Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hair Dye-ary . Retouch and Add Ons

Why did I hesitated this move before? Moving on, please take a time on reading my Hair Dye-ary. Wonder Girl first before this.

Wishing that I did this already before so there will be no add ons but it happened already. I don't know what happen but I knew it last week that I want to make my colored hair visible.

The problem is, how can I separate my bleached hair from it? Because if I bleached again those part it will be super dry. So I did my best to at least connect whatever I wanted to add on this and with my OCness, it wasn't the same on both side but I love the result! This was more likely Cassadee's now. :)

its was a little hard to separate but I did it anyways ...

always the not so friendly process, bleaching.

I panicked a little because I almost ran out of bleaching stuff after my left side and I still have the right one to go! Luckily, I got to mix asap another bleaching stuff for my right side and I thought it didn't work because it doesn't heat up when I covered it but after 45min ....

good thing it was bleached

When I was applying Manic Panic, I thought I will also ran out of my hair dye but luckily, there are still a few left and I decided to keep it and not empty the jar. After this I'll retouch this with Manic Panic:Electric Banana 

If I'm not too lazy on retouching my hair every time it fades, this jar will not reach 10 months. And I just use it on little parts so I think that's one reason too

The other day, I was again browsing the website of FunkyStreaks, somehow I want the Manic Panic Venus Envy, maybe not now but if I already ran out of bleaching stuff then that will be the sign. Haha. 

Still inspired by Cassadee's hair but I think this style will live for a long time ;)

Why do you race through my red lights? - How You Love Me Now | Hey Monday

Saturday, September 21, 2013

UAAP S76 MVP: Terrence Romeo

I don't want to join some stupid crap going around the internet I just want this appreciation post for Terrence okay? If you don't have something good to say leave this page already.
 Thank you.


After the last game of FEU rumors are starting to spread like nutella that the UAAP S76 MVP is from FEU. I don't want to believe at first since there are no official announcement yet but I'm quietly praying it is true.

My friends know this and if you read my UAAP blog post since Tumblr days for sure you know that I'm one of his gazillion fans. When he grab 'Rookie of the Year', I was busy with school stuff so there's no spare time to watch basketball on tv or live and somehow, internet is not so important yet. But there was this one day that we watched live and it was versus La Salle and I think they won. Here's a link to my blog about that.

The three photos are from 2009, when Aiza was taking Physics, their professor require them to watch UAAP live and I would join them. happy times :)

Until last Season 74, Gem and I started to watch live as in most of the games we're there and ever since S74 I never missed the FEU vs ADMU game even though mostly FEU was defeated not until their match on the first round this season. ;) sadly, S74 was the last year of Ping.

If you witnessed the previous years of Terrence, you know that he really improved this year let's give credit to his experience on D-League and on the things he learned from different coaches (not just on UAAP but also on D-League). 

I'm so proud of him with all the improvement he did, changed the things/attitude that he need to change inside and outside the court, involving his team mates (and probably one of the best story of this season was the TR-RR tandem) and who will forget the most famous MRT (Mike, Ryan, Terrence), listening to coaches carefully and he will follow whatever the instruction to him,handling some situation inside the court (good thing he just got a warning regarding on unsportsmanlike foul or else, he will not get this MVP and Parks will get it again for the 3rd time because Mammie got suspended. I'm not against Parks but I'm just explaining the other situation that might happen), dealing with bashers and to the people who wait for him every after game (hehe),  and yes Terrence Romeo can pass the ball and he just scored 311 freaking points on 14 games with consistency of 20 or plus points on the first 7 games and 30 or plus points for 3 games.

Since I'm super proud of him, I got teary eyed when I read that it is official, Terrence Bill Romeo is the UAAP S76 MVP. I'm so happy for him and with him getting the highest individual award hopefully, the FEU Tamaraws will grab the championship this year.

Can't believe that the UAAP basketball season is almost over ... I'm going to miss this again but I keep reminding myself that we can watch the not-so-nervous-games on PBA D-League.

I owned all of the pictures on this post and if you want to check my previous post about UAAP you can check it here .

Lets go back to Season 74 .... HAHA

Congrats Terrence Bill Romeo for being the Most Valuable Player of UAAP Season 76 *confetti*

I'm so proud - AEivrynRV

Friday, September 20, 2013

Rant . Where am I

Why I can't remember the things he told me?
I lost him again, my best friend.
I tried to find him but I can't see him anymore, I can't contact him.
Dreams aren't real but I hope I can still talk to him
What does this means?

