Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Random . January 2017

Happy New Year! 

I love spending time with my babies, I wish more moments like this for 2017. 

Don't worry Mom, I'm very much aware. 

Why does sometimes going home makes me sad? 

Someone is visiting us. I know it's just between you three or maybe it's all of you in one butterfly. I miss you so bad. ❤ 

Mom, have you ever imagine that the 3 of us will be watching cartoon at this living room at this age because I never see this coming! This is now one of my favorite moment and this is only the beginning. Huhu I miss you, Alexander! :( 0102

Claiming our cuteness. #21

Why does it have to be the main reason. It's so sad, disappointing and heartbreaking at some point. #mantra 

So nice to see you today even for a very short time. Thank you. ❤

Wearing long sleeves and my tattoos are hidden, I feel a different person. Haha 

I really miss being a stranger in a foreign country. And I'm having dreams about it. 

Finally a time to clean my room and transferring photos but I'm already running out of space on my hard drives. 0107

I decided not to continue keeping a diary this year. I just don't want to be pressured every night to write. 

Another year, old you. New year doesn't mean you automatically change most especially if you stuck yourself in the past. 

Most of us moved on from the past, currently living in the present and maybe looking forward to the future but what if someone/something is pulling us back to the past where we already left things behind and accepted our failure. 

For someone who is craving for sushi for a month now, Tokyo Tokyo will do. 

Some people will never be contented in their lives. 

If not because of the way all of them think right now, that reward is probably given already. #mantra

I think I can't publish the SG-KL trip as well as the video not until I'm done fixing the photos on my iPhone. Still need to delete some and put up on my Tumblr. 

Maybe I don't want to share my previous trip because I need more time to let myself believe that it already happened.

Why am I searching for cameras when all I really need is a laptop. 

At a very uncertain time, the idea for SG-KL video is sinking in me. Can't wait to do it after my busy days. Haha. And I still got a blog post to think of! 

I should learn how to dress up even just going out in this town. Haha. My comfort zone is so high that I can't beat it up. Good thing I'm not over dressed up or under dressed. Haha. Anyway, Alexander should be the one that's here. 

All I thought this a bad idea but it's refreshing. Reminiscing the good old days. 

This place doesn't even have songs. Breakeven is on repeat for 10x now. Haha. And probably I'm the only one who was noticing it. I'll be sick in this song after leaving this place. Haha

Happy birthday, M! 

The guys on the radio is making sense about this current situation of this country. 

I don't go to the mall for nothing. ;)

Doing what I do best to escape. 

One year, who would have thought. :) 012117

This level of anxiety is what I hate the most. 

Thank you!!! ❤  012617

When they argue but it's obviously a no-brainer move. Hehe. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Kuala Lumpur 2016

(link to the video)

I don't want to beat my 19 minutes video ever, as in never again but I almost did one. Who knows maybe next time when I had a longer vacation than 5 days or to lessen it when I learned to let go some pictures and video clips. 

This was not hard as making the SG video since this is my favorite. The arrangement of events is as fresh as like it just happened yesterday. 

The thing is I got more video from Batu Caves, Ramaya Cave and Petronas that's why I almost beat the 19 minutes of the SG video. 

The music was just on the spot because I know what I want to use like Slowtown since it felt like we are always on the rush most especially during Singapore and I Miss You because the chorus fits in. The other songs was just picked randomly but I already made a Playlist prior on making the 2 video. Surprisingly, the song on the SG as well as the KL fit perfectly and some lyrics fell on a perfect scenario/picture. I love it. 

I really don't know if it's possible for me to shortened both video since I also want to make a summary for myself so when I want to go back to those trip I'll just hit play than digging on my hard drive. Even there will be just handful of people who will patiently watch the whole thing. 

I also included some street photos by Gem as a product of her bad mood and I became so proud with her shots. Haha. 

Good thing that I got an iPhone to use as an extra device to capture moments and the apps such as Boomerang and Hyperlapse as well as the feature of the camera which was the slow-motion that I just used for the first time and even the video. 

Not sorry for the too much pictures since we do make sure that everything wasn't the same. Haha. And I hope we left them a lesson to never be afraid to make wacky on pictures. That's what we always do and it's fun. More photos more fun so be sure to have huge memory for photos and videos because it's fun, really. 

Upon completing this video, I felt sad that Jesse wasn't able to join us during this trip I wish he was with us so he will be included not just on photos but on the videos that I made and to memories, of course. 

I wish I'll be able to steady the GoPro next time so it will not be as shaky as it is most times. Haha. Believe me, I myself experience the dizziness while watching because I do watch my videos on repeat for weeks. I've done handful of videos but still, I never learned. Haha. Next time which I don't know when. Haha

Kuala Lumpur is really my favorite even for a short while, it so good to experience a strange place with just my own research. 

