Tuesday, August 06, 2013

FYI, I'm a Girl . Contact Lens

I've been wearing contact lens for years now and ever since I just wear clear contacts until this June when I take the risk to wear colored.

Why I don't wear colored contact lens before? Its because I don't like to be like a stranger to other people or I don't like if they will look at me like I came from Mars. Yeah. But so far so good. As I said its a risk for me and I'm loving it now. Though I have 2 spare of clear ones.

I'm a lipstick girl but I'll try to order some eye make up soon because it's so intriguing. So yes, I'm not an eye make-up girl because I'm a lipstick one but when I do wear colored contact lens it makes your eyes pop too and I like it since I don't do eye make-up everyday. I'm still practicing applying eye liner and I'm slowly learning. Hehe. I'm really such a late bloomer for girl stuff. 

"Better late than never" 


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