Saturday, December 31, 2016

Random . December 2016

Let's not ruin my favorite month. 

Few more days before our mini vacation but why do I have the urge to pack already. Haha. 

I'm watching the Finals G2 and I'm already missing the UAAP. :( 1207

You should be learning by now from your own decisions. 

Isolation is much needed for me to be able to write. If that's possible to happen. 

Haircut. 1209

There's a satisfying and unsatisfactory with the result of my recent hair dye. 

When my haircut is a big surprise to everyone. Lol 

F*ck. That was one shit of slow motion. 

Down time, I don't want to have this but I'm having it right now. Maybe it's time to write all of this thoughts but then I can't find the right words. 

Stuck in traffic makes me crave the road in Romblon. 

Maybe it's not this place that we all hate, it's the people. 

Few more task then sleep and I can have my vacation. 

I've been out of the country for the first time and I didn't update from the trip because I was enjoying too much that I want to maximize everything with friends. I will just post everything on my day-to-day blog from that trip. (On January 2017)

Ever since we came back I was so tired from all the walking that I spend too much time sleeping and of course being too busy with all the holiday craze and then weekend. Too much pending but I'll try to start now since I will be busy with work for a few days before the weekend again and hopefully I'll be celebrating my birthday in between. 

Merry Christmas! 

Officially, jetlag. 

Happy birthday, self. 

Seeing friends and watching good films on my birthday is one of the best decision ever. I don't want to be stuck at home just browsing my social media. I've been there done that last year and I just want to get out today. 1227

What the fuck happened to me earlier. 1229 

Watching MMFF entry is a beautiful excuse to food trip. 

I guess that's all for tonight. :( 

I don't want to ruin this last day of the month/year. 

At least I still tried. 

2016 wasn't good for all of us but personally I'm happy that I really maximize this year with everything like new adventures and new challenges and I'm so proud that I didn't take anything of this for granted. Yes, it was still a roller coaster ride.

And just like what I wished last year I just want less drama, lesser heartache and more happiness, 2017. 

I'm also looking forward to new music, new adventures, new tattoos and more hair experiments.

Thank you, 2016.

Hello, 2017. Happy New Year! 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hair Dye-ary . Haircut

Mid-October when I started to use Enchanted Forest and I experienced for the first time that it stained for days on my neck and when I sweat it also stained on my shirt. It was frustrating to remove it so when I retouched 3 or 4 weeks later, I mixed it with a sunflower oil and it still stained. One more thing that I don't like with Enchanted Forest is that it's too dark that I realized that Venus Envy was really my type of green. There's one thing I like on Enchanted Forest and that it take too long to fade. 

I decided that once UAAP is over for us, I will have a haircut because I'm a bit sick with green, some parts are already fading and it seems that everyone is doing dip-dye with green. So I want to change and ever since I love to try orange so I decided to have orange after the green and orange for the upcoming holiday season. 

Of course before retouching my hair, haircut is a must. Last Friday, I had a time to have a haircut rather than on the upcoming Monday. The thing is I want all to cut all the green part so it means hello, short hair! I really loved the haircut I had in April that I'm pushing this short hair and one more reason is that I want to have a new look for the holiday and for the upcoming adventure. 

It's hard to travel having long hair and I'll admit it was refreshing when most of it was chopped. I'm not depressed because we wasn't able to get to the Finals or what I just want a new look for this month and my hair isn't that healthy anymore. 

The problem was, the bleaching kit and my new hair dye didn't arrived on Friday and I was already uncomfortable not having a color in my hair. If my package will not arrive on Saturday it will be for sure on Monday and I don't know how will I survive few days without hair color. Originally I planned to clean on Saturday but as sick as I am, I decided to pass and just rest. Of course, I can't pass on bleaching my hair since I don't know how to survive without color. 

During haircut, I like the one who did my haircut. She was hesitant when I said to cut some more. Maybe she was afraid that I will backfire at her when it will be too short. She even mentioned that I should just have trim of I want to remove the other green on the tip. I was laughing inside because obviously she's one of the people who doesn't have any idea on what I can do to my hair. When it comes to my hair and some stuff, I want to do it DIY style. I already cut my hair one time, I do bleach and dye my hair with no assistance. I take risk with my own hair and as long as I will not touch the roots, I don't think I will have any problem. 

I even asked if they do bleaching (of course they do. Duh). Haha. I asked how much my hair will cost and she said probably around 1,800PHP ($40). I will not pay for such and my 2 jar of hair dye and bleaching kit cost the same! 