No plans yet but I can't wait for the new places to explore this year. 

Both videos were edited on iMovie on iPhone6. 

My Photographs: Kuala Lumpur

Do yourself a favor, plan that trip.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Singapore 2016

Youtube muted my video because of copyright on the music I used so I tried Vimeo but unfortunately I can't put it here directly so I'll just put the link

All of my post about the SG-KL trip was posted now but I haven't fix the photos for my Tumblr but I will soon when I'm done with the KL video.

This is the hardest video to make to be honest. I got a lot of photos from 4 iPhones, GoPro and my DSLR not to mention all the other photos from Gem that I haven't get.

One more reason that this is the hardest was because when we got back it was the holiday season and we have to be here and there for family reunions to maximizing the vacations of the kids. Usually when I get back from vacation, I give time to unpack my things, tidy my room up and then fix the photos/videos from the trip but this time it was different, it took me so long.

I regret just earlier last week on not buying extra battery for the GoPro or a least a trusty power bank to re-charge it. I only had a few videos that's why I included bunch of photos on this video when I really prefer to do a full-length-just-video like my Romblon trip. Not to mention I was really torn which to prioritize with the GoPro and the SLR since I haven't shoot for a while with the SLR and of course for the sake of Tumblr but seriously, I miss using it manually. I wasn't even satisfied at some point with the photos but its all good since I don't have decent photos for a while and I was in a new place why not capture everything I can.

The GoPro was just there waiting for me to use her but at some point it doesn't even feel right to use it maybe one major reason why I didn't prioritize using it.

I had a struggle doing this video that I don't want to share it I just want to keep the experience with me and let myself absorb that this year-planned-trip was already over. I really had fun with friends out there but I think one thing that lacking was we weren't able to sit down and just had a good time with just talking with beers but doing the scheduled activities wasn't bad at all. It was tiring with all the walking but I wish we were able to not had a good sleep and just be awake all night.

With all the available pictures, I don't know what to put in the video. Mostly taken with an iPhone and knowing the quality it doesn't pass my standards but thankful for front cameras, I was able to join the pictures when I was mostly the one behind it.

This is my longest video to date and I still got struggles because when I was making videos, I want to share everything although the walking from here to there are not included but still I wish I was able to share what I want to send to all the people who will patiently going to watch the 19 minutes video.

I also got some struggle on choosing the songs that I'll use since I want to put my personality on my videos and luckily it hit me. 2 weeks before completing this, it was the first time I checked my GoPro and I don't have any idea on how will I do this video since I can't envision what I want to do. The struggle is real. Haha.

The original plan was to make a SG-KL video but due to the time of this video I decided to separate the KL and hopefully when I start that later I will not have the same struggle but I was just fixing the pictures earlier I think I still want to include everything.

I just have to speed up the some video clips even it will make you dizzy but still I hope you understand. Its not as easy as doing a slideshow most especially when I'm trying to send a message or I want to make you experience what we saw and where we went.

Whatever on how people will analyze the video I just did that for the satisfaction of myself and hopefully my friends liked it. Anyways, I believe there will be just handful of people who will make it to the last millisecond of this video.

photos from me or from friends ... more photos on my Tumblr soon

My Photographs: Singapore

This video also means I'm sending you a message to book that trip and enjoy

Friday, January 20, 2017

Kuala Lumpur 2016 . Day 2 (Last Day in KL)

December 23 2016 

we passed by Petronas while we are on our way to KL Sentral via Grab

Last day are usually bittersweet. The fact that I don't want the vacation to end but also you want to spend the holiday season with family back home and of course back to reality. 

We checked out 1 hour early because we still want to roam around because if we went out then head back to the condo we will not make it on time of checking out by 12 noon. We booked a Grab and we head back to KL Sentral since Nikka and Ate Maya have their bus trip back to SG scheduled at 2pm and we have our flight by 6pm. 

group picture before we separate ways again ... 
Ryan has been craving for ice cream when we arrived at KL but we haven't got the chance to eat until this moment and it was my first time to try BR!!! So yummy!

We separated at the mall in KL Sentral because I still want to go back in KLCC because I was planning to buy shoes. We once again rented a locker and went back to KLCC. I bought shoes and we are just in time when we get back at KL Sentral. We arrived there before 3pm and the next train trip to KLIA2 is at 3:20. The ticket from KL Sentral to KLIA2 via KLIA ekspres cost RM55 and you will be straight to KLIA and KLIA2. 