Scientific or not. I'm lost. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

On Repeat . Stay The Night

Stay The Night - Zedd feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore

This was released last week and honestly, I don't know what to expect on another collaboration project of Hayley Williams. I listened to the preview and all I thought was I'm not gonna like it but daaaaang I played it on my computer and iPod gazillion times!

I'm a member of Parafamily (if you don't know it yet) and I love Hayley so much it hurts but seriously her collaboration with B.o.B. with Airplanes is awesome as well as her 'via skype' performance with fun. with Somebody That I Used To Know because Hayley was in LA and fun. was in the UK (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to be specific).  

B.o.B. ft. Hayley Williams - Airplanes

Fun. ft. Hayley Williams - Somebody That I Used To Kinow

How did it happened? Check here .

And please STOP saying or assume that Hayley Williams will leave Paramore, after all the success of their 1st album as a trio? I think Hayley going solo is not gonna happen in the history of all history. Lol

This is upbeat and you might hear it on clubs soon. I'm always singing 'are you gonna stay the night'
Good thing it wasn't a 'chorus on repeat' song. At first you might think it is but listen carefully 

Zedd ft. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night

Are you gonna stay the night
Are you gonna stay the night
oh oh
Are you gonna stay the night

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Repeat . Nothing with You

Nothing With You by Descendents

I discovered this song when Mariel Loveland sang it a year ago, then they released a studio version weeks ago. 

This is the theme song of me and my hobby of watching basketball live. Hahaha! I know it’s pathetic but it’s really funny because 'doing nothing' is a little escape and watching basketball is on the top list.

People may not know what it feels watching basketball live or what do we get out of it but don't kill it. Go find your own "little escape" moment.  

doing nothing having fun

Here's the original version 

and here's Candy Hearts version

All I wanna do
All I wanna do
All I wanna do
Is do nothing with you

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On Repeat . The Other Side

The Other Side by Tonight Alive

I got the new album of Tonight Alive 'The Other Side' but I haven't listen to it until awhile ago when I remembered that I have it already. While doing some errands, I listen to each track and (just to make clear this is not a full album review) one song that really shoot me in the heart is the single 'The Other Side'.

I don't need to explain or elaborate anything. This song, this really speak everything I want to say/sing, the lyrics is just so perfect. Omg. :(

Music Rules. I'm going to post the lyrics below the video.

This song means a lot to me. Why am I traaaap :(((

I was back in high school when
We were talking late from 10
Staying up till 3 AM
Just friends

You didn't have your license yet
We would lie under sunsets
Without a single worry yet
Just friends

And you would let me cut your hair
I thought about you everywhere
I haven't been the same since then
Just friends

Cause every time I ran
I ran to you
I meant it every time I said I loved you
I kiss the thought of you and I
I still regret the day that we said goodbye

And do you think of me at night
I still wish we could've made it right
You can't say that I never tried
I guess everything seems more clear
Here on the other side

I left you at the station where
I would cry and watch you stare
Out the window as you left
Just friends

I called you form a payphone line
Out of the country but I'm fine
I just miss you all the time
Just friends

Cause every time I ran
I ran to you
I meant it every time I said I loved you
I kiss the thought of you and I
I still regret the day that we said goodbye

And do you think of me at night
I still wish we could've made it right
You can't say that I never tried
I guess everything seems more clear
Here on the other side
Here on the other side

And there are so many things
I wanted to say
That I want so much
And you moved away
And I think of all the times that you were right
I wish I could explain

Cause every time I ran
I ran to you
I meant it every time I said I loved you
I kiss the thought of you and I
I still regret the day that we said goodbye

And do you think of me at night
I still wish we could've made it right
You can't say that I never tried
You can't say that I never tried

Cause every time I ran
I ran to you
I meant it every time I said I loved you
I kiss the thought of you and I
I still regret the day that we said goodbye

And do you think of me at night
I still wish we could've made it right
You can't say that I never tried
I guess everything seems more clear
Here on the other side

And if you're wondering
I'm great
I'm stronger now but still
The same
My love for you it will
My friend

Friday, September 13, 2013

On Repeat . Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound by Tonight Alive

This song reminds me of the love stories that I read for the past months but this is a perfect song for Faking It by Cora Carmack. Its been on my iBooks for months now and I just read it last week and what can I say, I fall in love again.

It also fits my dream earlier .... 

I don't know the story behind this song but if you want to know then 'google it'. :)

I can't explain it briefly but I love this and the lyrics says it all.

This makes me miss some people, makes me miss the feeling of falling
being safe and sound.   

