Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hair Dye-ary . Blue Violet

Well, my two toned hair faded after a month ... here's a picture of that faded hair

this was taken March 1st

I had my two toned hair last February 5th and the photo above was taken March 1st but I like that white/orange/red/whatever that's why I stayed it like that for a month and a half. At first I want to re-dye it with my hot hot pink but I got no free time and since I liked it I really don't care.

Before I go on, you can check my Cousin Edition of Hair Dye-ary because that was a related stuff. 

They got what they wanted for summer and I was lucky because they let me have some of each hair dye and the only way to use or have both colors is to apply each color on each side. :p

Before applying the Rockabilly Blue on Alaine, I section my hair first so fast

high five?


fine, I'll just continue on what I need to do ... 

the next day ...... 

the only problem I got was, since it was a hot day and I'm wearing a white shirt, the blue stained a little but not the purple one
(oh yes, that was a purple and I don't know if I gave justice to that)

Just last week ... 

I just realized later that I really didn't apply equally to every part. that's why some are still gold/orange or whatever just like the fading one

I don't have any idea on how it looks at the back not until I took this on the mirror. and I'm impressed with my own hair. lol

I'm still having the same hair until now and still no plans on whats next and I'm still observing it because I'll put a post something about the 2 products that I used ... 

but dang, I will never have this color again, its dark, its not visible at night unlike my hot hot pink. Lesson learned, don't buy something dark always go for the light colors. but whatever at least I tried ;) 

Hair Dye-ary . Cousin Edition Part 2 ... soon when I re-dye their hair ;)  

thanks Mom for taking some of the pictures. 

"Let's Be Freaks" - Hayley Williams [Paramore]


  1. Hi! Nice post. Just wanted to know: what do you use for bleaching your hair? :)

    1. Hi! Thank you! Funky Streaks ( offers some bleaching kit too so when I ordered some Manic Panic I just add a bleaching kit. :)