I love that you can get to the airport via one train ride and not to mention KLIA2 is a very nice airport. 

we ate KFC at the airport after checking in our baggage and this is the view outside ... is it such a beautiful open space? I love this ... 
about to go inside the plane...

I love Kuala Lumpur than Singapore. 

Kuala Lumpur makes me feel that I'm obviously out of the country. I love to come back in there than is Singapore to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I like Singapore in a different level but I love Kuala Lumpur much more.

and we're back ... Hello Manila!!! 

photos from me or from friends ... more photos on my Tumblr soon. 

My Photographs: Kuala Lumpur 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kuala Lumpur 2016. Day 1

December 22 2016 

I believe there are different way to transfer from SG-KL like a train and another bus line but we travelled via KKKL. I was nervous because there are literally bad reviews about it but I dozed off after KL immigration and I don't know what happened. My friends say the driver was a bit reckless but what do I know. Haha. There are USB ports at the middle of the seat but no WiFi. The seat are okay that I was able to sleep the whole trip with a huge leg room that I was still able to put my bag in there. The only downside was they are not saying on where are we like when we arrived at the exit at SG and while at KL immigration and most importantly when we arrived at KL Sentral. My top concern is to arrive safe and sound at KL Sentral and I believe that everything will be okay by then.

The immigration stops are for the first hour we were already done in KL immigration by 1am where I already dozed off. Haha. And for me that's good because we can sleep now for the rest of our trip although they didn't sleep soundly like I did. Haha. 

For SG immigration you just need to present the passport but in KL immigration you need to bring down your baggage for scanning and that's it. Be sure you already have some Malaysian Ringgit before leaving SG because once you're done with KL immigration you should be using Ringgit. Good thing my friend changed his SGD to RM earlier because there's a mini grocery store right outside the immigration and he's the only one who got RM. Haha. 

We arrived at KL sentral at 6am most stores are still closed but thankful for McDonalds where we can stay and eat breakfast but thankful again that Ryan got some RM200 or we will starve. Haha. Because most of the foreign exchange will open by 9am. We were able to eat and watch KL Sentral be alive within hours. 

Nikka was the tour guide for SG and since no one has ever been to KL, I take charge. According to blog and guides for KL, KL sentral is the middle of major transportation transfer so we chose that as a drop off from the bus trip because there are couple of choices as your drop off. 

I planned the whole KL trip but some things changed in the middle of the trip but nevertheless most of it was because of me.

I wanted to try AirBnb and I'm happy that I did and Steven was so nice and his place was too nice that I thought $56 for one night sound pricey but my friends really liked it. 

Our check in is at 1400 and we were already there early in the morning so what I planned is, Batu Caves right after breakfast. Before leaving SG my friends are asking me if there's a dress code for Batu Caves and I can't remember if I read about it somewhere and since I already planned KL, I let them research that information and apparently you can't wear short or anything that's above the knee. 

Ryan was still the only one who got Ringgit and if we are going to wait for the opening of the Money Exchange, it will eat up a lot of time. Just when I decided that we can still survive the trip to Batu Caves with the Ringgit that Ryan is holding. 

We have all of our bags and that's hassle, good thing I searched that there are lockers within the area with different prices mostly depends on how big the locker you will rent. 

train tokens ... I'm amazed by this

yes I wore my docs to climb up Batu Caves. haha

From KL Sentral, the other end of the red line of the train is Batu Caves and it's not hard to spot on and you will be really dropped off just outside Batu Caves. 

Another good decision because when we decided to walked up, there are only few people when we went up and as they're repainting the 3 staircase and 1 was the only access going up and down. Batu Caves is an instant workout and it will gave you instant water falls in your body. Haha. 

When we decided to go down, there are already bunch of people going up and good thing we experienced it with less people when we were at the top. 

There are few stores at the bottom of Batu Caves that we were able to eat and there's also a money exchange booth. After eating we were supposed to go back at the station but we passed by at another cave (Ramayana Cave) that you just need to pay for RM 5 it's super worth it. I never read/knew about it so it was such a surprise to see what was inside. It's just also at the area of Batu Caves.


After we went back to the train and had a trip to KL Sentral then we got our bags and transfer to the Blue line where we will go to our Airbnb that's sitting tight on the middle of the city. 

It was a 5 minutes walk from KLCC station. I rent out a whole condominium for the 5 of us and I'm really happy that they liked the place. We checked in late though since we wanted to eat first. We planned to just walk but our bags are heavy now and we are tired then it also rained so we decided to use Grab. 