Cause even if it all came crashing down
As long as you're around
I'll be safe and sound 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

On Repeat . Amelia

Amelia by Tonight Alive

I'm pretty honest that I just started to listen to Tonight Alive mid-August when I finally played the 'Breaking and Entering' acoustic on Buzznet and here's my comment mid-way of watching it.

I'm totally aware of them since Sammy Roenfeldt is posting about them non-stop and I'm seeing them on Buzznet a lot lately because of their new album 'The Other Side'  and they are part of Bazooka Rocks 2 and I know that they've been here last year.

And I started to listen to 'What Are You So Scared Of?' And Daaaaang! Why did it took me so long before listening to them??? Better late than never ;)

Let's talk about the song, who is Amelia? According to what I read on some website, Amelia is Jenna's friend who died on an accident. If you listen to the song I believe that the lyrics speak for itself.  

Speaking from experience, I know how it feels to loose a family member and a friend while others are just so faaaaar away to be re-connect with but it has no difference at some point. I'm thinking about them when I listen to the song and somehow this song convince me that some people are really not meant to be reachable all the time.  

I find it sweet that Jenna wrote a song for her friend. Not everyone in this earth will have a song by their loved one or a friend in a band to let everyone know your name, your story or your friendship.

I have a thing for a slow or sad song.

So here is it. Listen to it and I hope you'll find the time to remember your old friend/s, and some loved ones. 

And now we must let you move forward
Our love lies with you
Our souls fly with you

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On Repeat

Hiiiiii :)))

Since there will be no Fyi, I'm a Girl when I don't have new purchases or because most of the time I'm not in a mood to be in my girly side; no Hair Dye-ary most of the time because let's admit that I'm somehow lazy to retouch my hair; no every week Road Trip, and most especially, my Rants are not that cute, I wanted a new blog series that is so close to my heart and to my everything, Music.

When internet was unreachable and text messaging is the number 1 communication in high school people's first question was 'how are you?' then it will be followed by 'what are you doing?'. Most of my answer to that 2 questions is and somehow until now, 'I'm okay' and 'listening to music'.

So I'm doing this 'On Repeat' series on what is the most played song on my computer, iPod, phone and in my head without knowing on how many times I played it in a day. I don't know how regular I'll do this but I'll try my very best since this doesn't require more time and I do type my blog posts on my Blackberry so it's easy than the other post. I'll try to connect or post the same thing on my Buzznet. Anyway, I'm working on my first 'on repeat' post so stay tuned! 

this is Dakotah Rae and I got this photo from her Tumblr .

"Music Rules" - Sara Scoggins

Monday, September 09, 2013

Quick Sundate with Apples

Last last Sunday (September 01, 2013) was epic. I can't believe that Apples was really serious when she told me she wanted to watch basketball live. I almost forgot that we used to cheer for a basketball team before and by that cheering was really in us. Gem told me several times that she was happy that Apples is jumping and cheering for FEU all afternoon. Apples is so cute though she just smiled to me all the time to show her excitement. I was a little bit sorry because I think Apples wanted to see how tall the players are, hopefully next time we watched we can wait for them so she will see them and it will be easy for pictures since ... Who knows why. Hahaha. It was a Sunday and we are in a bit of hurry since Apples can't go home late just like my usual time.

I only have a few pictures because I was more concerned of Apples because the next game was ADMU vs DLSU which make it crowded outside. We even got lost while on our way out I lost Lhea and Gem on my sight! Haha. But it was nice to see Keith (but I'm still pissed at him) haha and Greg too! I'm looking forward on spending a day with Greg and Josh soon :))

Apples is the cutest! Looking forward to watch a game again with her and I promised her to watch Volleyball next semester since she was also a player on her school. YAY! My aunt was telling me what she did when they got home and can you believe it that as early as 11 years old, Apples already told my aunt that she will study at FEU? Cuteness overload! :))) hopefully, next time we will not be on Upper A. Well, we really planned to go on Lower Box but Keith said they will go with 4 friends and I think we can't get 9 Lower Box that will be seated next to each other. Anyway. Next time, I hope I'll be with Apples when we will be at Patron or Lower Box and of course when we can wait for them so she will see and meet the tall players. ;))

Although we didn't won after 2 OT, we were defeated by 1point. It was a good game UST! Battle of U-Belt is really better than any other battle. :D

"I bought my lucky charm but someone is being a HUGE JINX!" hahaha!  - AEivrynRV

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Rant . Realization

My realization for the past weeks.

This crazy world has been to a lot lately and everyone might experienced happy times or bad ones.

There are a lot things that I learned for the past years. I can't mention everything but I think the best one is "learn how to deal with everything".

