Friday, August 31, 2018

Random . August 2018

taken by Dexter

One of the most busiest month and surprisingly makes me excited. 

This month is all about music and friends. 

Movie date with Alaine. 

Buybust - a movie that I was so hesitant to watch but good thing I did and it's an eye opener for this country. Hope everyone who will watch it will keep an open mind. It's not just about the artist too, it's real issue for the past years. 

As far as I can I will really try not to post any political stuff. 

Almost done with all the things for the upcoming trip. Yay. 

Not a priority. Not even an option. 

Fcking hurts. 

When there's too much to write but it will be all bitterness and anger. :(

Surprisingly, even after years you really can't trust certain people. 

Can't wait to be back on home court and make new memories on the same day where it shattered me. 

I almost forgot how comfortable it is on a dentist chair. 

One more thing to book and we are all set for Indonesia 2.0. 

The cause of this delay is v unacceptable. 

Geez. Please. Not. Today. 

Very unbelievable. And. Nope. 

Will take years or even my own lifetime. 

Hello daddy. I still miss you everyday. 7 years. How am still surviving. 081018 

Halsey is amazing live. A must watch. 

I'm trying to write here on one of my favorite 24 hours fast-food but my head is hurting. Makes me want to go home right away. 

One question then he was already explaining everything. Haha. 

I turned off my messenger months ago but with this up coming trip, I somehow turned it on. Still avoiding Facebook most of the time. 

Been busy the whole week trying to finish all of my task before leaving for Paramore weekend. 2 shows!!!! 

One last chance for a meet and greet pass. #fingerscrossed 

Thankful for the guy as always. Criticising my idea and at the same time brain storming. It's been a while since we laugh so hard too. Hahaha. 

Should stay away from social media before I become hyper with excitement. Will just update one person who will never be annoyed and intimidate me. 

On the way to Manila. Have to passed by FEU to meet my sister. Yay. 

Morayta. Haaaay. I missed you. 

Almost barricade but it's such a classic move of MOA to have a seat at a rock show. 

What a show. Thank you Paramore. One more.

I wasn't able to update anymore after that last line but I had a great time with friends after the show in Manila and also in Jakarta and experienced almost barricade in Jakarta for the Paramore show. I cried and dance harder for the 2 shows. Will write about it soon.
We also got back home safe and sound but for sure we all have a post concert depression.

Back to reality. ‎

Thursday, August 23, 2018

On Repeat . Bonnaroo 2018

This has been on my on repeat after watching Halsey just because right after Halsey, it will be Paramore dates!!!

Already seated at my seat inside MOA Arena (why always have seat at a rock concert) waiting for the show to start. Can't believe that I'm not missing this Manila date after rescheduled since I was so sad last February not having ticket.

Thankful that this HQ audio exists.

Can't wait to sing along tonight live with my favorites after 5 years of waiting.

This night will just be so fast but yeah will rest for now and will enjoy the whole show.

If you are looking for a HQ audio of Paramore live show, this is for you.

Ps. Her speech !!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Halsey Live in Manila 2018

Halsey is a must see.

I almost ditched this concert because of some major event this month but I don’t want to regret it. I almost regret not seeing some foreign artist for the past years and I have been a silent Halsey fan ever since I saw her talking to Josh Dun maybe 2014 or early 2015.

I don’t do much research on how she is during live performance until recently and I knew somehow that I will regret it if I didn’t see her. She’s already on the last leg of the world tour and seriously, Manila is the third to the last for Asia after Singapore and I was amazed how she got that energy. Almost maybe 5 months doing it with a little break in between dates but dang she got so much energy on stage. You will never see her tired doing all the running and jumping while singing though at some song she might not hit that note but you will never notice that much.

I’m happy that I made it happen and I will not regret anything.

Thankful that at some point it was transferred to Kia Theater from Araneta maybe tickets sale isn’t that good but it just more intimate there except for the guards at Kia Theater that are so disrespectful. I know that they are doing their job but please give us a break and let us enjoy the show.

One more date left next month for her world tour but if ever her next tour will include your city/state, please do yourself a favor and watch her live. You can thank me later. ;)

Set list:

Eyes Closed
Heaven in Hiding
Roman Holiday
Colors Part 2
Walls Could Talk
Now or Never
Young God
Hold Me Down
Bad at Love

 Come back soon, Halsey! <3

#HalseyinManila - 08/10/2018

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

08 . 10 . 2018

As I always say and if you already read somewhere that August 10 is one of my fragile day together with my birthday.

This year it was different feeling unlike the previous year, maybe because I was looking forward to a major rescheduled event.

One more thing is that I’ll be seeing Halsey for the first time! After announcing her world tour last March, I was having debate in myself if I should see her on August 10 for some it might be no big deal but for me it is. I know dad wouldn’t mind if I watch a concert on this day and for sure he’ll support me just like how he used to.

I was still unsure until maybe 2 weeks before the concert to buy a ticket. Good thing it wasn’t sold out and there’s like a balcony option which is not as bad if the venue was Kia Theater. Not until it was done, I’m so anxious if I will be regretting it but Halsey is a must see live.

Despite of the bad experience of the security of Kia Theater, it was all worth it.

I forgot the year when I started to listen to Halsey but maybe 2014 or 2015.

The concert was amazing.

Making new memories on a day I was broken 7 years ago.

Monday, August 20, 2018

How About No.

I was so not into any drama or anything that isn’t good vibes for some days of August. #fact

Why do people expect that it is just as easy as 1 2 3 or even changing clothes to move on where it affects the self-confidence, self-esteem and even on how you we’re introduced to some people who doesn’t even know you personally but already judged you based on a couple of post that was made?

No, it wasn’t easy.

Is it easy to forgive? Yes
Was it easy to forget? No.

I do ask some serious question after but I know that I shouldn’t ask about it just trust my instinct and forever give you that doubt.

If you done something wrong, it might just be easy for you to forget not knowing the damage you have caused. It was degrading. We were all bullied. We were all judged.

Was it easy to forget? No.

Took me years building the self confidence I have right now and it still on process but crashing into it in a snap makes me collapsed all over again. I don’t even know how to start rebuilding it. I don’t even know how to escape my daytime-nightmare for years.

For someone who made all the damage, it will not take overnight just to regain what you have before all of these. It will take time, don’t rush it because for all the things you’ve done, it might take your lifetime to prove to people how sorry you are and whether you like it or not you have to accept that.

Don’t ask questions on why this and why that at the first place, you know how it all started. Don’t be so surprised why people are avoiding you or why they lost respect in you, you make it all happen.

We’re all restarting for couple of times now and we are all tired of just starting and never seeing the progress. You said sorry for the nth time if we believe, will you prove it is true this time?

Maybe it was the answer for us but is it really is?

“Forgiving is not forgetting” – Forgiveness | Paramore"