When we got to the condominium, it was a relief that we own it all and we can rest for a bit and refresh before going out again for dinner. The shower after bus trip, Batu Caves and walking and carrying bags was so refreshing. I wish there was a bathtub but I think if that happened, I will never ever leave the bathroom. Haha

Ate Maya was supposed to meet her cousin at The Pavilion which was a few blocks away from Soho and we had an early dinner at Johnny Rockets. 

I was a bit lost already on where was KLCC / The Petronas Tower good thing he told us that we can walk on the bridge that led to the KLCC area because we just decided to go to Chinatown even it's already 9pm and I read that it closes by 10pm. We made it and we bought chocolates, ref magnets, key chain, t-shirts aka pasalubong. 

We went back to KLCC station for Petronas then we decided to search for Bukit Bintang. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see where it was after all the walking we did. One more reason to be back. 

It was somehow a disappointing moment but thankful for video call with M to shift my mood and still call it a goodnight.

photos from me or from friends ... more photos on my Tumblr soon.

My Photographs: Kuala Lumpur 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Singapore 2016. Day 3 (Last Day in SG)

December 21 2016

We got tickets already for today since it will be easy to go around knowing what to do and not wasting time on lining up for tickets. 

After USS yesterday, we went back to VivoCity where we can already purchase tickets for today. The lady gave us flyers where there's the list of all attractions. There are package where you can choose 3, 5 or if you want all attractions at a discounted price. We can choose 5 or all but we are on limited time so we chose the 3 attractions one is my request which is the S.E.A. Aquarium and we can still choose 2. I don't know what happened on why we choose Madame Tussauds wax figure maybe because less physical activity coming from a very tiring day at USS and saving energy for the rest of the day. For our third, we are thinking of cable car, Tiger Sky Tower and Skyline Luge . To be honest I wasn't game with the Tiger Sky Tower maybe because I also thought that it will be another extreme ride where you will be dropped from gazillion meters. We end up on that or another that needs physical effort but upon purchasing the seller informed us that the Madame Tussauds and Images of Singapore are already 2 attractions we didn't realized that it's "and" not "or" on the flyer. I let them decide for it because I just really wanted the S.E.A. Aquarium and they have decided the S.E.A. Aquarium, Madame Tussauds and Images of Singapore.

Just like yesterday, we were just in time for the opening that we're able to enjoy it with less people. 

First, Madame Tussauds. Amazing wax figures. Everything was very detailed the face, teeth, height, hair, accessories, clothing as in everything. Although I expect too many figures but I guess that's okay but I'm looking for Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga. We had fun taking selfies with them and I was amazed when I saw Angelina Jolie then I wondered if she also got the tattoos and she have it! Amazing. 

Next, Images of Singapore and we don't know what to expect here. It's also a bit awkward because they really want something else but at the end we were able to enjoy and learn something about Singapore. 

Images of Singapore is a must for every tourist. We enjoyed how the host entertained us and how lively they are on their acting. We learned the things that happened on 1940's onward and at the end you will realize that their current status is because of how everything worked out from those years. 

It didn't stopped me for thinking about my country. They took years to be where they are right now and the Philippines has been independent for a longer period and still we are left behind. Was it stolen from us? Did we just took a chance for granted? Will I still see what years later for this country on my lifetime? I wish but the biggest factor is the discipline of the people. It's hard to discipline people who have better opinions before analyzing what will be the outcome. It was really an eye opener experience and I'm glad we did it. 

Third and last attraction at Sentosa was the S.E.A. Aquarium and the mermaid inside me is so happy to be reunited with all the sea creatures that's in there. 

It made me so speechless that I just want to stare at it all my life. 

Then we went back to VivoCity for late lunch before heading to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Good thing there's a shuttle service because it's too hot to walk and I'm tired with all the walking. Haha

Flower Dome was a heaven for photographers. I love to shoot flowers and there's a lot. We were amazed that the whole place was air condition and yes it's for the flowers but with such a huge space to air condition is already a wow for me. The only down side was there was no name tag for every flower. I wish that there are so we will know, like me being crazy over blue flowers and I'm not sure if that's forget-me-not or just another blue flower. I was hoping to see more flowers than what we usualy see but there was no poppy and peonies. Or maybe I just didn't pay too much attention but the whole place was worth the visit. 

Cloud Forest just beside Flower Dome and that inside falls, wow. The place is air condition too and being up there on the 7th floor walking down was a bit scary but fun. You should pay a visit because it's super worth it. 

Just like any attraction from other places, its good for one visit then you repeat it years later. Unless, you really have to visit it once again.

We end up like 6pm and we have a choice of going back to Nikka's place or just go straight to Bugis for some pasalubong. I suggest that we go to Bugis so our bags will be packed before leaving for KL by midnight than being at Bugis early for our midnight trip with all our bags and buying pasalubong, that will be too hassle. 