We are lucky at some point in life. Think about it, some people don't have food to eat 3 times a day and you have an extra savings just for Starbucks or a piece of cake.

I've read so many fictional love stories, mostly focused on relationship with a partner, friends and family. 

Don't judge, you know why? In every situation, there is a lesson.

Some qoute said, 'don't say anything if you will not say anything good', 'don't make major decisions when you're angry because you might regret it'. Something like that, I definitely forgot the right words. Its actually true, some people mostly on social networking sites, they don't know everything but they act they know more than you are and I'm just like shaking my head literally because as if she knows E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Team that fight with all heart are one of the best game to watch. Sadly, I missed some live.  

Some people expect a lot from you and still after you do everything you can they can still see you so faaaaaar from their expectations. They do nothing but judge other people without looking what's within the small picture.

Things that you should have in your pockets are: respect, trust, confidence, truth, and good vibes.

  • Of course you have to respect everyone around you. I'm sure everyone already encounter a person who don't respect you as a person but even they disrespected you, just give them some respect they will be sorry for themselves.     
  • You can't trust everyone because it's hard to trust people if they are backstabbing you at the first place. But if you know this person more than anything and he/she trust you then give it back and you will never regret it. 
  • Confidence / Self-esteem the things that are so hard to gain most especially if people are always pulling and pushing you down. Either way, don't leave your house without the two. Remember, 'things you do means something to people' (Gibbs | NCIS). If people will see that you are confident enough they will be amaze  and you will earn respect from them. Like, I do wear weird stuff as people see that but who cares, I'm comfortable wearing it and I'm expressing myself as much as I can so what?! *secret likers* smh
  • Truth. Not everyone will believe you but as long as you know you are telling the truth then leave everything above it. Its hard to please everyone but if you are telling the truth you will never regret a single thing. There's a difference in explaining and arguing. Remember that.
  • Good vibes. Never ever bring bad vibes. Every now and then, we needed a breather like a new air or a me-time to some but sometimes you are the breather for others. This life is so short for us to bring bad/negative vibes every single day.

Everything is a process. Like blogging, its not like you say things and the computer will type that for you; taking picture, you have to press that specific button for it to capture the scenery, your own eyes will never capture it and put the exact fluffy clouds for other people to see; wearing a shoes, you have to get it at the shoe rack so you can wear it; going somewhere, you will not just say abracadabra so you will be on a specific store in the mall.

There will always be a moment when you wanted to do a happy dance because you finally ate a pizza that you've been craving for months! :D

Bad hair days will happen once in a while but you can still change that bad morning into a nice afternoon or night.

Be happy for other people who are doing good despite of knowing their bad days before.

'Don't get lost in your memory keep your eyes on a new prize' - Future | Paramore

Missing those long lost people are heart breaking sometimes

There will always be an advantage and disadvantage in life.

One thing that I've learned in my Economics professor (Hi Sir Paguta!) It can never be both when it comes to need and want, its always need vs want.

Don't do things that you will regret soon.

Avoid comparing but sometimes, you will be compared to others. So if you don't want to be compared to others, do good things.

Hugging can release some tension.

'Act according to your age' I've been reading a lot about this on someone who have a lot of haters because of being showy.

Books have lessons just like movies.

Ziva will be leaving NCIS :(( and its make my heart cry :( first it was Kate then now Zivaaaaa :( I can't explain this but its too saaaaaad :( any person be my fan girl buddy for this? I mean a shoulder to cry on  for this heart breaking season of NCIS??? Well, hopefully this will not be the final season. Geeez. I hate this. :( September is here, mid September and my favorite series are back!!!

I wish local TV shows are just like in the states but a part of me don't want that to happen. Hehe.

I want to read ebooks again but I don't know what's stopping me from reading. (Trivia: my ipod's small screen is one big reason. Apple, release some new version of iPad mini. Please????)

I started to listen to Tonight Alive after watching their live/acoustic set from Buzznet. And so far I'm loving it. Amelia is one of my favorite.

I have a thing for sad songs but not too sad.  

I can listen to Ain't It Fun all day. I can listen to Frank + Derol 4 songs all day too! And never realize that its just 4 songs. :p

I'll be seeing The Maine next year with pretty Pia and her friends :))

I miss being lost inside the arena for one night of concert.

I miss Paramore but that's alright they're making other Parafamily happy. :) daaaaang! Their UK setlist is awesome! I want that live. Last Hope!!! and I'm thankful for iTunes Festival! :D

I wish I can ask Danny K to meet All Time Low someday.

Roar and Applause are catchy.

