Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sounds like Raspberry

Last Moday I had a date with Grandma at Megamall and when I left them seating on somewhere, I went to Power Mac and I took a new baby home.

not yet an iPad or a Mac Book Pro .. lol
I got a  ....
I've been ranting on twitter that I need / want a headphone because mostly earphones are killing my ears if I'm using it more than 3 hours .... So yeah, I was looking for Urbanears since I already browsed their website last time while I was looking for a cute headphone (I also browsed HedKandi and Skull Candy but Urbanears won!)

Same Color!!!!!!! 
I'm in love with it <3

Too Early for a Year.

Came up with the title just a few minutes ago (when I posted the photo on facebook, haha I posted the picture on facebook just because I want everyone to know that I got a tattoo and for them not to ask too many question when they see me). The reason behind this is so simple, not as complicated as my first ink but too emotional.

I have this board (hanging near on my closet) where you can write some birthday wishes and signature or maybe names of visitors ... when I celebrated my 18th birthday and I suddenly stared at it exactly on my dad's message (as if everything is blurred except for his message) last December 27. 2011 when I'm getting ready on my Eastwood trip with friends. If your not familiar with my tattoo history, I got my first tattoo on my 22nd birthday (here's the story). I should just get this as my first one but I don't know where to put it and the first one was a perfect ending of something.

I'm really happy that I have this now, my number 1 source of strength, if not one from so many people at least the only person who accept me for the whole me, the only person who trust me 100% on anything and the guy who I terribly miss for almost a year, my Dad.

One more reason why I got it yesterday was, he was in my dream tho his face was blurred but we hugged each other. :(

I really don't speak or open to anyone how I really miss my dad, I just cry in my room not every night but mostly.... I never speak on his funeral, I don't want to stare at him when I visit him because it makes me cry but I'm the girl version of him.

I still cry when I know he's the only one I need, hopefully this tattoo will help me to be more strong to face every day and to deal with different type of person.

Dad, I will never stop missing you. I hope you're happy up there. I'll be strong for mom and sis. Please just guide me.

I love you and I really miss you so bad. :(

Arrggghhh!!! tattoo, why your pain is so addicting. LoL. Got it at Fineline Tattoo at SM Taytay unfortunately Butch Bautista was busy doing a portrait of a baby so one guy (Revo as Pao told me) did this and he even told me that I'm selfish for I'm the only one who can read it and I was like (duh, obviously the message is for me so why would I share it with everyone *this sounds so mean*) but he was so patient to me the whole time and I forgot to ask his name. Hahaha. Thanks bro. :)

-I think its good to get tattoo from different artist as long as you go to the trustful one. Be sure you are allowed to get a tattoo before getting one!

Typed this last July 18, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012


This was the 2nd game on the opening day: Battle of Espanya and Morayta !!! UST players came out first and you can see them on the first photo and when FEU players went out they go straight to the center of the court and do their usual stuff before a big game. 

Group Meeting / Group Hug (lol)
FEU Tamaraws
Terrence, Achie and RR
Russel, Carl and Christian
UST Growling Tigers

Let the game begin!

This guy in front of us are wearing a shirt from Season 72 or 73 and good thing I have his picture . HAHAHA (I'll tell the story at the end of this post)

Spotted: Jerie Pingoy of FEU FERN in this photo (I only realized that when I was putting watermark/s :)
Gem and I before the game
The story behind the guy in front of us was this ... on the last 4minutes of the game it become intense since it was a close fight and we are all standing, shouting and jumping then that guy face us (we are at their back) almost reading fist bump with me or Gem and he suddenly turn around maybe because he realized that he don't know us at all. hahaha then when the game was over and UST didn't shoot at the their last chance and Terrence rebound the ball, we are jumping and shouting and he fist bump with us! HAHAHA the best feeling and its the best way to start a season for FEU (I will always remember the semis last year .. )

Watching a game live is always my stress reliever .. I hope the schedule of FEU's game for the 1st round will never be changed .... fingers crossed.

UAAP Season 75 is Officially Open

It was my first time to watch on Opening Day but since Gem is so proud of FEU she invited some friends and we missed the opening program (so I can't share anything about the opening program) ... When we entered it was almost done and since our ticket is SRO we have to stand until the end of the 1st game (UE vs. NU) ...  

you can still see vacant seats and that's what MOA Arena means SOLD OUT

FVR on a friendly jump ball 

Not that exciting game since that's the final score ... and UE appealed some issue against NU ... but still NU is a must watch team this season (if that rhyming is acceptable). I'm excited to see NU vs ADMU game, since UST won against ADMU and there will be a lot more unexpected things that will happen this season ... MOA Arena as a basketball place is nice looks like I'm watching on the states and looks like I'm playing NBA 2k12 on an iPad except that I'm not controlling them. hehe and since I'm living in Rizal area, MOA Arena is too far from me and tickets on MOA Arena is too hard to get since they are a little unfair .. I miss Araneta but there are still games that will be on Araneta and hooray for that and Cubao is so accessible to everyone most especially there are so many terminals going to Manila, South,  North and East.

My rant over MOA Arena will never be over .

Pink Friday Experience

Last July 11, 2012, Gem and I watched Nicki Minaj at MOA Arena, it was our first time to enter MOA Arena and we already notice some things that might be wrong or its just because we are being so OC. hahaha 
It was Gem's first concert and I really hope she enjoyed it

Entering MOA Arena is a bit fancy since there will be no damage to your ticket, you just have to scan the QR code upon entering ...

Just a bored picture while waiting and a little break from Gem's story telling. haha

She cried ...
Concert photobomb ....

This photo have a story, all I thought was there was an encore but she already took a break when she changed her outfir all of a sudden Super Bass was her last song until the crown scream more .. more .. then she came out in her pink bathrobe just to give kisses to the crowd.
Nicki Minaj is such a sweetie. <3