I take time on sectioning my hair this time because I don't really have a plan for the bleach was so epic fail maybe because I wasn't able to apply it ASAP. So frustrating good thing the other side wasn't bleached so I changed plans. 

I'm also being too careful not to burn my hair like the last time that's why I took my time and it end up not being bleached just like the usual golden brown and now it look like highlights. 

I somehow like how it end up but at some point I also want to achieve the same bleached hair that I got last April but I don't want to overcook it. 

Since it's not overcooked I think it will be easy to maintain since I can't bring a blow dryer and a hair iron for our adventure. It will be all good and I can't wait but first, let me take some time to medicate myself. Huhu. I'm having cough and tonsillitis. I want to be better before leaving. :( 


Friday, December 23, 2016


Of course, my favorite team deserve a single post so I can avoid comparing it to other teams. Though I'm really a fan of all the schools but this team is special.

Defending champion as they call us and there's pressure on that even we lose the key players that brought us to that championship. We really never expect to much from the team but we are still supporting them of course. The goal each year is Final 4 and going in to this season, it's hard to tell who teams get better other than DLSU who got Ben Mbala as I said this year is full of surprises too. 

For us Tams the great surprise was when it was end of 1st round eliminations and we are sitting alone on that number 2 spot next to DLSU. We started slow, we were defeated early on this season and that's okay. What we've learned before, it's okay to be defeated early on the season than the important ones at the end. 

Some didn't go our way like our schedule mostly was 1st game even it should be a main game so the crowd really toned down. We ended the season without a go-to guy, our games were giving us heart attack every time because they will do a huge comeback within a minute or two. It was a young team for sure but some of them got experience now so we are already looking forward for next year where Hubert Cani and Arvin Tolentino are expected to join the line up. Most important for next season and we waited for this is that, we are the host next season. 

I think it was during or after the 1st round when rumors began to spread that Coach Nash will be named as the new head coach of Talk N Text in the PBA and that means he will be leaving once the season is over. We are even bothered if he will leave soon since PBA is scheduled to start mid-November and the UAAP isn't over by then. I somehow think that it also affect our players since we had a very rough start on the 2nd round probably a factor next to a long break. 

When it was already confirmed, I never thought that I'll feel the same feeling I had when Terrence decided to join the PBA, it was heartbreaking. Coach Nash is such a respectable person and even we don't know him personally we see it the way he changed the attitude of the players. We love him for that and the way he is during games, he's just too cool even on crucial moments though you can also see if he is upset. Also you have to listen to his interviews because I assure you that you will give you full attention and you will never be distracted. 

S77 was not be for us but imagine if we did it back-to-back but that's for NU, nevertheless he gave us our 20th championship. 

Oh remember when we did a 25k record breaking crowd in Araneta? Yeah. Good times. 

It was hard for this season to be back in the Finals since there are times that we also depend on the other team but we were almost there just a millisecond late. 

At some point, that millisecond also saved all of us from another ticketserye. It saved my friends and I for spending too much if we will still play a 2/3 games. Of course I know that the experience in the Finals is so memorable and we've been there, done that. But knowing that everyone will surely push DLSU to be champion, it will be hard and maybe a little bit frustrating if we went through on the other hand, it will be nice if we did a back-to-back it's definitely their time now. 

Going to the F4 and having a 0-2 record with Ateneo, we really didn't expect too much. For us, being in the F4 was already a huge accomplishment but when we won that game against Ateneo it opened another chance for us to be back in the Finals. Unfortunately we didn't but losing on game 2 with 1 point wasn't that heartbreaking because we all know that it was indeed a one good basketball game, definitely one for the books. 

After the game, we check Twitter while waiting for our food and even that the game wasn't that heartbreaking the tweets of being thankful to Coach Nash made me tear up. Then it started to sink in, Coach Nash will move from UAAP to PBA.  That was also his birthday and we failed to give him a very nice birthday gift. 

Sir Mark Molina said before that they will do everything for Coach Nash to still be part of FEU so let's hope that we can still see him at the bench even it will be a strange one.

Coach Nash, thank you! 

See you next season. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

UAAP S79 . Thoughts

Watching the G2 Finals while rooting for Ateneo as I wait for a major come back, I feel so sad. Sad because it can be the last day of Men's basketball (and yes, it was the last day). Congratulations to La Salle. 

My favorite season once again wrapped up. It seems like yesterday when we watched our first game. I'll miss it again but I'm looking forward to next year this early. Haha. Hopefully we can watch Football next year because we've been planning to watch a different sport and we haven't done it yet. 

