep well only Gem was on full mode of sleeping and I was just napping because M and I are discussing something. It was already sunset when she woke up. Was able to check out the sunset and capture it but we didn't take a deep on the beach just being around it, it's already satisfying. 

We went to the rooftop after and had some beer before dinner that night.

My Photographs: La Union

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

On Repeat . Last Young Renegade

Last Young Renegade by All Time Low

I've been listening to this album same time as when I tried listening to hfk but since they will be here in August and I planned to get a ticket maybe a week or few days before. Since there are so many albums that just been released, I plan to listen to this and to at least review songs before the concert. 

I like this album though at some point I think that Alex voice was somehow overpowered by the music that I think he drowned somewhere in the middle of the song. Can't pick a favorite but to those people who said that they changed, I can still hear them very clear in this album.

Can't wait to see my boys soon <3

When the lights go down
Come find me in the afterglow
Waiting to be found
I'll meet you in the afterglow
When the lights go down
Come find me in the afterglow
Waiting to be found
I'll meet you in the afterglow

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

On Repeat . Crumble

Crumble by Cheats

You say I see it backwards I've seen your world and it's crumbling down I'll beg off contemplating
If I should stay when it crumbles down I don't wanna waste my time in love I know that I waste my time enough I've drowned out long lost lovers They barely breathe so it's not so bad They'll try to seep in sideways My wall's so thick that it fills the gaps I hear them talk You gotta get back I hear them talk You gotta get back I hear them talk You gotta get back I hear them talk But it's crumbling I don't wanna waste my time in love I know that I waste my time I don't wanna waste my time in love I know that I waste my time enough Dreaming of a weekend, one that never stops I know I'll go back there even when it stops When the world is crumbling, I'll still be intact When the world's rebuilding it won't take me back I don't wanna waste my time alone I know that I waste my time I don't wanna waste my time alone I know that I waste my time enough

Friday, August 04, 2017

On Repeat . Talk

Talk by Cheats

[Verse 1]
Why'd it take so long?
I'm tired of talking
Who's first, you go, first to know
What's the use in talking?

Do you always go low?
When we get bored

'Cause I want you to stay
Say you'll come over
Say you'll come over
I just want you to stay
Can I come over?
Can I come over?

[Verse 2]
I take it in too much
The lights there are crossing
Even just a touch won't tell you the song
What's the use in talking?

[Verse 1]
Why'd it take so long?
I'm tired of talking
Who's first, you go, first to know
What's the use in talking?

Do you always go low?
When we get bored

'Cause I want you to stay
Say you'll come over
Say you'll come over
I just want you to stay (why'd you take so long?)
Can I come over?
Can I come over?
(Why'd you take so long?)
'Cause I want you to stay (I want you stay)
Say you'll come over (I'm coming over)
Say you'll come over (I'm coming over)