Don't compare, we have different situations!

Choose your battle. Some will just waste your time

You're a blessing to someone every single day

Choose the issue you want to be involved

Be humble. Everyone has a weakness. Acceptance is the key

Believe in a reliable source or might as well, do your own research.

Today is another day.

Rest is a must. Don't work out if you are tired.

Apologizing is a sign of weakness (NCIS) but sometimes you have to do it but it also depends on what you did if they will accept it.

Sleep when your dead (Gibbs | NCIS)

Mini meal is not good enough for you, go for biggie

People do cry it out for days, weeks, months, some are for years.

Ha! You think you got a team mate? Think again.

Am I the only one seeing the opposite? The other picture?

Don't do anything if you're hungry, eat first. :)

Some people are really unfair. Karma is on its way.

Be professional. Even people trash talk or worst, act as a coach. And act as a comish. Don't be bias!

I know what you did there my friend.

Don't pretend.

Why I still miss the people who doesn't care anymore?

I miss being that, its like someone lock that part for me. That's why little things do matter.

Should everything be balance?

(I may or may not mention the same stuff from my other post. I just don't remember every words/lines that I typed every now and then) 

"One time to shout one time to think and I say we start now because death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit" 
Tyler Joseph | Twenty One Pilots

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

FYI, I'm a Girl . Sleek

Sleek Cosmetics. The first time that I saw this brand was when Saab Magalona posted a picture wearing a matte lipstick and it was Sleek. At first I thought you can't buy it online since they already have in Shangrila and Trinoma (?) And I don't usually go there but then weeks ago Divine Lee posted a Sleek Contour Kit and a Brow Kit and Updated Trends is tagged. And yehey! I found someone who is selling Sleek online :D. Sleek is not so popular in here but it is in the states and UK.  

Since NYX are my favorite lipstick, I go beyond my boundaries and got some eye shadow palette. I want the contour kit but the medium shade isn't available. So I ended up with 2 lipstick and an eyeshadow palette. 

the top row are almost invisible .... most reviews are like this unlike the other row... nevertheless, it's good for base

Hooraaaaaay. I finally got one of the eye shadows palette from Sleek! This is one reason why I'm super interested on buying eye brushes because when I bought this palette and just having my Domed Shadow Brush (from RT Travel Essential Set) I thought I'm good to go. Well, I was wrong.

I really want to have 3 palettes from Sleek but as safe as I want to be I got first the Au Nature palette which is according to some are the alternate for Naked Palette. I love matte eye shadow than the sparkle ones because I don't like the glitters everywhere and I found Sleek as one of the very nice eye palette out there and if I'm not mistaken the only palette that's matte (its hard to look for matte stuff). Go get some I highly recommend this and if you search for Sleek eye shadow palette review you'll see those girls have almost every palette.

Ever since I got the MAC Sounds Like Noise, I fell in love once again to orange. That's why I wanted to order some orange lipstick again and yes, Sleek have wonderful lipstick collection. I got the Tangerine Scream. 

If there's a Hot Pink, this my friend is the Hot Orange

I don't know when it happened but I really wanted a goth / black / dark purple lipstick. Yehey for Mulberry. There's a few from NYX but Mapshop don't have them then lately, I found out about Digital Traincase and they have those shades from NYX and they have Sleek too.

the packaging is so cute! You can see the difference with a MAC and a NYX Round Lipsitck

Mulberry and Tangerine Scream

here's the swatches on my lips

I always do this but then I didn't erase it instead I mixed it up and ...

tadah! I can't wait to do this. haha

Have you tried Sleek Cosmetics? 

I ordered at The Updated Trends

"Be yourself. Wear what makes you feel good. Trends come and go, so be a trendsetter, not the follower. Confidence is the best accessory anyone can wear and its free" - Audrey Kitching

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Road Trip . Tagaytay

After that Liliw Laguna trip, we went to Tagaytay last August 9, 2013 and it was considered as a holiday. It was a little bit of a bad idea because everyone in the Metro was on their way to Tagaytay that's why we were stuck in traffic for some time. Probably the most heart breaking part was we weren't able to eat some Bulalo :(

Oh well, hopefully we will have another trip on a weekday.

my favorite docs to wear on an adventurous trip <3

traffic ...... 

probably the best Starbucks. I'm waiting to spend time with friends here. lol 

a must photo when you went to Tagaytay. hahaha

Coz theres a blue sky waiting tomorrow
Waiting tomorrow shining and shimmering
A blue sky waiting tomorrow
Waiting tomorrow
Maybe its all we need

Blue Sky | Hale