During the Finals aka the "dream finals", I prepared to have good food while watching at home and even planned to have popcorn but I wasn't able to buy ahead of tip off. I really wonder if the hype for this "dream finals" is as high as their first meet during eliminations but then it turned out that first elimination hype is better than this (as for me). 

As I'm rooting for Ateneo during Finals, I can't feel any hype about it. It just feel like elimination, not being bias of maybe because FEU was in the Finals for 2 consecutive seasons but the hype for S77 and S78 was so insane! There were banners, fans trash talking to each team on social media, ticketserye and even it wasn't a "dream finals" for others at least Boom and TJ or one of them was there (yep, that's included), also the fans and students! During S77 NU and FEU was cut somewhere separating each side but since UST and FEU hold the same yellow/gold color it's hard to say where was the line separating the fans during the Finals but do you remember the Popoy/Basha signs? Haha! That meme where they changed the face of the UST students and replaced by Raymar Jose with a caption of "Go Jose! Go Jose!". Haha. 

Though I know that's can't be compare to the rivalry of ADMU and DLSU it was the feeling that was lacking. Sure if you are a fan/alumni/student/employee of both school you will feel the hype. Yeah, maybe because FEU wasn't in the Finals this year but the facts are real deal like one huge thing is the crowd. I believe that both games never reached 18k so for sure the tickets wasn't sold out. Sorry guys I'm so proud that I'm part of a record breaking crowd during S77 where we fill up Araneta for 24k and 25k. 

One thing I mentioned to my friends that's okay that we didn't went to the Finals because it will be hard to push a back-to-back most especially when DLSU have all the hype. Yes, Ateneo was the only team that beat them during eliminations but doesn't mean they can also beat them once again most especially in the Finals. I also believe that Prince Orizu is a perfect match to Ben Mbala he just need to be careful with fouls. Not everyone will agree but FEU vs DLSU during eliminations are one of the best games this season. 

This season went fast and definitely one of the most intriguing because of the things that was changed, late schedule release and the uninteresting arrangement of games. that's just small issues that we personally took as a big one but this season was so good and it was also full of surprises. Surprises like the final result of the standings where UST falls at the bottom and how Adamson reached the 4th spot and was back on the F4 after 4/5 years later. On how and why Alfred Aroga was originally a center but mostly playing on a guard position. How was UE also ended up at the bottom when they didn't really lose the players they have last year. Most especially UP wasn't at the bottom anymore! 

S79 was full of surprises and I can't wait for next year since FEU will be the host. 

Congratulations again to DLSU for bagging the ROY, MVP and championship also to Jeron for finishing at the top. 

And the curse of MVP might be over. 

See you next season. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

UAAP S79 F4 Game 2 . FEU vs ADMU

One more win then we will advance to the Finals once again and we can defend our crown. 

Unfortunately, we fell short. No buzzer beater by Belo saved us, no twice-to-beat advantage, no go-to-guy, no specific player that will do a clutch, no more minutes to do a major come back, just a few seconds to try our luck to beat them even by one point, two if we are lucky enough. 

Last Saturday we won by one point after Thirdy throw that ball almost half court and it counts. Then they beat us by one point this time in overtime.

It hurts but not as much as it hurt during the 5-peat Era of Ateneo. 

A day later I can finally watch the last play and there are mistakes but we can't correct it for the next game and there are couple of reasons why it did happen like it was a wise move that Thirdy didn't push through the basket and just wait for the time to expire because if he didn't do that, we are probably the one in the Finals again; the defense of Ateneo on that last play was also good that they were able to run to the other side of the court, fast. 

One more thing after watching that last play, I now understand why people were disappointed on that play. I was disappointed too after watching it rather when we were there live. 

For the past years, we've been breaking hearts of ADMU and DLSU but this time, it's them who broke ours but it doesn't hurt so much because it's their time now. That's why I assume that with all the issues during Game 1 you all wanted that and now living the "dream match up". 

Overall, it was a very good F4 game match up between FEU and Ateneo since both game was just won by one point.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

UAAP S79 F4 Game 1 . FEU vs ADMU

We never win against ADMU in the elimination but we finally did on one of the most important game this season. 

We spent too much for ticket this game and no regrets since it can be our last game but it wasn't and we were never in patron of MOA yet for this season. Yep, that's a big deal. 