Yes, we travelled from SG to KL that night. 

Why KL, when I was checking flight from SG-MNL the tickets was so expensive for the 23rd probably because it's holiday season if it will not be Christmas we probably going home on the 25th. I read somewhere or Gem mentioned that we can transfer to KL and when I checked the KL-MNL trip, it was half the price of SG-MNL that's one reason why we transfer to KL. 

I also made a swear to myself that if I will be out of the country for the first time, I don't want to go to HK or SG because mainstream. I ate it up by going to SG for my first out of the country trip but I'm happy that we were able to do SG-KL because that's purely different from the mainstream people. Haha. Most of them didn't know that we will transfer that all along they knew that we're still in SG for 5 days. Lol

photos from me or from friends ... more photos on my Tumblr soon.

My Photographs: Singapore

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Singapore 2016. Day 2

December 20 2016 

Tired with the last minute to-do the day before leaving, the flight and the warm up walk for the whole week that we woke up a little bit late for Universal but then with a very nice train transportation, we are just in time.

Universal Studios Singapore is our planned for Tuesday and we were able to enjoy it because it didn't rain it was super duper hot. It's the first time in my life to feel my sweat dripping all over the place while roaming around and it's not a joke. I didn't experience that when we were in Enchanted Kingdom. Our weather here is still bearable I couldn't take the humidity in there. 

We lined up for most rides from probably 15min to 55min. Yep we payed to lineup. There's like an express line but Nikka said you have to add up S$80 for that ticket. Lining up is not that bad if you have good company. 

We started with Spaghetti Space Chase because we wanted some air conditioning but we we're tricked with the long line inside that's not visible on the outside; Galactica where we probably lined up for 45-55 min and I lost my soul in there but the twist and turn was very smooth unlike the Space Shuttle in EK; The Mummy where Nikka said it wasn't that extreme like Galactica but shitness is real I didn't expect it will be like that; Transformers, where I wanted to scream at Bumblebee. I was just in awe and wanted to own Bumblebee. We ate late lunch then the last was Shrek and we didn't repeat any rides or tried Cyclone because I believe that I already hit the max of my extreme self. Haha. I'm willing to wait for them if they still want to ride some more but we just roam around at the souvenir shops after. 

When we went back to VivoCity after USS, we decided to get tickets already for tomorrow's plan which is S.E.A. Aquarium (this will continue on Day 3). 

We went to Lucky Plaza to eat and exchange money and I tried one of the food that I forgot what it's called but it like Ramen with fried liempo in it and it's so yummy. 

Friendly advice: if we travel to somewhere new, it means we want to try something new and comfort food is a big NO. 

After dinner we went to Gardens by the Bay we were late on trying to go on its bridge but we just enjoyed and walked around. I didn't really appreciate the decorated lights in there because I think it's overlapping each other at some point. 

We once again went home I think that was before midnight since it will be another jam packed for the next day.

photos from me or from friends ... more photos on my Tumblr soon. 

My Photographs: Singapore

Monday, January 16, 2017

Singapore 2016 . Day 1

December 19 2016

Delayed flights are okay as long as it is within the same day rather than losing a day unless it really needs to be cancelled because of bad weather. 

This one week trip was originally planned early 2016 and now it's over. Time to look back and I'll try to remember everything so I will not miss a single thing. 

Supposed to be leaving by 1340 but because of delay we left at almost 1530. It was a smooth flight because it wasn't raining even though there was a typhoon inside PAR. 

Since we will arrive just in time for dinner, I don't want to waste any minute so I told Nikka that when we arrive we can go straight to dinner and maybe go around the city already so time will not be wasted. 

Transportation was mostly the MRT and a handful bus trip and few Grab/Uber. Nikka borrowed some MRT cards from friends and load up before we get there so we save minutes from that. I really think that I asked for the card that I used but then I can't find it so maybe I gave it back. 

When we arrived there are rain showers when we got to Makansutra, it stopped and we were able to walk around Marina Bay and saw the Merlion up close then after it rained again. It was the sign to book a Grab and go to Nikka's place. 

It was a long day but good thing we were able to go around. We planned to go back on daytime but everything is on proper schedule already so if we can squeeze it in we will but we didn't. 

That's what we accomplished for our first night even we got delayed. I'm satisfied with it because that was our original plan.

To be honest, it doesn't feel that we're outside the Philippines it just feel like we were in Makati. Yes maybe if you will shop for high-end brands it's a good place to be and maybe for a little escape. 

photos from me or from friends ... more photos on my Tumblr soon.

My Photographs: Singapore