Saturday, November 03, 2012

Hair Dye-ary . Hot Hot Pink

this makes me excited somehow ... lol

So I heard about Manic Panic from some artist like Hayley Williams of Paramore, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga .. and I was intrigued about it and read that it was a good product and also its Vegan (you can read more about it on its website ) sadly at first you'll think its only available in the USA but since I do read / following some bloggers here in Manila I got some information that not making mainstream as the others. I read and Stacy and Danah tried the Manic Panic and from that I'm surprised that someone is selling Manic Panic here in Manila! (check more information about it at )

Hair Dye is included on the things I do want to try so last October I ordered a Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and without any hassle on the transaction and on communication with Jane I got my Manic Panic the other day after I pay via G-Cash. Thanks Jane! :)

 The only problem I was having is where to buy a bleaching kit beacuse its never available in stores except if you go to a salon which is unlikely for me because mostly they don't get what I wanted and I don't want to pay another fee just because someone will bleach my hair .... Good thing a Bleaching Kit is also available at and I included that to my order ...

Bleaching Kit + Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink

Last October 31 I did just stayed at home while baby sitting my sleeping niece ... I planned to make hair dye 101 happened.

I did only a portion of my hair since I'm experimenting on how long will it last and what will be the result of fading ... so next time I'll do a bigger portion I know what to expect.

I do bleach my hair first and I did not used everything because it will be too much for a small portion and here's the result after bleaching for 45 minutes I rinse it with shampoo.
Earlier that day

and after drying it I applied the Manic Panic and please do buy an extra gloves on using Manic Panic ... you don't want to end up like this ...

Good thing its Halloween time ... lol

after 4 hours (because I watched new episodes of my favorite series while waiting...) I rinse it up with water and conditioner ... 

I'm so happy with the result and I know you can see it . :))) HAHAHA

Day 1

Day 2

Some says it looks like Red but duhhh. its hot hot pink!

I'll update you on what will happen next days ... for now, I'm happy with the result and I'm enjoying it :)