Oh and MOA, why put that the tickets are not available online when the arena doesn't fill that much. I really hate SM Tickets sometimes and Ticketnet too. Haha. I have a panic attack for tickets most especially at this time of the season. 

One more win and we will be back in the UAAP Finals. 

We maximize the patron experience and stayed for so long that we were able to take a picture on the court and to wait for the players. 

I'm really happy that I was able to see the former players and had a picture with some of them. I even had a short conversation with Mike and he still recognize me! Yay! I also had a very short exchange words with Coach Nash and a picture, I even greeted him advance happy birthday. I also want to have a picture with Coach Johnny but he was approached by someone when I already had a chance. 

While waiting for Coach Nash, a player from Ateneo came out and he smiled at me and I don't even know him! I think it was Isaac Go but I'm really not sure. 

Going back to earlier that day, when we entered MOA Arena I was so surprised to see a familiar face for the third time after a year (I first saw him so close last year when he was still with Blackwater and they have a game in Antipolo then last year during the first game of FEU and ADMU. I witnessed him play when he was still in Ateneo but I became a fan after). I was stunned because he was the first one I see and he also look on us right on cue! I somehow realized that maybe I'll see him or not since it will be Ateneo but with such moment I was starstruck. I want to ask for a picture with him but he was too formal at some point that I became so shy. Anyway, hi crush aka Bacon Austria. haha. 

Enough on my fan girl moment. As much as it deserve a different post, I don't think I will make it happen. Haha. One or two about that before is enough. Haha. Or maybe next time. Haha 

We need one more win to be in the finals once again, one more win to defend our crown. If we win, it will be a great birthday gift to Coach Nash and he wish that too.

See you on Wednesday. 


Monday, December 19, 2016


We didn't win against DLSU but the effort that was given by our players was amazing. 

Coach Nash said and I couldn't agree more that they exceeded his expectations. 

I was excited to see how DLSU play now with Mbala on their lineup and together with all the hype that was going around during pre-season. 

I was actually waiting for someone to do a clutch during the dying minutes of the game just like RR Garcia, Terrence Romeo, Mike Tolomia, RR Pogoy, Gryann Mendoza and of course Mac Belo. Maybe not yet today but soon. 

First games are usually unpredictable since everyone is adjusting so it's still too early to predict if a team can sweep the eliminations. Most especially to predict who will be the champion even there are few teams who are obviously strong. We don't pray for it but some may suffer injuries where it will affect the team's rotation. It's also hard to expect too much because at the end it's a win or lose on your part. 

At the end of every game day, let us all enjoy our favorite collegiate basketball league since in a snap this season will be over once again. 

Hi Coach Nash!!! Haha. Thank you for noticing and waving at us!!!! We trust you Coach! See you again on the next games. 

(and this is the only game during the elimination that I typed but I was still able to watch a couple of games. I'm just not sure on how many was it)


Friday, December 02, 2016

On Repeat . Perfectly Perfect

Perfectly Perfect by Simple Plan

The band that I love for 10+ years are still making me proud and my heart so happy. At first I think I will not like their album until I saw a post on Instagram about this song and I gave the album a try after it was released couple of months ago. Since then I put it on my current playlist then I started to love it.

I love this song for so many reason, (1) they are talking to fans, (2) its a general issue when we have to deal with our own insecurities and (3) I can relate and for sure you will too.

Such a great song and I want to post this first thing this month since its a major issue and we should learn how to accept who we are. Love and accept yourself. 

Can't wait to see them live again hopefully soon but first, get well soon Pierre. 

You might not think you're a supermodel
But you look like one to me
I'd rather have your picture on my phone
Than on the cover of a magazine
It's hard to think that a girl like you
Could have any insecurities
It's funny how all the things you would change
Are all things that are cute to me

And I know you don't believe me
And you think that I'm a fool
But I don't care

You'll never see in you what I see
The little things you do that make me go crazy
I'm not crazy
You're perfectly perfect to me

You brush it off every time I tell you
Your smile lights up the room
And I'm guessing that you don't even notice
The whole world notices you
You think you're clumsy
I think you're cool
You say you're typical
But I think you rule
Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever believe
That I wrote this song for you

You'll never see in you what I see
The little things you do that make me go crazy
I'm not crazy
You're perfectly perfect
You're gonna see you're beautiful this way
And that you're always gonna make me go crazy
I'm not crazy
You’re perfectly perfect to me

You don't have to try
Change a single thing
‘Cause just the way you are
Is sweeter than anything
Maybe I’m a fool but it’s always been you
‘Cause no one ever makes me smile the way you do