Monday, April 08, 2013

Hair Dye-ary . Cousin Edition Part 1

Yes. Part 1 because there will be Part 2 and yes, it's a "cousin edition"

Hello there!

Since I started to dye my hair late last year, my cousin Alaine and Apples also wanted to try it since they are fan of anime and somehow love fashion. So they have this 'summer wish' for this year and their mother allowed them to dye their hair in one condition, the colored part will go by June when vacation was over. Since I did a dip dye hair last February, they got the same idea so when their hair will be longer there will be no problem when its time to let go. this happened last March 27, 2013.

I took care of the ordering part but they were allowed to choose what shade of color they wanted and still I ordered at Funky Streaks [ thanks for the very smooth transaction Jane! :)) ] 

Alaine wanted a blue one and instead of Ice Berg we ordered the Rockabilly Blue

there's no pretty shade of purple that are available on Manic Panic so even there's a little hesitation I ordered this a little bit foreign product to me: Punky Colour by Jerome Russell (purple)

For best result you need to bleach your hair.

I struggled on Apples hair because it was so short! and in my part I'm a little afraid to make it higher though 2 months is enough to grow your hair out but still. ... haha

this was the result of the bleached hair of Apples

due to procrastination and panic ... Alaine's hair is not as white as Apples because she panic and never wanted to be the first ... so it turned brown and said she looked like Mr. Pringles 

after drying their hair, I started to apply the semi dye stuff to their hair. My mom took my camera and do the picture / documenting it.

Alaine's hair ...

I couldn't resist!!!! HAHAHA my hair is faded already from the last time so I asked their permission for me to have some and they let me :p 

blue violet . this is the result after ... 2 washes.

I'm planning to do a review post about using Manic Panic and Punky Colour since I just discovered it couple of months ago when Funky Streaks had it on January (?). and of course my own Hair Dye-ary post. 

I'm also procrastination on some blog post .. I'm such a lazy ass ... hopefully I will fix these photos this week. 

Hey kids! it just the 1st week of April if you want to try something new this summer try coloring your hair and cut it by the end of the vacation but please ask permission from your parents! Have fun and order some semi hair dye at Funky Streaks! :))

I am who I am with no apologies - Hayley Williams [Paramore]

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